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Grand Theft Auto VI: Vice


Recommended Posts



By The Coconut Kid







With thanks to universetwisters





Grand Theft Auto VI revisits the cut-throat underworld of the cocaine 80s in a grandiose depiction of debauchery and excess. Set in the Vice Metropolitan Area circa 1988, the game explores the foothold of Central and South American drug cartels in Vice City, the high-stakes opportunity of their demise and the efforts of US government to preserve their covert assets in the most ambitious storytelling yet.


Key elements to the gameplay of Grand Theft Auto VI are empire building, a fully functioning drug economy and a criminal reputation the player will construct and carry with them throughout the game, introducing new scenarios and an entirely different B-cast with each playthrough. The protagonist begins at the very bottom of Vice City's criminal rung, a criminal exile from Lenapia whose past of reform schools and incarceration have entrapped him amongst seedy Red Light exchanges in the gutter of Vice Beach.



1) Story - Characters - Missions

2) Location

3) Features 1

4) Features 2

5) Side Missions - Leisure - Vehicles - Weapons

6) Soundtrack

7) Gangs: The Underworld of Vice City





Ariel Gara

The protagonist. Once a prolific Rust Belt area crime wave, Gara was born post-WW2 to Latvian migrant parents in the North End of Lenapia who simply could not afford a child and disposed of their newborn in a trash can. Ever since, he's struggled to find his place in this world: in his own words he's been, "blackbooked in Venturas, chased out of Carcer and laid into in Liberty."


A significant portion of Gara's life has been spent inside correctional facility and institution. Having served a 1-to-10 for robbery in New Austin and two terms in San Andreas, as such he carries a detachment from societal norms and an uneasing confidence with which he is able to fool people. Every facet of Gara's character is marred by his extensive prison time and ultimately impacts the way in which he is involved with the story.


Giovanni "John Ross" Rossi

Major league cocaine distributor of Italian-American descent. Bearing a strong Liberty City heritage - his father was a senior Gambetti Family Capo -- he is the Godson of current Boss, Jon Gravelli -- Rossi came up through street fighting gangs and notorious B&E crews before taking a heavy pinch in the late 1960s. Given the choice of prison time or being drafted, Rossi opted to serve Airbourne in Vietnam. He returned to the US at the beginning of the Disco era, used mob money to finance an empire of Star Junction peep shows and discothèques.


Rossi was chased out of Liberty City in 1982 after his nightclub Studio 69 was raided and found to be the center of a significant skimming operation. He fled to Vice City under the alias John Ross and has been operating under this moniker ever since.


Moses Van Zant

Unassuming Florida native and logistics extraordinaire who unscrupulously transports 70% of the cocaine coming to the United States through Vice City using methods that are often ingenious. "Son, we don't run cocaine over water; we walk it," Moses says of his philosophy to smuggling, meticulously planning and organizing shipments from the Entrometerse Cartel to the very finest detail.


A seasoned pro, Van Zant has ran everything from moonshine to pot. He maintains several legitimate fronts that serve as a lease to distributor John Ross to move cocaine in bulk, including a large Jaega County barn and a towing company.


Moses operates a radio tower near the Grasslands available to the player to listen into DEA/Coast Guard traffic.


Lou McNeil

A serial adulterer who serves as Gara's primary contact when it comes to fencing stolen merchandise, Lou McNeil is a troublesome alcoholic who has a penchant for Hawaiian shirts and handling dirty work for Central Americans.


McNeil is your one stop shop for criminal networking and contract scores, from the beginning of the game having a preferred dealing with Gara for merchandise by default.


Saul Saperstein

Successful Vice City businessman who made his money during the initial cocaine boom of the late 70s and early 80s, now operating as the right hand man and money launderer in chief to dictator General Salazar. Fluent in Spanish despite his Jewish heritage - a skill he picked up while farming out hits to fresh of the boat Marelitos for Green Cards - Saperstein orchestrated the demise of as many Cubans he provided with entry into Vice City on behalf of the customer most valuable to Salazar - Vida Negro.


General Salazar

Panamanian dictator and secret IAA asset who handles a great portion of the bank for Vice City's premier drug lords. Salazar rose to power in his home land through several military coups that are rumored to have been financed by the United States - in return, Salazar facilitates an arms deal between the US and Iran that subsequently funds another secret IAA interest - propping up the Nicaraguan Contras.


Jerry Whale

Superstar Redneck pilot who turned significant cocaine mule after being fired as an international pilot with JuankAir in the late 70s. Whale successfully cultivated contacts within Central America and operated a massive smuggling operation until being busted with a shipment of Quaaludes in 1986. Controversially, Whale strikes an under-the-table deal with the DEA to record Panamanian dictator General Salazar and Sandinista militant leaders engaging in narcotic trafficking by wiring surveillance equipment into his jet - a move that ultimately results in the demise of order and structure amongst Vice City's premier smuggles, creating a vacuum of power violent like no other.


Charles Doberman

IAA rising star involved in numerous shady Central American practices on behalf of the Agency. Initially the foremost IAA contact to their Vice CIty asset General Salazar, Doberman is a key player in facilitating an arms deal between the US and Iran, funnelling financial support to the Contras militia and later initiating the execution of the aforementioned Jerry Whale.


Jon Gravelli

Brief cameo appearance of the mob Godfather native to Broker. Gravelli, appearing with Sammy Bottino as his facilitator, is approached by his Godson and the protagonist in an attempt to remedy the Jerry Whale situation.


Vida Negro

Literally "The Black Widow" - female Colombian drug lord who stands to emerge victorious from the cocaine wars that rage across the streets of Vice City. A known lesbian, she begins a relationship with a member of the Ortega dynasty in hopes of securing an endless pipeline of cocaine into Florida. She holds the puppet strings over El Garzon, her main front man when it comes to distributing copious amounts of cocaine.


El Garzon

Gaudy and flamboyant drug boss attempting to run the show in Vice City for cocaine queen Vida Negro.


Cherry Jones

Ex-football star turned sleazy yuppie Vice detective, Cherry Jones nearly made a pro career with the VC Mambas before signing up to harass drug dealers and shakedown streetwalkers. Partnered with Mack Maddox, Jones plots to fleece the Vice City Police Department of confiscated cocaine to sell back to the Colombians in the initial opening of the game's storyline.


Don DeLarge

Eccentric entrepreneur who made his fortune early in the 80s and by 1988, has squandered almost all of it. One of his excesses is ownership of the DeLarge automobile company, manufacturing the futuristic Deluxo. He employs a young and dweeby Devin Weston as an intern, harking back to Carrington/Love.


Almost broke, DeLarge organizes a drug trafficking operation by pooling the funds of several powerful and influential businessmen and women to purchase cocaine that will be transported into the country by Jerry Whale. This Exchange funded enterprise implodes when Whale is exposed as a DEA covert agent and suddenly, the nation's financial elite find themselves hundreds of millions of dollars in the hole.


The Risita Brothers

Blas and QuiQue Risita - the worst of the worst of what Castro purged from Cuba in 1980. Cowboy gangsters and worshippers of Chango, these sadistic and almost mythical brothers run with the Marelitos out of Seminole and own an arts theatre in Little Havana.



Cruel Downtown pimp with an expansive stable of whores. As a show of power, Silk owns the historic Verse Theatre in his boyhood home of Undertown. Ironically, under his hand the Theatre has become a cesspit of sex and sleaze - the headquarters of his operation.



Former New Austin car thief turned personal assassin to Vida Negro. Showered with drug money to resolve her most deluded and depraved feuds, Rafe is caught up in a political assassination with the protagonist after Vida Negro takes offence at an anti-drug speech said politician intends to deliver in the heart of Vice City.


Vince Lorca

Cheap pr0nographer with his finger on the pulse of moves being made on the mainland. A former cellmate of the protagonist, Lorca takes his name from his home turf - Key Lorca - where he rents a mansion with smut profits.


The Assassin

Professional killer of Iranian descent on lease to the IAA after the facilitated arms deal between Iran and the US.


Brother Love

Runs the Collective Ugandan National Trust (C.U.N.T), a supposed not-for-profit organization to aid the war torn West Africa based out of a large mansion on Starfish Island. In reality, the entire group is a front for drug smuggling with the proceeds intended to prop up the ailing Jamaican economy, from where Brother Love hails.


Having purchased a submarine with donations to the amnesty, Brother Love requires the protagonist to use the vehicle to smuggle contraband and later, sell the product in name of the cause.


Larry Mendoza

Chemically dependent flake distributor who unwittingly finds himself the primary target of the protagonist's initial advances upwards Vice City's criminal rung. Having worked hard for his Colombian connections to the extent he maintains a triple cocaine/heroin/pill habit just to function, Mendoza is rash, unpredictable and ultimately willing to do anything for a buck.


Lorna Steele

Doomed former convict being passed pusher to pimp. Coming from a broken Lenapia home much like the protagonist, Lorna Steele is capable of portraying a vulnerability that ultimately masks the instincts of a hardened criminal. Fully intent on making out of the life with a great deal of money, to what lengths will Lorna go to realize freedom beyond societies ills?


Teddy Starr

Ex-prize fighter turned bodyguard to Larry Mendoza. Serving as the go-between for Mendoza's business when his drug dependency prevents him from operating, Teddy takes on a great deal of the burden born out of Larry's erratic and impulsive behaviour.


Trish von Torture

Empress of a closeted network of hardcore BDSM and fetish clubs throughout Western Vice. Catering to an exclusive clientele, the protagonist discovers von Torture to be a meticulous mastermind responsible for setting up various criminal dealings between Vice's more depraved criminal elite. First entering her world at the behest of Don DeLarge, it is through von Torture that the protagonist initially encounters The Assassin and is able to mediate conflict with a series of carefully planned executions following the downfall of General Salazar.


Vic Conti

Cunning long serving Italian-American footsoldier constantly scheming amongst the many mobsters that proliferate the tourist-esque Tequesta County underworld. Unhappy with the revolving door of power, Conti seizes the opportunity to pull a rip off with the protagonist's aid that he hopes will allow him to finally alleviate himself to the coveted position of Caporegime.


Virgil Baca

Incarcerated Cuban criminal powerhouse who finds himself wielding a lessening degree of influence on underworld politics beyond his prison cell. An integral part of the initial Marelito crime wave in 1980, Baca is man whose nature it is to control his environment and thus he readily deals in favors to main a semblance of power on the inside while retaining the capability to eradicate problems on the street.


Baca plays a significant role in Episodes From Vice City, which you will hear more about soon.


First Degree Willie - Random Encounter

Misplaced Louisiana blues musician and shoeshine with badly deteriorated eyesight. The homeless Willie finds himself helplessly hustled by none other than Hare Krishna and calls on the protagonist to avenge his honour.


Willie later offers services as a source of information to the player, being how they handle his random encounter.


Jerry Jagger - Random Encounter

Superficially charming Televangelist competing for Scientific credibility with a sprouting of other religious groups that promise to deliver wealth and happiness if you subscribe monthly. Unlocked after the player makes a donation to the Jagger Foundation after hearing the radio ad/reading the billboards, Jagger is encountered as a psychopath who requires the protagonist's assistance in delivering "acts of God."


Also noteworthy are Jagger's attempts to convert a Burnett hotel into the Jagger Building - high in the sky casting his eye over Vice City's rich and elite - and smears against the Epsilon Program who are currently buying up small towns to the north of the map.



Kolt "The Life" Savers - Random Encounter

Stuntman and bounty hunter extraordinaire, first encountered on an empty lot in heavy debate with a production company. Savers is arranging a huge stunt on the set of Four-Wheel Deathrace and requires you to race around the map collecting the appropriate materials to put the stunt together. Eventually, it all falls in place in the form of a stunt track that will be present from there on out. Savers will be unable to perform the final stunt due to a suspension from set for rendering cocky stuntman Jock Cranley hospital bound. It will be left to you to take his place. As a final act of rebellion against the studio, Kolt asks you to recover his prized hero truck from the production, which he later gifts to you out of gratitude.



After completing 50 vigilante missions, a second encounter with Savers will spawn in which he is pursuing an armed gang along an empty highway in a Hawk V8. Assist him in their capture and then reacquaint over a beer. From there, Savers will introduce you to his sideline of bounty hunting, his way of turning a profit out of his passion for vigilantism.



Lee Larsen - Random Encounter

Hard drinking twin-fisted film star who drunkenly finds the resemblance between himself and Gara hilarious, Lee Larsen is in deep debt with the Fort Tequesta Mob and proposes you a heavy profit if you double as his decoy in order to allow him to skip town. You will dodge mafia goons until Larsen makes a successful getaway.


Larsen returns for a second encounter having stolen a Western Angel belonging to the local motorcycle club leader for a jolly along his latest red carpet appearance. Aware of the bad blood he's caused, he hires you as a bodyguard and arms you to the teeth. A shootout will occur and you will successfully protect Larsen, unlocking further VIP protection side missions as a result.


Finally, you encounter a sobering Larsen sandwiched in a jail cell between two prostitutes, one of them a transsexual he attacked after discovering the mighty appendage taped under her thigh. He's due on set but in no condition to work so he offers you to double in for him in fight and action scenes. Completing this, you are given the opportunity to return to the film studio at any time for more work.


You are given the choice to post Larsen's bail in his final encounter, earning him as a contact who will act as an intermediary between yourself and highline actors looking to score coke. Leaving him to sober in the cell will not earn you this perk.


