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Need some help boosting Platinum Awards

Slate Mc

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Me and my buddy decided to go for all Platium Awards a few months back, but are struggling with a few of the hardest ones so have decided to boost if anyone is interested.


We need some Rally races - which no one online seems to want to play.

We have tried hosting them but people just leave :(


I need 23 rally wins as co-driver. I have a friend who can assist, we just need two other reliable guys in an Invite Only Session with Us. If you help us of course we will assist you guys with any Platinums / Achievements you need. 1 lap in Criminal Records x 23 will suffice ! Less than half an hour.


Also we need "Stolen Kills" - I have about 13 of the 50. Almost impossible to boost unless we have about 3 players willing to put in the effort. It could be done in 30 minutes per player in a private Deathmatch.


Me and my friend are both on 360. If you are prepared to help please leave me a private message or post here. We are both on UK time.


We are both happy to help anyone else acheive any awards / achievments they desire. Please get in touch as it seems Rally's in particular no body wants to play.


Thanks in advance ( I hope ! )




Slate (gamer tag : Slate McLeod on XBox)

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