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We've been playing games the wrong way.

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Man, I miss the days when I would go home from elementary school on a Friday, turn on the PS2, and just enjoy a good game without having any sort of anxiety. Nowadays, I have to worry about my kill-death ratio in GTA Online because chances are some other players will mess it up by killing me. I also have to worry about my racing record whenever I go for a race. I have to worry about the possibility of my car getting blown up. I mean, I have to worry about money in reality, and in GTA Online, it's the same problem. I have to worry about losing money if I don't put it in the bank.


I played NBA 2K14 for a change of pace, and basically the same thing happens. When the matchup between my team and the other guy's team comes down to the wire, it gets nerve-wracking. With only a few seconds left, this guy can win the game, which means my online record would be affected.


I know games were meant for entertainment and relief, but the way many of us are playing them does not allow us to fully entertain and relieve ourselves. Anyone else miss the old days? I remember when I would play games with the sole motive to have fun, not to rank up, make in-game money, and impress other players along with that. Remember when we didn't even have to worry about PS3 trophies or Xbox achievements? Remember when nobody else had access to what your in-game stats were? Remember when we played games without suffering from a panic attack whenever some other player was about to kill us?


Ever since the PS3 and Xbox 360 came out, we've been looking at games much differently. We let the newly integrated social aspect of gaming ruin the way we play games. Maybe we should reevaluate ourselves and find that blissful state of mind once again. Maybe we've become accustomed to playing games with the wrong type of mindset. Let's start playing games with the mindset of having nothing to lose once again. It's about time this revolution takes place.

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If you're truly worrying about such trivial things, that's on you.

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I would still turn the game on and enjoy it without worrying about a meaningless record/ratio (for me)... so maybe you can change "We" into "I" because I certainly don't play my games the wrong way.

Edited by Franceska

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