Ruby Katz - Random Encounter

Volatile and well connected jewel merchant who runs Liberty Jewel Exchange in Fort Tequesta. Initially introduced after Gara encounters an old ex-con named Steve Steyn on a street corner, Katz contracts you in a series of stone-centric free roam heists. Unfortunately, you face stiff competition from the violent Florida underworld to whom jewel weight is considered liquid gold.


The Deacon - Random Encounter

Righteous bearing North Point minister who acts as an agent between a rich and troubled congregation and equally desperate prostitutes. Himself originally a prolific pimp, The Deacon found God during a tough prison sentence and upon release, devoted himself to the Church and funded his rise through the ranks by arranging the adoption of unwanted children borne by hookers. One of these children was the daughter of Betsy O'Hara, now eighteen and unaware her birth mother wishes to make contact.


Gara will encounter The Deacon at Betsy's request in order to compel him into tracking Betsy's daughter down. In the process, Gara will reveal he is unsure of how many children he has fathered but knows of both a son and daughter he abandoned in his continued pursuit of criminality -- a direct parallel to Michael Townley. Beyond questioning his role in their lives, Gara successfully tracks down Betsy's daughter to a home in Seminole with the aid of The Deacon. Discovering her to be a straight-A college student unaware of her adoption, the player is given the moral choice of wrecking her life to reunite her with Betsy or leaving her be.


The Deacon is later encountered in the storyline and plays a small but vital role in smuggling materials into prison which the player will use in an escape attempt.


#1 The Introduction
Earning a living holding Colombian drug dealers to ransom, Ariel Gara joins two sleazy Vice cops in a high stakes scheme to set up Ocean Beach cocaine distributor Larry Mendoza.



#2 Out Here In The Fields
Arranging a small coke buy to get himself set up in the drug scene, Gara duels with a Pegassi Infernus in a race along Vice Beach to make it first to the dealer rollerblading along the beach front beside them.



#3 Down Payment

Proceeded by building a reputation dealing cocaine on the streets, Gara is invited to discuss business with Larry Mendoza. Laying a $50,000 down payment on a shipment of drugs, he becomes familiar with members of Mendoza's inner circle including Teddy Starr and Lorna Steele.



#4 Opportunity Knox
On behalf of Silk Robinson, Gara escorts and arms contact killer Walter Knox in his bid to execute two witnesses.



#5 Fear and Clothing in Vice City
Knox has been found dead and the Mafia blame Silk. They've sent a hit squad over to the fine tailoring store in Siren Mall. Get over there and save his ass.


#6 Dead End Deal
Gara engages in a drug deal with Larry Mendoza.


#7 Evidence Dash
Featuring loud and smart approaches, Gara must recover 20 kilos of cocaine from the Vice Beach Police Headquarters.


#8 Chapter & Verse
In order to complete his purchase of the historic Verse Theatre in Undertown, Silk wants you to rid the building of the Vice Boys drug dealers who have turned it into a cesspit of debauchery. Introduces hiring crew members.



#9 Lessons In Survival
Gara executes vice cops Cherry Jones and Mack Maddox and uses the proceeds of their dirty dealings to purchase a car dealership. This mission introduces asset Businesses & Property.



#10 The Good, The Bad & The Bloody Unlucky
Invited to a high-stakes game of poker by Silk, the player becomes involved in a game of Russian Roulette that results in an unfortunate death.



#11 It Takes Two To Mamba
Visiting close friend Vince Lorca on the Vice Keys, Gara infiltrates Mamba Stadium and assassinates a chief speaker within the Mothers of Prevention action group to ease the heat on Lorca's adult video business.



#12 Payback
Sold out to the Colombians by Silk, Gara is forced by the Cartel into murdering the man he initially set up, along with the entire team of Vice officers protecting him.


#13 Rust Never Creeps
Crossing lines into Tequesta County, Gara accompanies aging Florida crook Rusty DeVries in a raid on a Port Tequesta storage warehouse.


#14 All That Glitters
Attending a sit down between feuding mobsters Vic Conti and Paolo Suppa, Gara is tasked with recovering money from a white-collar gold fraud.



#15 Thrive Drive
Gara conspires with streetwalker Lorna Steele to rob Silk's Hustler's Convention, but first they need to acquire funding for a crew by taking down money courier Moe Magnusson.



Edited by Tyla
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Grand Theft Auto VI introduces the player to an expanded reimagining of the Vice Metropolitan area, based on the real-life Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach Metropolitan area. Featuring four counties, the Grasslands, the Vice Keys and two offshore locations, GTAVI delivers a map worthy of next-generation capability.
Thanks must go to Money Over Bullsh*t for his help with this section.
A map of the re-imagined Vice City made by PizzaPlanet can be found here
You can also follow this link to view the map in high resolution.
Vice County (Miami-Dade County)
Vice City (Miami)

• Alhambra (Coral Gables)

Incorporated into the Vice Metropolitan Area during the 1920s, the City of Alhambra thrives in its location within the south-west portions of Vice City. Containing vast suburbia and a bustling financial district, Alhambra is also home to the University of Vice City. Local landmarks include the Anastasia Hotel, the Tropical Botanic Gardens and the historic Vatican Pool.

• Arawakan (Allapattah)

One of Vice City's foremost ethnic enclaves, Arawakan first housed displaced African-American families during the 1950s before giving way to Cuban migrants fleeing the Revolution. Today known locally as "Little Dominica" for a substantial Dominican population and less favourably within the media as "A.K", Arkwakan continues to serve as a magnet for refugees, now housing increasing Nicaraguan and Honduran populations. The hub of this migrant community are the local street markets.

• Banana Grove (Coconut Grove)

Skimming the coastline of Vice City is Banana Grove, the oldest incorporated neighbourhood of modern day Vice City. In a picturesque position on Vice City's waterfront, Banana Grove is a sizeable marine attraction, recognized for wild vegetation and the Bahamian nature of the neighbourhood courts an especially carefree attitude. Despite the beauty of the extravagant Hampshire Inn and recently opened Longdong Gardens, a large portion of Banana Grove is impoverished and poor economic conditions are reflected in several dilapidated buildings throughout the area.

• Burnett (Brickell)

Originally settled as Vice City's "millionaire row", Burnett of recent is undergoing a transformation into Vice City's major financial district with the construction of many high-rise commercial buildings dominating the skyline. Harking back to its roots, Brickell's suburbia is a hub of affluence and is the district of choice for the city's financial workers.

• Cable City (Carol City)

An area of notorious public housing and significant drug trade, Cable City lays to the north of Vice City and covers a large mass of area that borders nearby Tequesta County.

• Downtown (Downtown Miami)

A product of the 1920s Florida land boom, Downtown Vice City is enjoying a similar development boom thanks to the immense amount of money pouring into the state. Considered the commercial heart and soul of South Florida, Downtown houses and preserves a significant portion of early Vice City structures including the Vice County Courthouses, the Liberty Tower and the Greek Theatre, although this is in a state of neglect. Transportation around the Downtown area is aided by the Vice City Monorail.

• East Bay (Upper East Side)

Housing exclusive gated communities and an affluent population, East Bay stretches along the North-easternmost portion of the Vice City map and is bordered by Little Haiti to the west, Holywater to the south and Vice Shores to the north. Due to it's location, this quaint suburbia is subjected to an unusually high crime rate for it's high-income populace and has taken to hiring armed guard that patrol the neighbourhood.

• Eldorado (Doral)

Once largely industrial but now the site of a recent property boom, Eldorado is located in the north-west of Vice City and shares a substantial Cuban population with nearby Seminole. Undergoing development, the Eldorado district dwindled during the early 1980s due to building restrictions. The abolishment of these by the Shrub government paved the way for the developments ongoing throughout the game's duration.

• Escapada (Aventura)

Given the name Escapada after a local developer's remark of "What an escapade this is going to be!", this offshore land development sits between Vice City and Vice Beach and is yet to be incorporated into either metropolitan area. Two recent structures are of note: the luxury Dingleberry Resort & Hotel and the Escapada Mall, undertaking a large expansion that soon will see it become the third-largest mall in the United States.

• Escobar International Airport (MIA)

Located north-west of Downtown Vice City, Escobar International Airport is the largest of the game's airports and renowned as the largest gateway between the United States and Latin America. Most recently EIA has been boosted by JuankAir's announcement that it is to build a base of operations at the airport.

• Felicity (Dadeland)

In almost immediate proximity to the neighbourhood of Tolima, Felicity is dominated by the expansive open-air Felicity Mall and gains notoriety as the site of a massive shootout between warring drug factions.

• Fort Baxter (Homestead ARB)

Spanning the locale of Baxter-Sunshine City, Fort Baxter AFB is rooted in history as the staging base for the United States possible invasion of Cuba. Post Vietnam, the Airbase houses a significant amount of equipment, boosted by recent upgrades. Also adding to the mystique of Fort Baxter is the locally notable Granite Castle.

• Flagstaff (Flagami)

Named in honour of industrial magnate and historical Vice City figure Harry Flagstaff, this quiet residential neighbourhood of small and well-kept homes sits west of Little Havana and is in close proximity to the Covice Trail that passes through the Grasslands.

• Freedom City (Liberty City)

Originating as a response to overcrowding in the segregated slum of Undertown, Freedom City is a notoriously violent and poverty-stricken neighbourhood seething with tensions. In 1980 the site of the Freedom City Riots, the area is often considered no-go for police and outsiders alike.

• Greek Heights (Olympia Heights)

Greek Heights is a small and residential development with a notable portion of Cuban migrant residents becoming an influx from bordering Little Havana.

• Holywater (Edgewater)

Largely undeveloped land housing early 20th century homes and a vibrant Latin-American community, Holywater derives its name from the nearby Vatican Islands and is notable for being the location of the only Roman Catholic place of worship in Vice City. Despite being a relatively quiet neighbourhood, Holywater is populated by street hoods during the evening and night hours and those passing through are often targets for muggings and car theft.

• Key Belair (Key Biscayne)

Sitting between Vice Beach and Vice City is the picturesque Key Belair. A favourite holiday destination of Presidents of days old, the island has weathered many storms both political and tropical. The Bobby Bragg State Park houses the Key Belair lighthouse and the Rockerfeller Causeway connects the island with the mainland metropolitan areas.

• Key Richmond (Key Virginia)

Barrier island separated by forces of nature from nearby Price Island, Key Richmond is historically significant for housing the Key Richmond Beach Park, a once coloured-only segregated park until civil rights protests in the mid-1960s. With the Barber Miniture Railway providing transportation around the vast parklands, other attractions here include the Vice Oceanarium and the frequent powerboat races held at the Vice Marine Stadium. Despite dwindling popularity in current years, the local beach attracts a diverse population of gay couples and nudists.

• Little Haiti (Little Haiti)

Known as Citrus City until the name Little Haiti was driven into existence by a mass influx of Haitian refugees during the early 1980s, this enclave of Vice City is arguably its most diverse and dangerous. Street crime and the drug trade are in abundance here, with the proximity to Freedom City and the Puerto Rican enclave of Valeria provoking violent clashes between gangs. Despite this bad reputation, Little Haiti is colourful in the other sense of the world and numerous wall murals populate the area. An obscure location of note here is the British pub themed Chamberlain's Bar; a magnet for resident and expatriate Angel's of Death. A portrait of a well known London resident rests proudly on the wall.

• Little Havana (Little Havana)

Once thriving as a middle-class Jewish suburb, Little Havana became known by the name during the mid-60s as Cubans moved from their Post-Revolution homeland to settle in the United States. Following the 1980 Boatlift, this sobriquet took on greater meaning as 125,000 Cuban exiles settled in Florida. In the large sprawl of Little Havana, the western area is mostly working-class Cuban suburbia while the rest area is regarded as a lawless ghetto due to a general feeling that Little Havana is the dumping ground for exiled Latin American undesirables. The Latin Walk of Fame is a positive reminder of the working classes determination to get out and make something of themselves, while daily chess and domino games are held at Ocho Park. Little Havana is also the home of the Vice City Mambas.

• North Vice Beach (North Miami Beach)

North Vice Beach is a sleepy city located in the inlet of water between Vice City and Vice Beach. Despite what the area's name suggests, there are no beaches within it's proximity. However, it does provide access to two well-renowned ocean front beaches across Ginger's Inlet, Haulenoats Park and Bendover Beach, both clothing optional and gay friendly. North Vice Beach is also regarded by the Asian community as their "Chinatown", despite a sizable Mafia presence in the area.

• Prospect Bay (Cutler Bay, Palmetto Bay)

Forming part of the greater Baxter-Sunshine City area, Prospect Bay is a quiet coastal village noted for its woodland and housing the bayfront headquarters of Burger Shot.

• Richman (Richmond Heights)

The Richman area originated as a project undertaken by an ex-WW2 pilot who bought land adjacent to the former Richman Air Base with intentions of developing quality and affordable housing for African American war veterans. The development grew into the Richman neighbourhood that today houses several thousand African Americans.

• Seminole - (Hialeah)

Home to the largest concentration of Cubans in the United States, the city of Seminole is a major municipality within the Vice City metropolitan area. Housing the Tran-Rail Transfer Station that serves Vice City-Fort Tequesta-West Jaega Sands, Seminole enjoys an influx of visitors from across the state to the historic Seminole Park.

• Siren - (Omni)

Dominated by the expansive Siren International Mall, this largely commercial district is home to a population of Colombians who reside in the apartments above the mall.

