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Chamberlain FamiIies


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About us: The Chamberlain Gangster Families are the largest set(we only have 9 members so far). Their territory consists of the entire Chamberlain Hills neighborhood. They are also referred to as "The Hills" or "Killer Hills". Members of this set often sport attire with the letter "C" for Chamberlain, which also stands for "Corkers", the baseball team supported by the gang. They hang around the Crystal Heights project buildings. It is possible, that Chamberlain Gangster Families is also called "26 Set", because this tag can often be seen near other set's tags.


Who we are: We are a family we protect and help each other. We accept anyone as long as you are not a member of the Vagos, Aztecas, Ballas, or any Crip set.


You can wear whatever as long as you are wearing one article of green clothing and no purple clothing. Our emblem is the Feud logo so it looks nice on shirts and cars.



LINK: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/chamberlain_famiiies

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