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GTA San Andreas Fixed Vanilla Vehicles


Recommended Posts

Oh and fix your Uranus's fix, because if you'll install X-Flow front bumper in it, it's reversed and with paint jobs, the texture's missing (it's all white).

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The huntley line is caused by the glitched light,as the light in your screen is not normal you can fix it by restart the game

oh yeah the Greenwood will be fixed soon

And the Uranus doesn't have any problem:


Edited by Aztecas_5
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Another fix suggestion, the vanilla kart never has all of its parts at once (which is how a kart is supposed to look). Instead of removing parts as variations, you could add varying numbers on the white squares or make it carcols compatible (probably won't look good on top of a texture though).

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i have fixed the kart and the hotdog

kart:fixed lights(now they will light up correctly,previously only the dummy would light up)

Kart_zpse3f7fe89.jpgthe kart numbers are:36,60,07,26,65,82,now the squares aren't white but yellow

hotdog:fixed issues with plates

Edited by Aztecas_5
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Nice, thanks for taking my suggestion. Looks great :^:


BTW, you seem to be running SA on 16-bit color mode, which doesn't make for great screenshots.

Edited by Zera
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i don't know how to fix that,if you have some suggestions...

Edited by Aztecas_5
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nah,nevermind for screens i will set it to 1366x768x32 then for playing i use the 16-bit

Edited by Aztecas_5
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after the savanna and the bandito i will release a new version,then i will do the romero,the tornado and fix my greenwood(both version)

update as of 8/8/2014:

fixed fire la shadow

Edited by Aztecas_5
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Added a new link,new vehicles:kart,hotdog,fixed bandito's shadow,specular on the wheels and the seat,fixed the position of the rear wheel

now not the andromada,the greenwood and the romero as they are currently w.i.p.

Edited by Aztecas_5
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Good work, now what about the securicar and the other vehicles that have bugged license plates?


EDIT: Whoa! You fixed the bandito's rotating thingy, damn nice!

Oh and the other cars with specular on the wheels, they are very hard to spot, i will try to find as many as i can and post them here, but as i said previously it's mainly bikes.

Edited by StrafeBolt
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yeah,i know the nrg,the fcr, the bf and the pcj


edit:for the securicar,there is the annoying alpha bug with the extras,about the others i will fix 'em later

Edited by Aztecas_5
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Since you fixed the white squares on the kart, how about the ones on the Sanchez? No need for numbers, simply making them carcols compatible (2nd color, obviously) should do it.

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yeah,sorry if i haven't included them in only one folder

i think that maybe is better with numbers,but also carcols is okay

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Remember when i said it was mostly bikes that had specular lighting on it's wheels?Oh well...


These are all the vehicles in the game with that issue:


- BF-400

- Bike

- Mountain Bike

- Faggio

- FCR-900

- NRG-500

- Pizzaboy

- Wayfarer

- Intruder

- Buccaneer

- Caddy

- Cement Truck

- Combine Harvester

- Monster

- Picador

- Boxville

- Willard

- Road Train

- Rhino

- Stafford

- Stratum

- Sultan

- TopFun/Berkley's Van

- Tractor

- Utility Van

- Farmtr1

- Hydra

- Nevada

- Shamal

- Stuntplane

- Leviathan

- RC Bandit

- RC Baron


EDIT: I double checked every vehicle but there may be some missing.

Edited by StrafeBolt
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New V5 added to the first post

What's new:

Tornado:fixed lightning with some vertices especially the ones near the doors,fixed paintjobs on the chassis_vlo(R* reused Premier's one so they didn't remapped it correctly)

Sweeper:shadow fixed with coll editor(so no more bugs)

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