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I always try to blow em

oh do you now?


oh I do.


Dying in a video game doesnt phase me in the slightest ;)

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I don't go after people that are on foot when I'm in a tank...anymore.

Every time I call for one they spawn outside the Fort or at the horse track, then I just get the Cargobob to bring it in the city. I've been in a few tank v tank lobbies, those are pretty fun.


I have never seen a player in a tank just taking a cruise to take out cops in a public lobby.

Nice to meet you.

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Passive mode, stand on something. They'll get bored quickly

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Who cruises alongside a random tank


Actually I have... I drove around the room talking into the mic that I just want to make friends. It was hilarious. I never fired the canon just ran after everyone and watched them run for their lives. lol


BTW, I don't think the OP did, lol.

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I just enjoy the cool, dark interior of my tank. The slow pace and inability to change my driving view allows me to really take in the landscape and environment, especially on those more lovely days when the sun is just peaking beyond the hills of Los Santos.

But, more of than not... this (within minutes):


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