• Sunshine City (Florida City)

The cropland counterpart of adjoining Fort Baxter, rural Sunshine City houses a significant RV park and a cluster of cheap motels that cater to persons travelling the Vice Turnpike and those visiting town to experience stock car races at the local Sunshine City Speedway. An often voiced complaint of those passing through Sunshine City is of the foul smell surfacing from the local landfill.

• Tolima (Kendall)

Located on the western fringes of Vice City, Tolima is locally renowned as "Little Bogota" for the immense Colombian populace taking residence in the area. Existing along the Vice Rock Ridge and in close proximity to both the Felicity Mall and main route of travel the Covice Trail, Tolima is also the location of the Tolima South Station; a major public transportation hub. Stretching into Felicity from Tolima is the Felicity Mobile Home Park, which encompasses a large portion of the north-eastern Tolima area.

• Travis (Civic Centre)

Vice City's health district, housing hospitals and a developing number of medical facilities.

• Undertown - (Overtown)

Designated a segregated coloured neighbourhood shortly after Vice City's incorporation in the late 19th century, the present blight of north-west Downtown area Undertown was proceeded by thriving black entertainment and arts establishments such as the Verse Theatre, which today exists in a state of disrepair. Major tensions in Undertown extend from out-of-control levels of street crime and gang violence to a soaring homeless population.

• Val-Halla - (Opa-Locka)

The city of Val-Halla is located on the northern fringes of Vice City and Tequesta County and is maligned by a severe amount of crime contained within its population. Spawning drug dealers and Robin-Hood like armed robbers who steal from airports both international and local, Val-Halla is also notable for an unusually high concentration of places of worship and exotic Roman building structures.

• Valeria - (Wynwood)

Mainstay Puerto Rican enclave since the 1950s, "El Barrio" Valeria covers the expanse of a downtrodden migrant community and a local fashion district in the southern portions of the area. The Flagstaff Railroad forms the two distinct boundaries within the area and is a convenient spot for travelling between the Vice Keys and the city of West Jaega Sands.

• Vatican Islands (Venetian Islands)

Chain of artificial islands centred within Belair Bay, the Vatican Island communities house the significant Tortuga and Vatican Causeways and are an exclusive residency to many of Vice City's elite.

• Viceport (Port of Miami)

Viceport, one of the largest cargo ports in the United States, extends from Downtown Vice City and is located on Iacocca Island. Renowned worldwide as an elite port for cruise and passenger vessels, Viceport is the home base of numerous international companies and contributes a great portion of the local economy. Nearby Elementary Island, while recently renowned for a failed amusement park development, houses a seaplane base and the must-see Japanese Gardens.




Vice Beach (Miami Beach):

• Atlantic Beach (North Beach)

The northernmost portion of Vice Beach, Atlantic Beach is the relaxed stretch of area between Dynasty Beach and Sol Harbour. Its populace residing in both high-rise apartments overlooking pristine sands and vast islands extending from the mainland, Atlantic Beach is a sedate getaway from Ocean Beach with a high concentration of street cafes and hotels. Hare Krishna are frequently found at the North Point Bandstand.

• Dynasty Beach (Mid-Beach)

The centre of Vice Beach. Dynasty Beach is rooted in wealth and extravagant architecture, the foremost being the famous Parisienne Hotel and Resort located on the area's "Millionaire's Row." Denizens from all walks of life flock here, from notorious Marijuana smugglers the "Pink Salmon Gang" to legendary Las Venturas casino boss Moe Behr. More modest are the traditional Delis and Kosher markets that cater to the areas elderly Jewish demographic. Dynasty Beach also provides the most convenient route into the city from Vice Beach via the Frances Spittle Causeway.

• Ocean Beach (South Beach)

Famed for its Art Deco hotels and postcard stretches of sand, Ocean Beach is violently caught between extremes of grit and glamor. Though defined by the iconic pastels and neon lights, Ocean Beach is a severe Red Light District hindered by a large concentration of Marelito Cuban criminals. An air of panic plagues the picture perfect scenery and many fear future decline. By day, the beaches are scarcely populated; by night, the dwindling elderly Jewish residents shutter themselves away as the pimps and prostitutes begin to line Ocean Drive. Encompassed within Ocean Beach is the area of Washington Beach, home of the Vice Beach Police Department and the pedestrian Leland Road Mall.

• North Point Village (North Bay Village)

North Point Village is a three island municipality connected by causeway to Vice Beach. Popular with winter tourists, attractions include the relocated and renowned Chunder Wheel which features as the heart of the North Point Village Fun Fair. The area is widely known as a large television and radio broadcast hub, with a major portion of media concentrated here. North Point Village also has a large annex of Italian-American transplants, who are becoming increasingly connected with rampant police corruption in the area, said to be headed by an Italian-American lieutenant favourable to his fellow countrymen.

• Playa Del Sol (Sunny Isles Beach)

North of Vice Beach, Playa Del Sol is an up-and-coming shoreline resort situated in close proximity to Sol Harbour and Escapada. Home to several growing hotels and fashion chains, it is a burgeoning centre of construction as wealthy hospitality magnates move in to build upon the well established "motel row". A must see is the recently restored Playa Del Sol pier. Of late, Playa Del Sol is garnering a reputation as "Little Odessa" due to a recent influx of Soviet migrants to the area.

• Prawn Island (Hibiscus Island, Palm Island)

An exclusive man-made island within Belair Bay, home to several luxury mansions and accessible only by the McAuley Causeway. Prawn Island has well-rooted ties to entertainment, with many high-profile stars (and gangsters alike) taking residence here over the years.

• Price Island (Fisher Island)

Famed within the Vice Metropolitan Area for its exclusivity, Price Island is residence to only the most elite. Several miles off the coast of Ocean Beach, Price Island is reachable only by private ferry or chartered flight, having no roads into the area. Amongst vast, gated homes, the Island is also home to a Marine laboratory, a private Marina, and apartments that look out onto Ocean Beach. Having a recent change in land ownership, Price Island is the site of much construction with an aim of replicating the original lavish white-marble mansions of the 1920s.

• Seminole Creek (Indian Creek)

An island village of vast wealth laying within Belair Bay, in close proximity to Shoreside and Sol Harbour.

• Shoreside (Surfside)

Small inland town comprised of several blocks, the main thoroughfare being Dynasty Avenue. A small commercial district is located on Roberts Avenue.

• Sol Harbour (Bal Harbour)

Built on underdeveloped partial swampland in the 1930s, Sol Harbour today exists as a burgeoning village with the northern portion of Dynasty Avenue running through its centre. It is connected to Haulenoats Park via Ginger's Inlet and is situated just east of the exclusive Seminole Creek. Growing in population since the 1984 repeal of a law preventing those of Jewish extraction from purchasing property in the area, famous attractions include the open-air Sol Harbour Mall and the high-end Sheridan Hotel.



Tequesta County (Broward County)

  • Daley (Davie)

    Famed as an "wild west" styled settlement, it is not uncommon in the small Tequesta town of Daley to find residents travelling the streets upon horses and carts. Trading on its old west heritage, rural Daley is dominated in large part by the Weston Dairy Farm, owned by aging notable local William Weston and of late, coming under increased influence of his son, Devin, who has little-to-no intention of making a career out of cheese. Further enhancing the Western mystique is the locally incorporated Ricketts City, an Old West styled theme park. Pelican Gardens, a botanical garden, operates nearby.

  • Dutch Beach (Dania Beach)

    Dutch Beach, neighbouring Vinewood and incorporating Fort Tequesta-Vinewood International Airport, is known as such for its large founding Dutch population. Once famed for its unique flavour of theme parks, they are now abandoned and are in the process of being cleared to make way for beach-front condominiums.

  • Fort Tequesta (Fort Lauderdale)

    Known as the "Venice of America", Fort Tequesta takes the name of the county of which it is part and has in turn evolved to be the major city within it. Famed as an attraction for Spring Breakers, "Fort Tequila" is a magnet for college kids from across the country and as such is recognized as a happening place to be. The nightlife here is vibrant, and money talks. Las Olmos Boulevard is the heart and soul of the city. Downtown Tequesta is made up of several smaller areas, including Regresso Village, Toupee River and Bouncee Hammocks. Several luxury yachts are docked within its waters. The Fort Tequesta International Boat Show, the largest of its kind, is a breeding ground for wealth and excess. Within the bounds of Fort Tequesta, an artificial reef, Butler Reef, is also available to explore. The Fort Tequesta Antique Car Museum is a further attraction to the area. Two radio stations are known to broadcast direct from the city: Radio Nightcrawl and Emotion 98.3. Grasslands access is mere minutes away.

  • Holland Beach (Hallandale Beach)

    A further allusion to Dutch settlers within early Tequesta County, Holland Beach is notable for its gambling heritage and sizable Canadian population. Bordered by Escapada to the South and Vinewood to the north, both the Vinewood Greyhound Track and Bayside Park & Casino exist here.

  • Indian Hill (Lauderhill)

    Primarily housing elderly Jewish retirees and the second-home of Snowbirds from afar, Indian Hill of late has gained a large Jamaican and West Indian population who are adding their own unique flavour to the area.

  • Mendares (Miramar)

    Bordered by Vinewood and Pembridge Pines, Miramar is notable for a large Cuban exile population.

  • Pembridge Pines (Pembroke Pines)

    A city experiencing much growth, Pembridge Pines owes much of its geographical diversity to incorporating much of the surrounding area during the early 1980s. Home to the Pembridge Motorsports Park, which features the "world famous" Pembridge Pile-Up destruction derby, in addition to this, a large musical theatre renowned as the "rock Mecca of South Florida". The area also contains STFU - South & Territorial Florida University - and Tequesta Correctional Institution, the state's largest Maximum Security prison for females.

  • Pompeii Beach (Pompano Beach)

    A major city within the Vice Metropolitan Area, Pompeii Beach boomed in population after WWII and today has evolved to house large Italian and Haitian populations. Housed here is the Pompeii Beach Airpark, famous for hosting the Atomic blimp. Notable as a fishing town, Pompeii Pier is available to the player to engage the fishing mini-game. Around the beach area, the neighbourhoods are visibly decayed. The Wednesday Lighthouse sits north of the Wednesday Inlet, which runs into the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Port Tequesta (Port Everglades)

    Responsible for a great deal of the local economy, Port Tequesta is South Florida's gateway to international water trade and commerce. Attracting a well-proportioned population of U.S. Navy on shore leave, Port Tequesta is also a magnet for mobsters who wish to take advantage of the vast amount of gasoline moving through the docks.

  • Presidents City (Boulevard Gardens, Franklin/Roosevelt/Washington Park)

    Presidents City, known unanimously as "the Ghetto", is the most impoverished and violent of the county's neighbourhoods.

  • Tequesta Lakes (Lauderdale Lakes)

    Popular as a residence of exile for old time Liberty City retirees, Tequesta Lakes has come to house a predominantly Caribbean and African-American community.

  • Vinewood (Hollywood)

    Part of old world Tequesta, Vinewood is predominantly sleazy, lawless and dangerous. Yet to be legitimized, it is populated by a series of casinos on former Indian land that are breeding grounds for unscrupulous activities. The surrounding Industrial district is a haven for cheap prostitution, popular with offshore sailors taking leave at Port Tequesta.

  • Yearling Beach (Deerfield Beach)

    Yearling Beach is home to a picture perfect, golden sands beach. However, the eastern neighbourhoods are within the grips of emerging drug problems that are causing crime to rocket throughout the area.

  • Wilted Gardens (Wilton Manors)

    Wilted Gardens is a notable LGBT population and houses the sizable contents of a thriving gay nightlife scene. The community itself is part of a larger suburbia known as Oakridge Park.

Jaega County (Palm County)

  • Belmont (Belle Glade)

    Known as one of the most severe ghettos in Jaega County, Belmont lays on the southern shores of Lake Mikasuki. Proceeding the violence outsiders wandering into this area face is the smell, a result of masses of muck build up used to grow sugarcane. Heroin and Crack are rampant within Belmont, with the city known for having the largest amount of AIDS infection in the United States.

  • Blackbyrd Beach (Boynton Beach)

    Blackbyrd Beach, like Belmont, suffers a bad reputation. Inland from its beaches, crime is rife. Areas along the eastern portion of the North Duke Highway are recommended to be avoided.
  • Dayton Village (Dunbar Village)

    Built as segregated housing for African Americans during the 1940s, Dayton Village is a 250 plot of military style barrack homes. It borders the equally impoverished Tenement City.

  • Electra Beach (Riviera Beach)

    A beach front ghetto with a stunning marina that belies rampant drug dealing and gang crime.

  • Jaega Gardens (Palm Beach Gardens)

    Jaega Gardens is a predominantly gated community within the bounds of the prestigious Jaega Springs. Famed for its golfing terrain, it is currently the site of concentrated development with numerous projects in the works. Recently completed is the Lawns Mall, which hosts high-end stores and restaurants.

  • Lake Futile (Lake Worth)

    In a severe state of neglect and decline, Lake Futile sits on the banks of a lagoon from which the city derives its name. The area is a melting pot of diversity, with Lake Futile often being the first port of call for many migrants who settle in South Florida. Here, you can expect to meet Central Americans, Haitians and Marelito Cubans, incorporated amongst longstanding German and Finnish communities.

