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Can't Find A Mission


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I'm Level 59.


I'm going back to make sure I've completed all missions, as it seems the green checkmark only indicates whether you have played a mission, not whether you have beat it.


There's a Level 30 mission from Gerald called "War and Pieces".


When I pause, go to Online, Jobs, Host, Rockstar Created, Mission ... it isn't listed.


When I call Gerald and request a mission, he texts me with other missions.


Do I just have to wait for him to give it to me?

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Is this a glitch or is Rockstar intentionally not listing all of the current online contact missions. If intentional,why? Also what's up with the random chance deal with playing new missions introduced in updates?

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Weird - within a few minutes of me posting this ... Gerald randomly texted me with War and Pieces.


But my question still stands ... howcome all missions below my level aren't listed when I try to host a mission?

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The contacts provide them or if you've already completed them, they appear after you reach the required level. Sometimes missions are locked until you complete a previously unlocked mission. So make sure you've completed Gerald's other missions as well

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