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GTA San Andreas Fixed Vanilla Vehicles


Recommended Posts

If possible, could you fix Skimmer, Stuntplane, and Vortex? They have no moving_prop at all. I have textures for all of them. Anyway here's the link.


EDIT: fixed link, and actually there was Skimmer's texture.

Edited by lolya
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can anyone else click on the link or is it just me who can't?

Ash posted that link on the SilentPatch thread some time ago, on this page.

Oh and it does include the skimmer texture.




The Police Ranger still has that polygon issue i pointed a few pages back.




Edited by StrafeBolt
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i have just made an update on the Bullet(fixed materials order)

Since you mentioned it, the fixed bullet has that invisible back window problem when looking at it from a certain angle.

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Yes,when you look it from the front,unfixable as it's the same problem that has got the default Jester

Edited by Aztecas_5
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Actually found a bug with Your Planes and helicopters. I've only installed your fixes for the Sparrow, Sea Sparrow, Maverick, Police Maverick and The Andromada so far (haven't checked the beagle) but once they are installed none of them have the little flickering white, green and red lights that appear on the wings and tails of aircrafts at night.


Small bug but Thought you should know

Edited by Village Idiot
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One thing i noticed but i don't think it is fixable, the carriages of the trains have no shadows only the locomotive does. Also for the omni lights try using 3dsmax that may fix the problem.

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yes,but i don't know how to use it and zmod dff aren't supported in max


about the train shadows,maybe there isn't even a shadow so i will have to create it

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Added Rancher(for the Rancher lure,rename the dff rnchlure)

What's fixed:

Fixed two misplaced vertex in the boot

Welded two un-welded vertex in the shadow

Edited by Aztecas_5
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Damn nevermind, the whole thing actually has dynamic shadow, sorry about that :p. But i noticed that both the Streak and the Freight (including it's carriages) has no static shadow.


EDIT: I will look for more bugs this weekend, if i find any i will let you know.

Edited by StrafeBolt
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Maybe because are trains,as sa have static shadows for peds(used only on ps2),cars,planes and helis(used at lower graphics)



Edited by Aztecas_5
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I see what you mean, so trains are actually a separate type of vehicle, weird that R* didn't include shadows textures for it. I actually have a script that enables both types of shadows at the same time, so that may be useful for finding bugs.

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