  • Prestige Beach (Palm Beach)

    Next to Price Island, Prestige Beach (as the name suggests) is likely the most exclusive location within the map, rounding out the north-eastern most portion of the game's setting. Populated by celebrities and person's of wealth, it is bordered by West Jaega Sands and by bridge, the downtrodden Lake Futile. Prestige Beach operates its own airport, Prestige International Airport, with a new terminal added as recently as the present year. The beach is the last stop of the Vice Tri-Rail, which connects Vice City with Jaega and Tequesta counties.

  • Roca Baton (Boca Raton)

    The southernmost portion of Jaega County, Roca Baton is a famed South Florida getaway resort, attracting retirees and tourists alike. An investment by tech pioneers in the 1960s drove the initial economy and jobs boom in the area, and since the early 1980s, West Roca Baton has been the centre of a large construction boom. This is at the expense of the eastern side of the city, which has fallen into disrepair and neglect. A beacon within this has come in the form of the Grand Easton mall, a Liberty City themed shopping centre to appeal to the many LC exiles living in the area. In addition, Roca Baton also boasts Jaega County's primary financial district.

  • Sunray Beach (Delray Beach)

    Frequently cited as one of the U.S.A's most 'fun' small towns, Sunray Beach generally avoids the seediness of other beach towns found along the North Republic Highway. Areas of interest here include the YaMaw Japanese Gardens & Museum, and the Sunray Shipwreck, which is freely available for exploration.

  • Tenement City (Pleasant City)

    Alike Dayton Village, built as segregated housing for African American workers, Tenement City now stands as a series of deteriorated shacks that have been damaged by multiple hurricanes, and the area is one of the poorest in the map.

  • West Jaega Sands (West Palm Beach)

    West Jaega Sands, named so even despite its lack of any beaches, is the most prominent city within Jaega County. To this day, the westernmost area of the city retains a large portion of swampland. Downtown, other attractions, such as "Antique Row", are a haven for spivs and knockoff merchants to ply their trade to unsuspecting tourists. A fully populated zoo functions within the city limits, which offers tours of the local swamps, and nearby is located the Ruggiero Water Park, popular especially with Liberty City tourists. For means of transport, the Jaega Water Ferry is available to navigate the city's waterfront, and can be caught from the Port.


Mansfield County (Monroe County)


Vice Keys (Florida Keys)

Florida Grasslands (Everglades)




"When the FBI issued its annual list of the ten most crime-ridden cities in the nation last September, three of them were in South Florida: Miami (pop. 347,000) was in first place, West Palm Beach (pop. 63,000) was fifth and Fort Lauderdale (pop. 153,000) was eighth. Miami last year had the nation’s highest murder rate, 70 per 100,000 residents."

-- Paradise Lost, TIME Magazine.


Paradise Lost?

The Other Side Of Vice


Original Article: Paradise Lost: TIME Magazine


"Killings among the cocaine traders certainly contribute to South Florida’s crime rate. Drug shootouts are becoming a frequent sight in certain parts of the state. At a busy intersection in Coral Gables last month, for example, a Mercedes Benz was suddenly surrounded and its 30-year-old Colombian driver killed in a burst of machine-gun fire. As Elio Gonzalez and his twelve-year-old son Eric were getting out of their car in front of their home in North Miami, another car raced by spraying machine-gun fire; both father and son were killed."




Recommended Reading: The Underworld of Vice City


“Here a morning kill may not even make the afternoon news.”



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Grand Theft Auto VI introduces new and expanded features that revolutionize the gameplay experience. Geared towards the series' roots in crime and enhancing the empire building and drug dealing features introduced by Vice City Stories and Chinatown Wars respectively, GTAVI provides plentiful opportunity to make money and the temptation to spend it as fast as you can make it with endless replay value drawn from evolving drug and black market economies.


In terms of raw gameplay, Grand Theft Auto VI introduces an inventory system that allows you to store and carry a wide variety of items on your person. These range from potions bought under the counter from stores in Little Haiti to police badges looted from the corpses of cops allow ingenious ways of earning yourself an income. The inventory is significant in enabling a distinct focus on interacting with the environment on offer.


The inventory system is explored in more detail in this post.


Assets are the foundation of the empire the player constructs throughout their storyline experience. Each of the following assets impacts profoundly on how your operation works, with the most skilled of each costing the most to acquire and maintain. Some, such as developers and lawyers, are essential to core gameplay mechanics of building construction and money laundering. Others, such as drivers and bodyguards, can provide effective protection to a protagonist locked in a conflict with a hostile gang. Stock Brokers can make or break your finances while pilots can take away the burden of multiple flights to South America to transport drugs.


Who will you hire?



Bodyguards are paid a weekly wage according to either their stats or their contractor. Local gangs will be willing to provide you with bodyguards for a price who may or may not remain loyal to you depending on the player's actions in-game. Recruits from gyms and tough neighborhoods will have lower stats and poorer weapons respectively but command a much lower fee and can be trained up. Private security contractors such as Merryweather provide the most effective and heavily armed personnel at the highest cost.



Developers are part and parcel of constructing businesses and property from the ground up - with them you simply cannot build. Totally responsible for handling your construction endeavors, they also handle repair of them should a rival gang attempt to burn them down. From the bottom up, each available developer is more effective than the other. Union problems that arise are also tied up a lot quicker the better connected the developer you hire is.


Developer 1 will not provide any decrease to your build time and is capable of dispatching a repair crew in 72 hours.


Developer 2 is recommended to the player by Harold Hunter during the storyline. He can decrease your build time by three days and dispatch a repair crew to your damaged business in 48 hours.


Developer 3 decreases your build time by 5 days and dispatches a repair crew within 24 hours of your call.



Your on-call Doctor is a back street practitioner who can be summoned by phone to the player's location and patch them up for a fee. Occasionally, he will require help in treating other patients and phone you for assistance in collecting them.



The driver will taxi the player around to any destination they desire in any owned vehicle of their choosing. In purchasing the driver, Gara will also acquire his personal ten vehicle garage to store his personal vehicles.



Lawyers are essential to the criminally active. Engaging the drug economy and performing heists, the player will gain a substantial amount of heat that if left untouched, can result in their imprisonment. Alternatively, if the player surrenders to police during free-roam and is arrested, the effectiveness of your lawyer will determine how long a stretch you serve. Your lawyer will also negotiate the buyback price the player pays to retrieve their weapons and/or stash of drugs.


Lawyers are also able to negotiate you a substantial discount when it comes to laundering money through the bank. Though the player can bypass any massive laundering fee by banking with organized crime groups, banks provide a security where a gang will not.


Your lawyer will occasionally call you offering tasks of witness intimidation and jury tampering.


Maury Mouthpiece is the stereotypical ambulance chaser. If not found in a parking lot at Siren Mall, he'll be working out of a hotel room in Mid Point handling messy divorces. This lawyer negotiates you a 25% decrease in prison time and increase in money laundered.


Castiel Leicester is an up-and-coming Bullworth educated lawyer with plenty of connections in the WASPy old boys club. Thanks to this, he'll negotiate you a 50% decrease with judges and 50% increase with bank managers.


Veronica Saks is the best of the best. An aggressive, almost sadistic practitioner of law, she'll fight your 75% decrease in prison time and maybe even get you off all together. With a black book of bank managers, Saks will also swing it so you get a 70% increase on money laundered.



Your personal pilot is a luxury in that he will transport you to and from South America and the Bahamas in flights that would otherwise make an arduous task. He can also be paid to mule back a quantity of drugs, depending on the quality of plane you have in your hangar.


Stock Broker:

Stock Brokers are required to access Grand Theft Auto VI's stock economy, with variety of the stock broker you invest with influencing the profitability of the stock you invest in. They will also dictate the reliability of the tips you receive, with a poor broker having the potential to ruin you financially.





Buildings & Property is the umbrella term for how rackets, fronts and storage spots are operated in Grand Theft Auto VI. Replacing assets from GTA: Vice City and property management from GTAV, buildings and properties are now a dynamic enterprise for the player to wisely invest their money in. Land can be purchased to build a business from the ground up, with the option of choosing from an illegal racket or a front to launder money. Traditional assets provide unlock interiors and provide brief storylines. Stash houses are required to store stolen goods and storage space to store drugs - sometimes vital to how the player engages the drug economy.


Ten pieces of land are available throughout the map to build on. Location will dictate their price and the hostility the protagonist may face with gangs. The quality of developer will determine build and repair times. There are four options of property that can be built:



Returns illegitimate income that must be collected weekly. Directly faces competition from rival gangs.



Returns constant legitimate income, which is deposited with the player's bank through their lawyer. Each legitimate business adds a 3% bonus to the money you are able to launder.


Stash House:

Required to operate the burglary side-mission. Stores stolen goods, weapons and a small amount of drugs. Guards can be hired and are recommended. Prone to raids.


Storage Space:

Large warehouses or freezer units, ideal for storing a large shipment of product or a high quantity of stolen goods. Again, these are prone to raids.


Eighteen asset properties are available to purchase across the map:


A. Gara Benefactor:

Benefactor car dealership that comes to bear the protagonist's name. May occasionally require you to repo vehicles and collect debts.


Burnett Distribution South:

Shipping company based just off of Burnett Key on the Mainland. Increases the amount of drugs you are able to carry by boat by 25%.


Colon Hotel:

The iconic. Ocean Drive's premier hotel. Provides you with a room that overlooks the ocean.



Moonshine still operated by members of the Dixie Co-Operative. Opens up Bootlegging side mission.



Regarded as the hottest club in Vice City, located in Banana Grove. Caters to VIPs and kingpins alike, members only. Based on the Mutiny Club.


Fanny Crabs:

Seafood restaurant serving premium catch in West Jaega Sands. Five stars in all the foodie mags.


Flesh For Fantasy:

Do you like good music? Do you like to dance? The things we do to feel alright. Strip club in North Point frequented by those looking for a change of pace. Private dances free of charge.


Leaf Links:

Exclusive members only golf links located in North Point Village, catering to retirees and rich Jewish people.


Lorca Studios:

pr0nography studios based out of a converted Key Lorca mansion. Unlocked for purchase through the Vince Lorca storyline strand. Occasionally requires promotional stunts.


Native Armament:

Family owned gun shop in Jaega County.


Pawn Stars:

Pawn Shop in Undertown, Vice City. Handles stolen goods and consequently, ups the return on your fenced goods by 25%. Prone to robberies.


The Pizazz:

Pompeii Beach discothèque that has seen better days. Allows you to deal drugs on the establishment.


R&R Records:

Record company located Downtown. Has synthesizers to mess around on with, the ability to upload to RS Social Club. Requires you to fund artists who may or may not be successful without your gentle persuasion/bribery of network radio.


Scrap Yard:

Simple junk yard that returns additional dollars based on how many vehicles you destroy in free roam.


Tequesta Tomahawks:

Football team native to Fort Tequesta. Big money investment in a fledgling team, you can gain additional revenue by influencing games. Why not break the legs of the opposition's star player? Rivals with the VC Mambas.


VC Private Hire:

Limo service to the rich. Calls you periodically to drive VIPs around.


Video Arcade:

Classic penny arcade on Ocean Beach. Lets you play Degenatron or Womb Polluter for free. Occasionally invites you to buy into the regular Saturday night poker game in back.


White Lady Funerals:

Funeral parlor that doubles as a front for cocaine distribution. Ability to store 25% more cocaine than in a trunk by taking a Romero out for a spin.


Five safehouse properties are purchasable across the map.


Burnett Condo:

Stunning condo overlooking Vice City in Burnett's exclusive The Tracks district. Comes with underground parking space, served by valet.


Jaega Ranch:

Large ranch property in Jaega County. Comes with stables if you desire to purchase horses. Massive garage geared to the collector.


Lorca Beach House:

Mellow beach house on the sands of Key Lorca.


Starfish Island Mansion:

White marble palace in Vice City's exclusive gated community. Has a dock for your personal boat, a swimming pool, a tennis court. Interesting neighbour who seems to drive a white Infernus.


Undertown Apartment*:

Default property. Rats in the front room, roaches in the back. Junkies in the alley with the baseball bat. You can't take the smell, can't take the noise but you start out with no money so you've got no choice.



Your personal vessel, able to be docked at any marina on the map. Complete luxury.


Grand Theft Auto VI offers numerous forms of communication. While cell phones do not offer the internet functionality of GTAV (see: Newspaper), GTAVI introduces the payphone and the two way radio as additional means of communication.


Cell Phone:

Must be purchased. Large, brick style handset manufactured by Motormouth. Contacts are selected by scrolling through an analogue style display above the phone panel. Cheats can be entered by pressing X/Square in the same way numbers are dialed in GTAV.



Minimal form of contact that allows the player to receive communication from associates. Ideal for the aspiring and on-the-move businessman.


Pay Phone:

Initial means of contact. Costs $1 to make a call, the player must punch in a number from a piece of paper held by the protagonist. Cab service and sex line phone cards are plastered all over phones across the city. Pay phones are few and far between and tedious: all the more incentive to grind the money to afford a cell phone.


Two Way Radio:

Preferred means of communication to the Rural American. Two Way Radio is standard in planes and can be installed to vehicles for a cost at your local Pay N Spray. Accessed via the radio wheel, the player can select a contact as they would a radio station.





