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[GTA ONLINE- Xbox 360] Los Santos State Police Clan/Crew [NOW RECRUITI


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The Los Santos State Police is a professional police role-play clan on GTA 5 Xbox 360. We patrol GTA ONLINE and arrest anybody doing anything illegal such as; speeding, killing, flying without a permit, driving a tank/jet, etc. Our clan is unique from most other clans because of this; We pull over, unexpecting, real people,we also have 3 main branches and 6 sub-branches, (Police, Special Forces, Military; Marked, Undercover, Air Teams, Ground Control, Air Force, Army) If any of these positions interest you please reply to this post with the following information:
Assets: (Amount of in-game money, rank, etc.)


My Gamertag is General Colton1, high level positions are still available! So dont wait they wont last long.
Our official clan website:

Our official crew: socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/lsspoliceclan

Heres some snapmatics: socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/LSSPolice/games/gtav/snapmatic/

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If you would like to join post below :).

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