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Can't get any crates to spawn/trigger help!


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Please help me I'm level 22 and can't get crates to trigger/spawn. I have done the survival mission from don but nothing help?

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Got it. Call Ron and request a mission then play it. do that twice. Then go to Trevor's apartment and walk inside, it will go to a cut scene then you'll walk out. Wait five minutes and Trevor will send you a mission. Complete that mission and Ron will call you a minute later. Answer rons call and then you'll have it

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Having similar problem. Let's say I leave my apartment, and see a message Crate Drop Inbound. When i get to a green marker nothing happens. Last time was waiting 10 minutes and nothing. Sometimes people guarding it are either dead or not there at all. Very annoying.

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crates take about 1 minutes to drop after green marker shows, DO NOT EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WALK INTO THE GREEN MARKER IF YOU WANT TO GET A CRATE, if anyone walks into green marker then crate will never drop and session is glitched, join new session. you wont see green marker if in your apartment or garage and will always get the msg upon exiting even if the sessions been glitched for hours. if you ever see a green marker for longer than 3 minutes and no crate drops then some dumbass has walked into green circle before you joined session and it will never drop, join new session. if you see any dumbasses standing in green circles pass this information along.

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