People you meet, do business with and feud with form your contacts, a number of special NPCs who can be met, collected and accessed any time the player chooses. Similar to unlocking crew in Grand Theft Auto V, VI takes it one step further by introducing a wealth of contacts for you to interact with. Authorities can be utilised to take a rival off the street by arranging a payoff to a corrupt Detective to up their cop heat; an Agent can be put on the payroll to warn you of impending raids; disgruntled security guards will clue you in on when hot freight is moving through Viceport, or let you move in undetected to boost merchandise. Informants can benefit the player in various ways in return for cold hard cash; prostitutes know the rhythms of the street; journalists can print bad press to mess with a rival's cop heat; unsettled gang members will come to you with their organization's private plans; insider traders will give you tips on hot stock.


Alliances can also be formed, depending on your relationship with a gang. These last for a week and will eliminate competition of your choosing.


Partners are men and women with certain skills who may assist you in Takeovers (see Here) and/or Heists. They may also be called for backup, if you have sufficient trust with them.


Contacts system heavily interacts with the below Criminal Rating. As you navigate Vice City's underworld, several people will enter your sphere. It is the job of the player to collect and cultivate relationships. The pimp you knew when you were a cheap hood? Now he's a major player and wants to form an alliance that could earn you a few corners. That cowboy stick up artist? Now he's facing 25-to-life and you're a big fish to fry, setting you up for an arrest.




Criminal Rating is a measure of your increasing influence.


An age old feature from the III era games, Criminal Rating serves to introduce a new pool of contacts each level of the Vice City underworld you explore. Some may contact you. Others have to be found. There are ten Criminal Ratings, each a separate chapter of Grand Theft Auto VI's story:


0) Ex-Con

1) Hustler

2) Goon

3) Dealer

4) Thief

5) Racketeer

6) Fixer

7) Smuggler

😎 Professional

9) Major Player

10) Kingpin


With each criminal rating comes side-missions, which are fleshed out in the next post.


Honor & Fame measure the player's actions in gameplay and replace mission scores from GTAV and The Ballad of Gay Tony.


Actions in missions now + or - from an Honor & Fame meter.


Expect NPC's betrayals to negatively impact your honor and assisting NPC gangsters against police to give you a sure boost, as will successful dealings.


Gara's honor is his criminal reputation: the value at which he is taken by his associates. An honor in the minuses? You're a stool pigeon informant and people won't want to do business with you. Contacts abandon you. Top level honor? Expect doors to open. People to approach you. As with Criminal Rating, there are ten levels of honor:


-5: Stool Pigeon

-4: Traitor

-3: Heat

-2: Doublecrosser

-1: Honest Joe


0: Squarejohn


1: Felon

2: Homeboy

3: Point Man

4: Stand Up Guy

5: Legend


Fame is a measure of your notoriety: killings, escaping wanted levels, purchasing status symbols - it all drives your Fame up.


This interacts with Heat in the sense that the more famous you are, the faster you gain cop/gang attention. You are easy to track town.


-5: Rat

-4: Untrustworthy

-3: Prison Queen

-2: Loudmouth

-1: Screw Up


0: Nobody


1: Tough Guy

2: Face

3: Local Hero

4: Notorious

5: Most Wanted


Both Fame and Honor will also impact on how the player is received when they enter prison, as well as providing gameplay benefits. Low fame and honor may attract negative crew members for heists who are more likely to screw you over.


Status Symbols


Status symbols are generally gaudy and extravagant items that add considerably to the player's criminal rating fame stat. These artefacts a means of flaunting your wealth, status symbols can also represent items or even body parts taken as trophies from fallen enemies to use for show.


Also coming under status symbols are pets, multiple breeds and types of animal now available for purchase in Grand Theft Auto VI.


Certain women dated by the player are also classed as status symbols under the category entourage. What better than walking into Club Exodus with two bombshell blondes on your arm?



Precious symbols of history that are irreplaceable and therefore ridiculously overpriced. These can range from *lewd* Ancient Greek sculptures and paintings to famed Legend of the West Landon Ricketts pistols. Artefacts will collect around the chosen properties of the player similar to how the suite at the Ocean Beach Hotel slowly came to hold pieces of Vercetti's journey through Vice City.



Mindless idiots you pay to stand around and make you look good. Following you everywhere you command, they provide input to the activities at hand similar to the friend conversations in GTAIV.


Your entourage will live and reside at your mansion property until dismissed and can be made up of several flavours of people according to what the player desires. To create an effect similar to the beach babes follow Tommy cheat in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, beautiful women the player discovers and dates through the agency are open to having their time bought and will accompany the player wherever they desire. Coupled with the features of bodyguards and drivers (see: Assets) the player can quite literally live and feel like a king.



Exotic animals you buy for show and bragging rights. Wide in variety from cougars to tigers to deep sea fish kept in an aquarium, depending on the player's purchase of the Jaega Ranch they may also choose to keep stables of thoroughbread horses -- why not purchase a couple of Kentucky Saddlers?


Similar to GTAV, the pet dog returns -- this time with variable breeds available for purchase. As ever with gangland status, the meaner your dog, the more status you gain. This comes at a cost of the unpredictability of the dog -- if it savages a passerby, the police are going to be all over you.



Trophies are memoirs of battle taken with the intention of striking fear into the hearts of your enemies. Values added to your fame from battles within missions where trophies are claimed are pre-determined and can often add a substantial boost to your score.


To take a trophy, simply approach the unconscious/dead body of your antagonist and follow the appropriate on-screen prompt. If unarmed, Gara will loot an item from the person -- such as their gold chain, their leather jacket or an expensive watch. If armed with a knife, the action becomes more sinister -- Gara will proceed to chop an ear, a finger with a ring on it, and add this to his inventory. Dead antagonists killed in missions can have their heads severed -- whenever such items are produced in gameplay, the feature will usually be used for the purpose of intimidating.




One of Grand Theft Auto VI's crowning features is the Drug Economy, a real-time player to NPC traffic of drugs depiction of Miami's 1980s drug heyday. Taking the previous drug features of Chinatown Wars and expanding them to new heights, GTAVI allows the player to explore the various tiers of a drug cartel from the ground up.


Drug Dealing:

The street level business - nickels and dimes. The player will buy and sell a variety of drugs that include the following:











These drugs are bought and sold at street level to several dealers marked around the map or alternatively, buys your contacts set up that may or may not turn out to be stings. Simply approach the dealer, interact with them by pressing > and select the quantity of which you wish to buy or the inventory you wish to sell, which you will be given a price for.


Backpacks will be worn to store drug inventory, with the options to sew extra pockets into coats/store in the trunk of your car to carry excess.


Key deals can only be made with organized crime groups. This is bulk buying and demands serious money. At street level, this will return a sizeable profit. You may purchase anywhere between 1 and 20 kilo's.


Drug Distribution:


Drug Distribution entails moving product from storage to several buyers, avoiding police and rival attention as you do so.

You will choose how much product you wish to distribute per run. Certain contacts - perhaps offering the best return - will only deal in certain amounts.


Distribution is your bread and butter. Pick your spots, make the right payoffs and forge the right alliances.


Drug Importing:


Purchasing cocaine direct from the source in South America is your primary profit margin. You will pay the Entrometerse Cartel a set fee for a quantity of drugs which will be your responsibility to transport back to Vice. In your transportation you will face several obstacles depending on the route you take.


Weed can also be smuggled in from the Bahamas, depending on your relationship with the Yardies.



By using Two Way Radio (see: Communication), you can access Van Zant's radio tower to monitor DEA activity. The DEA have several drones in the sky to track your flight path. If you attract attention, you will be shot down and your cargo destroyed. Rival gangs, if your heat is high enough, will attempt to shoot your plane down.



Transporting drugs by boat involves avoiding the Coast Guard - again made much easier by using the radio. Rival boats will attack your shipment if your heat is high enough.


Weather Reports are paramount to any successful drug run, by air or boat. Thunderstorms and out of control waters risk you destroying your cargo and vehicle.


Drug Trades:

Large quantities of cocaine can be exchanged with the IAA in return for large caches of weapons. These exchanges are arranged through Charles Doberman and, at a time when drug value has plummeted, may return you a profit in selling the weapons on the black market.


Drug Value:

Drug values are real time occurrences in drug prices that affect how much you will pay for X drug and how much profit you make on Y drug.


Not only geographical, for example buying Meth in Jaega and selling it in Vice, drug value will soar with a shortage and plummet with a flood.


Flooded Markets occur when too much of one drug is in circulation. Bringing in too much cocaine? The price will bottom out. This is where storage is important. Competition pushing too much coke? Find out from an informer who it is and then bribe the DEA to make a seizure, watching the prices balance out.


The necessary pursuit of losing one's money.


Gambling in Grand Theft Auto VI is varied, from street games to slot machines in supermarkets, from wagers to fully fledged back room poker. Feeling lucky? Why not try Russian Roulette.




Battle of the beasts.



Popular in the sticks. Wager which of the cocks will kill the other.



A show of status in the ghetto: who has the most vicious dog. Similar to cockfighting, wager which dog will savage the other.


Card Games:

Full house, motherf*cker.



Classic 21.



Turn based guessing game. Surprisingly popular with bikers.



Backroom favorite. Underground and invite only.





Crank that one-armed bandit and hope you strike out.




Greyhound Racing:

Available at the Flagstaff Dog Track.


Horse Racing:

Thoroughbreads at the historic Seminole Park.


Pro Football:

Wager on teams from Liberty to San Andreas with your local bookie.



Confidence games ran by hustlers on sidewalks and in backalleys.



Stake your money and shoot.


Three-Card Monte:

Is the hand really faster than the eye?



Put your money where your mouth is.


Arm Wrestling:

Classic test of strength.


Dwarf Tossing:

Who can throw the midget the furthest?



Fancy yourself as a pool shark?


Russian Roulette:

The ultimate test. One bullet, one spin of the wheel.



Heat dictates how gangs and law enforcement in Grand Theft Auto VI interact with the protagonist. Accessed through your Empire HQ, the Heat tab displays your standing with various gangs in the Vice Metropolitan area and the pressure you are under by various agencies.


The variables that add to heat are obvious to the player: rampaging in Little Haiti will score you major problems with the Haitians and the D.D.R. Their dealers will refuse to buy from you and fences associated with that gang will pay you piss poor on the dollar. Cop killer? Expect your Police Heat to soar and police aggression to double. Police Heat max out? You will be captured at your next save and sent to prison. The full effects of heat on gameplay are as follows:



So, that old lady you mowed down just so happened to be the mother of the local town gangster. He's placed $5,000 on your head to avenge his poor mother's hip and various mercenaries will attempt to collect on it until you're dog food. Bounties will be removed if you happen to kill one of your attackers. Bigger bounties attract more serious teams of mercenaries.


Gang Hostility:

Dictates how gangs respond to you on the streets and the prices you receieve from underworld contacts. NPCs may sell you out to gain favor with enemies of yours. Hostility may run positive or negative.


Neg 1: Gang becomes hostile. They will work to surround and beat you in their turf.

Neg 2: Gangs will shoot on sight you're in their territory.

Neg 3: Gangs will hunt you down and attempt to kill you.

Neg 4: Gangs are out to burn down your buildings and properties.


Pos 1: Gang will defend you. If cops chase you through their neighbourhood, they will fire upon them.

Pos 2: Gang will lease out backup to you.

Pos 3: Gang will favour your business. Buy prices increased, sell costs decreased.

Pos 4: Gang will take care of your dirty work. Prevents you gaining Cop/Gang Heat.


Police Heat:

Dictates your police response. If this gets high enough, the FIB will be sent directly to you rather than the local PD. In full, the effects of Police Heat are:



Level 1: Increased response to your visibility.

Level 2: Undercover police will tail you.

Level 3: Police will raid your businesses and crack down on your rackets.

Level 4: Arrested! Taken to prison at your next save.



Payoffs are a measure of your willing to repent your sins. While gangs can be remedied by payment, cops are able to be approached not only to turn their backs on your illegitimate activities but fuel them by taking part in your continuing criminal enterprise.


There are three levels of cop bribe: $5,000 to clear level 1 heat, $25,000 to wipe your level 2 heat and $75,000 to halt the raids on your businesses. Acquire the corrupt cop contact and you will be able to hire the police force to take care of your dirty work: this can be anything from increasing a rival's cop heat and causing a sting to assassinations.


Playing Off:

Classic Two-Bit Hit. Dress up as a rival, cruise into rival gang territory and let loose. Watch conflict between the two gangs unfold. Be warned: if you're caught and unmasked, it's coming back to haunt you.



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Heists return in Grand Theft Auto VI, expanded and redefined. Available in various degrees in free-roam, heists are complex high-risk, high-payout endeavours with dynamic, multi-faceted features that dictate the outcome and consequences thereafter.


Contract Scores:

Contract scores are jobs offered to the player from outside sources. This will involve a meet with the source (or their middleman) and a rundown of the plans. Loud or Subtle options are determined by the contractor, as are crew and the player's role in the heist. You will be offered a share of the take that your skills demand. The variables of contract scores are as follows:



Taking the loot for your own. You kill the rest of the crew involved. This severely impacts Honor; Fame rises dramatically if you succeed.


Skills in Demand:

Your skills (see Training) command your cut. High skills will attract A-league scores.



You will be assigned your share of the dirty work; capturing photos, sourcing a getaway car, assembling weapons or sourcing equipment.



Crew, while assembled as simply as in Grand Theft Auto: V with the range expanded according to your contacts, have several variables. The cowboy is a gung-ho killer with a short temper who won't hesitate in shooting first and asking questions later. The professional has done this kind of thing before, maintains his cool and calm and completes his role to the full. The backstabber makes an attempt to get away with the entirety of the loot, attempting to kill you and the rest of the crew in the process. The wannabe will be inexperienced and make mistakes all over the place while the mastermind provides intricate, ingenious planning.



