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PS3 GTA4 Complete Edition: TBOGT & LAD install freeze



I have the disc version (not dl) of GTA4 Complete Edition, had no problems with 4, completed game. When I attempt to install TBOGT, the install bar gets to around 98% and stops. I left it on for about 20 hours, no progress. I deleted the Game Data (for Liberty City Stories, not for GTA4)and attempted install of LAD, same problem, frozen at 98%.


I have tried everything I could find, including signing out of PSN, deleting Game Data, and installing but it will not go past 98%.


On each of the versions install page, the into music plays for a few seconds, then cuts out as the install starts.


Are there any other methods? Should I delete all Game Data related to GTA4 and attempt again?

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2 answers to this question

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Are you sure the disc isn't scratched or anything?

Have you tried clearing the system cache?

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Yes, here's what I just tried: Deleted all Game Data files/cache for both GTA4 Liberty City Stories (TBOGT) [2800 MB] and GTA4 [3800 MB]. I attempted to install TBOGT which again went quickly to 98% and froze, I noticed that during installation I could hear background music until it got to 98%, when the music stopped as well. When I attempted to exit using the PS button/Quit Game, it froze, beeped 3 times and restarted.


Then I attempted an install of GTA4 again, and it completed, with zero problems in about 7 minutes.


The disc is brand new, I opened it, put it in the PS3 and had not removed it since.


I'm starting to think there is something wrong with the TBOGT and LAD portions.

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