Front Money:

Up front prerequisite to heist prep. When taking a contract score, you will be provided with front money to assemble tools, weapons and a getaway car for the heist. Money can also be used to rent a property close to the heist location.



Training is available both in contract scores and your own heists.



Player's heist skills. Training can be used to specialise in skill sets pertaining to their role in heist; Gunman (Accuracy, Resilience, etc); Logistics (Relay, Alarms); Driver (ZONE ability); Entryman (Safecracking, Drilling)


Each role comes with its own mini-game that you will perform during the heist. Relay involves scanning police traffic for alarm relays and call outs. Alarm involves disabling/destroying the alarm system before the heist takes place. Safecracking is similar to RDR; Drilling may involve breaking into a building through a weak point or may involve burning through a vault.


Your Own Score:



Scout the score or send a proficient (this will impact the quality of the plans you receive) logistics man out to retrieve information. Dictate escape routes, take target, time limit and Subtle/Obvious direction. Establish crew.



Provide Front Money to assemble tools, vehicles and weapons. Suggested option will buy you the recommended kit; you can cut corners if on a budget. This funding will go to delegated crew. Optionally, you can prepare by yourself.



Take the score!



Offload your take to one of many fences. Your return on the dollar will depend on who your fence is associated with, your reputation and your cop heat.



The Vice end of Grand Theft Auto VI, pimping is a multi-layered feature that involves managing an interactive stable of whores and competing with rival pimps for corners. Prominent in the early storyline, the protagonist will also have to fend off competition from pimps attempting to recruit their girls.



Whorehouses established by the protagonist. These are a racket option (see: Businesses & Property) and allow the player to house five whores. Brothels return an income per whore and are susceptible to raids by police. Brothels are ran by your bottom bitch - Betsy, by default.




Corners are dominated by streetwalkers - the more corners you own, the more whores you can send out to get that money. Rival pimps will mark their territory, hanging out in customised Esperanto's with tons of muscle enforcing their rule. Take them out to take over. Be warned: your rivals will come back at you - cops will bust your whores.



Consists of your hookers/call girls - up to ten of them per brothel. Bottom Bitch Betsy will run your initial brothel, deliver your cut and report to you any problems. Stables are where you dictate what kind of pimp you want to be. Do you want to have girls walking the streets? Do you want high class call girls servicing the rich and powerful?


The player will recruit hookers from a pool of thirty, each with their distinct personality. Certain girls will get jealous, harming your other girls. Others will fall prey to the charms of other pimps. Build your stable carefully.


New to Grand Theft Auto, the player will be imprisoned if Busted! during gameplay or their Police Attention (see: Heat) reaches the highest levels.


Prison sentences are no longer than seven days game time. The protagonist has little access to nothing more than a small television and a bed, which can be used to pass the time. Lawyers will directly impact how much time the player has to spend incarcerated, if any at all. Prison gym is available to increase the player's in-game skills: handball is available to increase stamina. Contacts can be made. Heat outside can affect how you are treated inside prison.


Additionally, the player can make an escape attempt. This will involve assembling the necessary tools and crew.


Takeovers replace the violent acquisition of property known in Vice City Stories as empire building. Takeovers are aggressive moves against your rivals that see the protagonist acquire territory, rackets and fronts. There are three levels of takeover: the racket - an illegal business ran by the target gang -- the storage - storage space held by rival gang. Allows you to acquire all of their items stored at that property (this is where informants are useful!) and increase your own storage -- the plaza - main turf/headquarters of business. The most heavily guarded of the three. Taking over the Plaza renders all illegal business in that territory yours. Will severely weaken that gang's presence on the streets but not eliminate; they will slowly rebuild with their goal being to regain their Plaza.


Each organized crime group has their own Plaza:


Angels of Death MC - Clubhouse (Downtown)

Colombians - Siren Mall (Siren)

Haitians - The Lab (Little Haiti)

Jamaicans - The Weed Plantation (Bahamas)

Mafia - Cafe Napoli (Roca Baton)

Marelitos - The Freighter (Viceport)

Rednecks - The Ranch (Jaega County)

The Lost MC - Jaega Airfield

Triads - Construction Site (North Point)

Vice Boys - Apartment Block (Undertown)


These locations are extremely dangerous. The player will not be able to mount an assault without the aid of crew.

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Grand Theft Auto VI features a wealth of side missions geared to the criminally inclined. Also featured are the return of many favourites last seen in III era Grand Theft Auto, such as paramedic and firefighter.


Arms Trafficking:

The basis of which returning from Grand Theft Auto V, Arms Trafficking takes on four different forms as the player competes for gun running profits in the Vice Metropolitan Area.


The Competition

Directly wage assault on rival arms smugglers by attacking their operation or defend your own by thwarting their plans. Being the aggressor allows the player to collect the competition's profits and if possible, steal their cache.


The Purchase

Make a deal for a cache of arms and transport them back to your warehouse. Purchases are made in bulk for the weapon class of your discretion: Handguns, SMGs, Assault Rifles or Heavy weaponry -- anything with resale value. Prices vary greatly between classes.


Also bear in mind: such deals are rarely likely to go smoothly. Be on your guard for cowboys.


The Run

Contract transportation work in which the player moves a cache of weapons to their appropriate destinations. Arms may end up in the hands of gangsters, mercenaries or paramilitary forces: it isn't your job to judge, it's your job to deliver.


The runs you are offered depend entirely on your means. Simply owning the Native Armament property allows you to traffic guns on a ground level -- meaning you will be using the Dune Buggy or Moonrunner to transport weapons by land. Acquiring Jaega Airfield from The Lost MC will allow you to traffic weapons by air and deliver to drop zones. Alternatively, the player can align with TLMC to access air trafficking, at a forfeit of 50% from your cut.


The Sale

Arrange to offload your purchased cache. Selling weapons is entirely player dictated and utilizes the same real-time technology as the drug economy. This means the prices of weapons will fluctuate depending on how much heat is on the arms trade, how many weapons of the class you are attempting to sell are already in circulation, and so forth. Sales are done with the same principals of purchases -- watch your back and don't underestimate the other guy's greed.



Various degrees of contract killing. You will be given a mark, provided with a location and promised a price. Assassination variables are as follows:


The Gangland Killing

The Obstacle

The Revenge


Gangland killings involve doing the bidding of one gang against the other and making sure a message is sent. These contracts may have certain clauses you will need to fulfill to complete, making them especially challenging. Depending on your approach, you may or may not face reprisals.


Murdering obstacles is similar to Lester Crest's assassination missions in GTAV: someone is in the way - a witness or a businessman holding up a deal - that will affect the in-game economy in some way. These assassinations must be done within a specific time and preferably, involve your use of stealth.


Revenge attacks are farmed out to you by vengeful third parties that are often civilian. They want blood for a battered daughter, a certain injustice, or maybe they're just a sicko willing to pay for you to live out their fantasy? The contractor usually won't care how these are done as long as they're done - thriving on attention, the only question is whether or not they'll be around long enough afterwards to deliver up your payment.



Returning from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, burglary gives the player the opportunity to break and enter, required that they have ownership of a Boxville and access to storage.


Degrees of property have better security systems that you will need to be prepared to breach with additional crew if necessary. Mansions, especially those on Starfish Island, are privately guarded 24 hours a day. Warehouses in Viceport also feature sophisticated alarm, but if you grease the guard's palms you'll be able to get in and out without a wanted level.


After stealing your haul, you will store the loot at a lock up and find a fence to offload the merch to. Different fences handle different goods and your reward will depend on this.


Car Theft:

Steal to order list of vehicles provided by various contacts, often anonymous -- always willing to pay top dollar. After fulfilling the list, you are able to sell any hot vehicle through the dealership for a flat rate.


Repo List:

With thanks to Blingy.



Mission NameTarget VehicleLinkDon't Be NRVOUS!Grotti 550 GT Cabrio AndreasClickEasy PreyGrotti Venator GTClickCD Repo ManDeclasse StarClickRacin' In The CityRikkert MantisClickPfister ChristianPfister ApsisClick[/table]


Drug Dealing:

Street level dealing of a variety of drugs, quantity of which influenced by your actions within the drug economy. See features -- drug dealing for a detailed synopsis.



With oxygen mechanics similar to that of GTAV's The Bureau Raid, simply head to your local fire station and volunteer. There are several degrees of firefighting: the rescue, the flaming wreck and burning property.



As with firefighter, simply volunteer at the local hospital. You will be required to race victims back to the hospital in the given time limit before they code. In other missions - flight license pending - you may be required to take charge of the Air Ambulance.



Build up a stable of whores to pimp out. See features -- pimping for details.



Classic taxi fare activated by pressing R3/R stick. Accessible by entering any cab.



Thanks to damaging cases of corruption and significant brutality dismissals, VCPD resort to outsourcing to private security contractors to tackle out of control crime rates.


Air Tour:

Breathtaking views of the Vice Metropolitan Area by air.


Arcade Games:

Access any Degenatron or Womb Polluter machine to play.


Big wheel, bumper cars and shooting gallery.


Car Cruises:

Vehicle specific meets for enthusiasts. Several routes throughout the map. Simply cruise and enjoy.


Street Racing contacts can also be met and challenged here.



Looking for an easy screw? Check out the personals in the Vice City Sentinel. Threesomes more your thing? Head over to a car key party in Colonial Way.


Certain dates will provide you with perks.



Frequent your favourite bar. Select your poison from a drop down list.



Walk into a restaurant, take a table and order up a big, juicy steak. Yeah, that's right - realistic steak.


Drive-thru's and fast food available for the skinflint. Hot Dog stands located through the map.


Ice Cream more your thing? Buy a 69 at the beach.



Available at Key Lorca pier. Sell your catch to the local fishmonger.



Frequent one of many golf courses located throughout the map, each with their own challenges. Crazy golf also available.



Increase your strength and unlock special abilities at the gym. Mastering the Squat will increase Gara's ability to jump; mastering the Bench Press will increase damage inflicted; mastering the Deadlift will boost your resilience to hand-to-hand damage.


Gym also adds a thickness to Gara's player model similar to that seen with armor in GTA5.



Hit a theatre or drive-in to catch a movie. See Media Content for what's on.



Head over to the Hyman Memorial Stadium to try your hand at the Blood Ring, Hot Ring or the Destruction Derby.


Swamp Races:

Fan boat races through the Grasslands.



Several courts around the map. Play doubles with friends.


Choose from a wide variety of clothing faithful to the excess and tragic debauchery of the 1980s. Popular are suit separates and sportswear, while windbreakers, athletic gear and Hawaiian Shirts cut it for casual wear. Double Denim does it for the daring, while metallic suits and windowpane check make a statement with formal wear.


New to Grand Theft Auto VI is the ability to have a suit tailored. Drop by Rafael's on Ocean Beach, pay the flat $5,000 fee and select the colors you desire. You will choose the suit color and the suit lining color -- the suit will simply be delivered to your wardrobe.


Full wardrobe coming soon.



The Vice Metropolitan Area is served by the hair style franchise Of Mullets & Men. Several cuts are available:


The Electric Blue: Full blown mullet in all it's glory.

The Feathered: Popular full bodied growth of hair.

The Hawk: Insane do for when you just don't give a f*ck.

The Kojak: Bald is beautiful, baby.

The Shape Up: Close cropped default cut.

The Slicker: Greased up.

The Whisper: Full body of hair with blonde highlights.



Crude blue, biro ink tattoos are available as memoirs of time you spend behind bars.






Classic Jack Howitzer. What started it all - one disgruntled Vet, one dirt bike and one sleepy North Yankton town about to pay the price for freedom. Rated PG for Patriotic Gush.




Five working collar stiffs battling supernatural elements on Midtown Algonquin. Their sidekick is a big green snot called Spunker.


Rockford Hills Cop:

Well-to-do cop with a bad record tracking down his brother's killers to Rockford Hills. Encounters plenty trouble along the way but manages to jive his way out of it and emerge from the whole thing with his badge intact and two new sidekick buddies.


Rum Runner:

The original gangster epic - Vice City's masterpiece. 1973 Richards Majestic film that depicts 1920s gangster Eddie Olson's rise from small town Canadian hood to nationwide bootlegger.


Try Hard II: Try Harder.

Sixty stories. Two machine guns. One white vest.



Prime time soap opera centering around oil rich New Austin tycoons.


Just The Five of Us:

Third season sitcom revolving around the Chesterfield family and three unlikely adoptees: a pyromaniac, a drunken hobo and an investment banker with a growth related disease. Classic comedy.


Yuppie & The Alien:

He was a well-to-do cop, transferred to a troubled precinct Downtown. His new partner is a space traveller, with a passion for justice. Yuppie & The Alien!






Vehicle Name Vehicle Counterpart

Albany Alpha

Albany Buccaneer

Albany Emperor

Albany Empress

Albany Esperanto

Albany Franklin

Albany Manana

Albany Presidente

Albany Primo

Albany Washington

AMA Altruist

AMA Polaris

AMA Velite

Annis Elegy

Annis Euros

Annis Prinia

Argyle Coyote

Argyle Fuselage

Argyle Greenwood

Argyle Oceanic

Argyle Prospect

Benefactor Feltzer

Benefactor Glendale

Benefactor Schafter

Benefactor Schwartzer

Benefactor Stretch

BF Club

BF Electro

Bollokan Prairie

Bravado Banshee

Bravado Champion

Bravado Dukes

Bravado Feroci

Bravado Gauntlet

Bravado Tampa

Bravado Verlierer

Cheval Clover

Cheval Fugitive

Cheval Picador

Cheval Sabre

Classique Destrier

Classique Frigate

Classique Nebula

Classique Stallion

Cutler Capsule

Declasse Asea

Declasse Coquette

Declasse Mamba

Declasse Merit

Declasse Premier

Declasse Rhapsody

Declasse Sabre GT

Declasse Tornado

Declasse Vigero

Declasse Voodoo

Deimos Bravura

Deimos Hellenbach GT

Deimos Hermes

DeLarge Deluxo

Dewbauchee Exemplar

Dewbauchee Massacro

Dewbauchee Rapid GT

Dinka Blista Compact

Dinka Hakumai

Dinka Jester

Dinka Perennial

Dundreary Admiral

Dundreary Broadway

Dundreary Craton

Dundreary Envoy

Dundreary Metropolitan              

Dundreary Odyssey

Dundreary Regina

Dundreary Remington

Dundreary Virgo

Enus Stafford

Enus Super Diamond

Grotti Cheetah

Grotti Stinger

Grotti Turismo

Imponte Angelus

Imponte Devastator

Imponte Nightshade

Imponte Phoenix

Imponte Ruiner

Imponte Tahoma

Invetro Coquette

Karin Futo

Karin Intruder

Karin Kuruma

Karin Sultan

Lampadati Casco

Lampadati Felon

Lampadati Pigalle

Maibatsu Thunder

Maibatsu ZR-250

Marcel Chamon

Marcel Chavos

Marcel Rocket

Obey Quarantra

Obey Tailgater

Ocelot Jackal

Ocelot Windsor

Overflod Destiny

Overflod Previon

Pegassi Infernus

Pegassi Vacca

Pfister Centaur

Pfister Comet

Pfister Kuiper

Putz Chazal

Renda A1

Rikkert Mantis

Schyster Ambassador

Schyster Fusilade

Schyster PMP

Schyster Statesman

Trojan V8 Ghost

Ubermacht Oracle

Ubermacht Sentinel

Ubermacht Zion

Vapid Blade

Vapid Chino

Vapid Dominator

Vapid Fortune

Vapid Hawk V8

Vapid Monroe

Vapid Moonrunner

Vapid Peyote

Vapid Stanier

Vapid Torero

Vapid Uranus

Vulcar Flash

Vulcar Ingot

Weeny Issi

Willard Convoy

Willard Faction

Willard Idaho

Willard Marbelle

Willard Solair

Willard Willard

Zirconium Stratum

Zirconium Stratus

Cadillac Allante

Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Cadillac Fleetwood

Cadillac Seville Grandeur Opera

Pontiac Bonneville

Cadillac Eldorado Biarittz

Cadillac Eldorado

1986 Cadillac Fleetwood Stretch

1988 Cadillac Seville

1985 Cadillac Seville

AMC Eagle

AMC Matador

AMC Javelin

Nissan Skyline R31

Datsun 280ZX

Nissan Silvia S12

Plymouth Road Runner

Plymouth Reliant

1985 Plymouth Gran Fury

Dodge Polara

1977 Plymouth Fury

Mercedes Benz R107

Mercedes Benz W123

Mercedes Benz W126

Mercedes Benz W126 AMG

Mercedes Limo

VW Golf

VW Scirrocco

Isuzu Piazza

Dodge Viper Concept

Shelby Charger

Dodge Charger

Shelby Lancer

Dodge Challenger

Dodge Dart


Chevrolet Nova SS

Chevrolet Impala SS

Chevrolet El Camino SS

Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS

Oldsmobile Toronado

Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser

Oldsmobile Firenza

1974 Oldsmobile 442

Tucker Torpedo

Chevrolet Celebrity

1955 Chevrolet Corvette

AC Cobra

Chevrolet Impala

Chevrolet Caprice

AMC Pacer

Buick GSX

Chevrolet Bel Air

Chevrolet Camaro I-ROC

1961 Chevrolet Impala

Mercury Cougar

1971 Mercury Cougar

1949 Ford Custom

DeLorean DMC-12

Aston Martin Lagonda

Aston Martin V8 Zagato

Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Honda CRX

Honda Prelude

Toyota Supra

Toyota Crown Wagon

1972 Mercury Marquis

Ford Mainline

Lincoln Mark VII LSC

1986 Lincoln Continental

Lincoln Town Car

Lincoln Futura

Mercury Colony Park

Lincoln Town Car Lowrider

Lincoln Continental

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

Bentley Mulsanne

Ferrari Testarossa

Ferrari Daytona

Ferrari F40

Pontiac Catalina

Pontiac Fiero GT

1970 Chevrolet Camaro Spectre

Pontiac Trans AM

1985 Pontiac Trans AM

1978 Pontiac Grand Prix

Chevrolet Corvette

Toyota AE86 Trueno Levin

Toyota Corolla E80

Mitsubishi Lancer

Toyota MR2

Maserati Khamsin

Maserati Bi Turbo

Citroen SM

Mitsubishi Starion

Mazda RX-7

Renault 5 Turbo

Peugeot 405

Alpine A310

Audi Quattro

Audi V8

Daimler Sovereign

Jaguar XJS

SAAB 900

SAAB 99 Turbo

Lamborghini Countach LP500

Lamborghini Jalpa

Porsche 928

Porsche 930

Porsche 959

Stutz Blackhawk

Vector W2

Opel Manta

Chrysler Imperial Limousine

Chrysler LeBaron

Chrysler Newport Custom

Chrysler Newport

Lotus Esprit

BMW 728I



1965 Ford Mustang

1968 Mercury Monterey

Ford Mustang II Cobra

Ford Thunderbird

Ford XB Falcon GT

DeTomaso Pantera

Ford LTD

1958 Ford Thunderbird

Ford LTD Crown Victoria

Ford Taurus

Ford Escort EXP

Volvo 480 Turbo

Volvo 760

Mini Cooper

Buick Electra

Buick Grand National

Buick Riviera

1988 Buick Century

Buick Skyhawk Wagon

Buick LeSabre

Subaru Leone

Subaru XT




Vehicle Name Vehicle Counterpart      

Albany Bonebox

Bickle Cabbie

Declasse Ambulance

Declasse Taxi

Highway Interceptor

Highway Roadcruiser              

LaGuardia Firetruck

MTL Fire Truck

Police Cruiser

Police Interceptor

Police Pursuit

Police Rancher

Police Response


Unmarked Prowler

Unmarked Pursuit

Unmarked Rancher

Unmarked Response

Unmarked Wagon

Vapid Taxi

Williams Firetruck

Cadillac Ambulance

Checker Marathon

Chevrolet Ambulance

Chevrolet Caprice

Ford Mustang HP

Chrysler Newport

American LaFrance Engine

Pierce Fire Truck

Ford LTD Crown Victoria

Porsche Turbo

Dodge Diplomat

Chevrolet Blazer

Dodge Monaco

Chevrolet Step Van

1980 Plymouth Gran Fury

Mercury Grand Marquis

Chevrolet Suburban

1985 Plymouth Gran Fury

Mercury Colony Park

Ford LTD Crown Victoria

1977 Ward LaFrance





Vehicle Name Vehicle Counterpart      

Bravado Bison

Bravado Gouranga

Bravado Rat Loader

Bravado Youga

Canis Bodhi

Canis Mesa

Canis Seminole

Declasse Boxville

Declasse Burrito

Declasse Speedo

Declasse Venturer

Declasse Walton

Declasse Wildside

Karin Rebel

Pegassi Mercenary

Schyster Moonbeam              

Vapid Bobcat

Vapid Contender

Vapid Rumpo

Vapid Sadler

Vapid Sandking

Zirconium BLAT

Dodge RAM

Dodge Rampage

Rat Loader

Dodge Sport Van

Kaiser M175

Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Cherokee

Chevrolet Step Van

GMC Vandura


1965 GMC C/K

GMC 150

GMC K-2500 High Sierra

Toyota Hilux

Lamborghini LM002

Dodge Caravan


Ford F350

Ford Econoline

Ford F250

1978 Ford Monster

Subaru BRAT




Vehicle Name Vehicle Counterpart      

Dinka Akuma

Dinka BF-400

Dinka Journey

Dinka Streetfighter

Dinka Victory

Maibatsu Sanchez

Nagasaki Raptor

Pegassi Bati 800

Principe Faggio

Principe Ventoso

Sh*tzu PCJ-600

Steel Horse Zombie B

Ubermacht Terminator              

VCPD Wintergreen

Western Angel

Western Freeway

Western Nightblade

Western Wolfsbane

Honda RC-30

Honda Hawk

Honda Gold Wing

Honda CX-500

Honda Elite

Yamaha XT-250

Kawasaki ZX-900

Ducati 900 SS

Piaggio T5

Piaggio Boss

Suzuki Katana

Harley Davidson Fat Bob


Harley Davidson Electra Glide Police

Harley Davidson Shovelhead

Harley Davidson Panhead

Harley Davidson Knucklehead

Harley Davidson Sportster Custom



Gang Vehicles

Vehicle Name Vehicle Counterpart      

AOD Angel

Cartel Cruiser       

Cuban Hermes

Cuban Schachter               

Dixie General

Dixie Presidente

Haitian Fugitive

Haitian Voodoo

Mafia Felon

TLMC Zombie B

Triad Velocity

Viceboys Craton

Yardie Lobo

Yardie Oracle

Harley Shovelhead Custom

Lamborghini LM002

1949 Mercury Montrey

Mercedes 190 AMG

1969 Dodge Charger

Cadillac Fleetwood Limousine

1967 Chevrolet Impala

1960 Chevrolet Impala

Maserati Biturbo

Harley Davidson Fat Bob

Honda Civic

Lincoln LSC

1970 Buick Wildcat

BMW 728I




"One thing you gotta realise about this town: you gotta pack some heat."

Lance Vance


"Always carry heat in these Vice City streets."

GTAF member Official General


Weapons in GTAVI are structured as such to engender a feeling of progression as new avenues of armament are unlocked.


The gunplay of Grand Theft Auto VI aims to be reflective of the spray and pray culture of the 1980s Miami drug underworld, with an emphasis on sub-machine gun street battles and collateral damage. Returning to a reticule similar to Grand Theft Auto IV, aiming comprises of two parts: the inner reticule - your precision and the outer reticule - your spray. Each reticule will expand outward according to how precise/loose you are with your shooting. The use of weapon customisation - in particular scopes - will fade out spray and place a greater emphasis on precision.


Melee combat retains the environmental responsiveness of Grand Theft Auto IV: London, encouraging the player to use the various elements of their immediate environment to their advantage. Hand-to-hand combat focuses on stick sensitive bob and weave defences and a blistering offence that centres around biting, gouging and grappling with a heavy emphasis on finishing moves. In addition, taunting allows the player to provoke opponents.


The player's hand-to-hand experience will, for the most part, be limited as opposed to their engaging in armed combat. The Vice Metropolitan Area is a festering hub of gun crime: warring gangs and paranoid civilians. Expect almost everyone to be armed. Wandering around Undertown? You won't be able to miss the Vice Boys walking around with AKs thrown over their shoulders. Attempt to mug a civilian? Don't be surprised if they try and pull an SNS from their purse. Honk your horn in road rage? The lead will fly.


Hell. If you even look suspicious, you are liable to be shot.


Carry your heat.





Standard 9MM sidearm of the VCPD.

Based on the Beretta M9.


Combat Pistol

State of the art handgun. Chambered in a heavier round than the standard pistol.

Based on S&W 645.


Heavy Pistol

Seven round lawgiver with an impressive twelve inch barrel.

Based on the Wildey Pistol.


Hunting Pistol

Big boar single shot pistol ideal for hunting game. Optional longsight attachment.

Based on the Magnum Research Lone Eagle.




SNS Revolver

Saturday Night Special. It's got a barrel that's blue and gold. Ain't good for nothin' - but it'll put a man six feet in a hole.


Service Revolver

Police issue .38 in service as the primary sidearm of officers in both Jaega and Tequesta counties.

Based on the S&W Model 10.


Double Action Revolver

The great equalizer. Smooth firing six-shot .357, finished in nickel. Scope optional.

Based on the Colt Python.


Machine Pistols/SMGs


Automatic Pistol

Custom full-auto pistol with foregrip and 22-round magazine.

Based on the Lebman 1911 Machine Pistol.


Machine Pistol

Gangland favourite. 30-round capacity with optional suppressor.

Based on the MAC-10.



Standard 9MM sub-machine gun.

Based on the UZI.


Assault SMG

SWAT issue SMG.

Based on the S&W Model 76.




Stubby Shotgun

Shortened barrel shotgun with front grip. Popular with bodyguards.

Based on the Wilson Arms Executive Protection.


Pump-Action Shotgun

Long barrelled 12 gauge shotgun favoured by various agencies.

Based on Mossberg 500A Mariner.


Bullpup Shotgun

Semi-automatic shotgun with removable flashlight attachment.

Based on High Standard Model 10.


Combat Shotgun

Eight round semi-auto 12 gauge.

Based on Franchi SPAS-12.


Assault Rifles


Assault Rifle

Soviet rifle famed for it's reliability and versatility. Suppressor and grenade launcher attachments available.

Based on the AKM.


Carbine Rifle

Standard US service rifle as likely to be used by law enforcement as much as infantrymen.

Based on M16A1.


Bullpup Rifle

Bullpup assault rifle with telescopic sight.

Based on the Steyr AUG.


Sniper Rifles


Sniper Rifle

Standard sniper rifle, available with extended magazine and advanced scope upgrade.

Based on M21.


Combat Rifle

Laser sighted marksman rifle.

Based on SVD Dragunov.





Heavy duty machine gun, finding it's way into the hands of cartel and private militia.

Based on M60.



Standard rocket launcher. Longsight available to assist aiming.

Based on RPG-7.



Guided missile launcher.

Based on FIM-92 Stinger.

Edited by Tyla
Fixing broken things.
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An outstanding selection of over 250 1980s favourites to recreate the Vice City vibe you know and love. From V-Rock to VCFL to Fever 105 and Flash FM... expanded to include reggae, country, dance and Miami Bass. Back soon.

Edited by Tyla
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Planned Episodes From Vice City content.




Multiplayer. Grand Theft Auto VI style. Featuring classic co-op and player versus player modes, this section will also be showcasing Vice City Online and it's features.


Coming soon, naturally.


Actually preety cool. If you are gonna post more, great. But next time, use the edit option.

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This looks promising, by the way I love your W-Alt station.

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Naughtius Maximus

Wow, what an excessive amount of writing for the first input! I liked how you gave the protagonist a Latvian descent. I have never watched Miami Vice but I get it General Salazar is a Miami Vice based character later. Having watched "Traffic" a couple of days ago, I really got excited after seeing the name "General Salazar". The other characters are really interesting, as well. Also a lots of features make the game really interesting, explorable and provides much more longer time to play it. An improved empire building, awesome side missions and also... gang reputation and more interestingly the prison thing. I liked them all. If this was a real game, I would surely sit in front it till I get a brain tumor.

Edited by TheUnholy
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Any Electronic music?


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I'm starting to see more and more "vice city" ideas and I love it. Definitely need to see this game made. I love the empire building and drug trafficking segments. It may be really fun to have so much money you need to find ways to launder the money or your heat level goes up.


If I can get a GTA game with more planned smuggling missions similar to heists in GTA V it would be perfect.


Example; This is "the big one" you need to smuggle 250 million work of coke from Columbia to Florida. Options are:


1. A plane pick (fast) - you must avoid US radar & US Air Force jets and complete the job flying "blindly" to limit emitting electro magnetic frequency bursts you must navigate over the waters a long distance at night using radio signals (morse code) from your radio guy. Also, Your drop zone is in the Everglades and you may have to deal with hillbilly gangs who may try to rob you. Not to mention the wild life - gators, jumbo pythons that will try to eat you when you pick up.


2. A narco- submarine, slow but safe approach. You are in a one man submersible vessel as you navigate across the gulf. You have a limited oxygen supply. Also, there will be US coast guard dropping depth charges! Your drop off is The harbor freight docks expect heavy police surveillance.


The possibilities are endless!

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Thanks for all the words so far guys, they're appreciated.


Wow, what an excessive amount of writing for the first input! I liked how you gave the protagonist a Latvian descent. I have never watched Miami Vice but I get it General Salazar is a Miami Vice based character later. Having watched "Traffic" a couple of days ago, I really got excited after seeing the name "General Salazar". The other characters are really interesting, as well. Also a lots of features make the game really interesting, explorable and provides much more longer time to play it. An improved empire building, awesome side missions and also... gang reputation and more interestingly the prison thing. I liked them all. If this was a real game, I would surely sit in front it till I get a brain tumor.

Thanks for the compliment! There's some Miami Vice influence here, mainly in the character pictures because I wanted to keep the cast 80s styled. Emilio Salazar was a Central American dictator of sorts who came across to me as being Rockstar's inspiration for the character of Colonel Cortez. I always believed Cortez was based more on Manuel Noriega than Vice City made clear, and so the character of General Salazar was born out of that.


I always liked the idea of a character who at the beginning, appears as the most powerful in the game. He lives a life of luxury, appears totally untouchable and compels you to trust him one hundred percent. You make a lot of big money early on and like the rest of the major players, bank it with Salazar. And then he suddenly reveals himself as a covert government asset from a prison cell in France and all your money and assets are suddenly seized. Conveniently, certain IAA agents are on hand to offer you a way to get it back and more. For me it makes an interesting change of an antagonist taking advantage of a protagonist's weak moment, when the protagonist could be doing everything right and have absolutely no idea of this guy's government connections.


Exactly the same thing could of happened to Tommy Vercetti, and I hope it leaves that impression. The other major Miami Vice influence was this, Wall Street bankers financing drug dealers in Central America:



"Money is a commodity; like oil or water. And that American dollar... is the best brand there is in the world."


Any Electronic music?

I forgoed a station dedicated to House music with the belief it would be better fitted by Obsydian in Carcer City. However, Paradise FM is a station inspired by Paradise Garage and Larry Levan's set lists, which are pretty much the predecessors to House and modern Dance music.


VCFL and Nightcrawl are my favourite stations. Perfect for picking up prostitutes or conceiving children.


The possibilities are endless!

I almost want to use this as my tag line because it's so true!


I definitely think drug shipments that work in a similar way to heists are the way to go. I know Niko Vercetti suggested it and there were a ton of variables that would effect the success of the shipment. And with crew the player would hire and officials they could pay off, there'd be a ton of ways to counteract that.


However who would be expecting a jumbo python to pop up out of no where, f*cking your shipment up? That's true replay value!


Just goes to show: a GTA game with the same amount of focus on the process of drug shipments that were given to heists could be fantastic. :^:


Even in multiplayer, with player to player drug dealing -- other players trying to detect and bust other player's shipments -- could revolutionise the experience all around.

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Pooyan Cyrus

Tyla, you've got best soundtrack possible! Btw, are you going to write the episodic dlc content? I wish to see the story as soon as possible!

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This looks really good and I can't wait to see more! You've got some great ideas going.

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Certainly some ambitious ideas. A lot of the empire building concepts nearly warrant a game of their own, cool reading.


How difficult would it be to create a GTA mod for something like this?


Very, bordering on impossibly, I'd say. Story and map and so on, all the setting-stuff would be doable, but the empire building and the heists and major mechanics would require some pretty significant changes in code. I'm not even sure it'd be possible to have all those features AND a full GTA game, in the same game in this generation of games/consoles.

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Congrats amigo! It's crazy nice to see the final project after helping you out with it. I'm definitely bookmarking it!


PS. Is Jerry Whale based off Barry Seal?

Edited by universetwisters
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Certainly some ambitious ideas. A lot of the empire building concepts nearly warrant a game of their own, cool reading.



How difficult would it be to create a GTA mod for something like this?

Very, bordering on impossibly, I'd say. Story and map and so on, all the setting-stuff would be doable, but the empire building and the heists and major mechanics would require some pretty significant changes in code. I'm not even sure it'd be possible to have all those features AND a full GTA game, in the same game in this generation of games/consoles.

I have a dream! One day it will be much easier for anyone to make a game

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Aw hell. Every time I try and access this topic I come to a blank page. I haven't broke it already?


Vehicles have been added (here). Neighborhood locations for Vice will follow later today once I get the tables working.


To all, thanks again for the support!


Congrats amigo! It's crazy nice to see the final project after helping you out with it. I'm definitely bookmarking it!


PS. Is Jerry Whale based off Barry Seal?

Thanks dude! You're correct, Jerry Whale is indeed based on Barry Seal.


Imagine a low level scapegoat used by the President himself as cause to increase public support towards certain Central American causes. That's Jerry Whale. He's a minor character in the scheme of things, more of a platform to show US government manipulation of the drugs market. I think it's more appealing to work with the IAA to save yourself than to work with the FIB to save their asses.


Tyla, you've got best soundtrack possible! Btw, are you going to write the episodic dlc content? I wish to see the story as soon as possible!

Thanks Pooyan! Yes, I'll be writing at least two episodes of DLC content to follow the main story.


There could even be three with switchable protagonists, but I haven't decided yet. Protagonists I'm considering:


A young Cuban immigrant who enters into crime at the behest of a high-ranking, imprisoned member of the elder Marelitos. Story would cover Latin American immigrant crime during the 1980s.


Turk McCrae, an original 8 founders of The Lost MC. McCrae is on a mission to purge TLMC of the demon he introduced to it - addiction and drug trafficking - and in the process, the very sacrifice he makes to save The Lost would cruelly end up destroying it twenty years later.


Charles Doberman, ULPC contact/IAA agent who fuels many of the behind the scenes incidents that rock Vice City's drug underworld during the main storyline campaign. Would elaborate why the character is involved with Jon Gravelli and also, why he is in Los Santos during the events of GTAV.


Much, much more to come. ;)


I have a dream! One day it will be much easier for anyone to make a game

Mark my words, it won't be long until we start seeing the first mainstream Kickstarter funded games.


DYOM made storytelling much more accessible but as Severe pointed out, ideas to the scale seen in some of the topics in this section are the kinda things that would need a huge company (and distributor) behind them - that's not me looking for a job or anything... :p


I think that if Vice City is indeed Rockstar's next destination, without a doubt it will end up the most expensive game they ever produce. A soundtrack like the one above would set them back a pretty penny on it's own but the Vice City brand alone weighs that out.

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Which radio station is the classic rock station?


Possibly the southern rock station, but then again, classic rock circa 1988 would be like 50s rock and stuff.

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E. I just gave this yet another read and it seems as though I missed dwarf tossing as a sport. I had to double take and actually look it up to make sure my eyes weren't fooling me. Good one!

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Naughtius Maximus

Thanks Pooyan! Yes, I'll be writing at least two episodes of DLC content to follow the main story.


There could even be three with switchable protagonists, but I haven't decided yet. Protagonists I'm considering:


A young Cuban immigrant who enters into crime at the behest of a high-ranking, imprisoned member of the elder Marelitos. Story would cover Latin American immigrant crime during the 1980s.


Turk McCrae, an original 8 founders of The Lost MC. McCrae is on a mission to purge TLMC of the demon he introduced to it - addiction and drug trafficking - and in the process, the very sacrifice he makes to save The Lost would cruelly end up destroying it twenty years later.


Charles Doberman, ULPC contact/IAA agent who fuels many of the behind the scenes incidents that rock Vice City's drug underworld during the main storyline campaign. Would elaborate why the character is involved with Jon Gravelli and also, why he is in Los Santos during the events of GTAV.


Much, much more to come. ;)

That makes sense. As far as I understand, these protagonists would have effect on little yet considerable sides of the story if they're gonna be... or I noticed that recently... you're talking about probably upcoming DLCs, and the DLCs will follow these men's stories? I'm especially in favour of United Liberty Paper guy and McCrae. It'd be nice to go in more depth of hot-shot IAA agent like Doberman, and I always wanted to see "How a high-class yet corrupt law enforcer would work as a protagonist?", if I am to see something solid, I'd understand this. McCrae seems like a perfect anti-hero, or a former anti-hero, he introduces demons to his club, causing many brothers die over a heroin beef... and now he's aware of the deadly mistakes he has done, now he wants to make it right. I'm pretty sure a man like many people both of his club and on the city would think it's weirdly how a demon like McCrae doing something like this. And that's exactly what could make his story interesting.


Also I forgot to say that, but good choice picking Mr. Pink as a character for the concept. I'm pretty sure, with that Hawaiian shirt and foxy face, Mr.Pink would make a perfect cheap pornographer. :lol:

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Update 1.01


This first major update is focused on finally delivering a range of works that were in progress: weapons, locations, multiplayer content and certain vehicles. They're all taken care of (with the exception of Vice City Online) so ladies and gentlemen, enjoy!


Update Content:

  • Weapons list added, ranging from Pistols to Shotguns to Heat Seeking Missiles. Combat elaborated on.
  • Complimentary Art Deco Pack, adding five new period vehicles: Albany Franklin, Cutler Capsule, Declasse Coquette, Dundreary Broadway and the Dundreary Odyssey. Why not catch a drive-in movie?
  • Fleet and Emergency vehicles added: fire trucks, ambulances, police vehicles and taxicabs. Bikes, Offroad and Industrial are next.
  • Vice City location list added. Tequesta and Jaega County locales to follow, along with Vice Beach.
  • Co-Operative Multiplayer modes added:
  • Miracle Mile, an apocalyptic dash to escape Vice City in the face of a direct Soviet nuclear attack.
  • Heists, being a priority to get them out on time, revolve around a player's participation in player-character heist crews. Plays out very similar to single player heists.
  • Phnom Penh '88, an epic revisiting of a classic co-operative Vice City mission.
  • Rub Out, assaulting or defending a mansion belonging to the Colombian drug baron Entrometerse.

While I don't want to give away story details yet, I can present the storyline in music form. Made up of Retro Electro songs I listened to when I thought up this thing, this upcoming genre is pretty much my dream sound for an OST.

Introducing The Music of Grand Theft Auto VI:



Succeeding the original score composed by Tangerine Dream for Grand Theft Auto V, The Music of Grand Theft Auto VI is a complimentary, synth-based soundtrack that provides background musical accents throughout the events of the main storyline. Beginning with a blistering opening main theme performed by Miami Nights 1984 and closing with credits composed by Bluezz Vylez, The Music of Grand Theft Auto VI empowers the fond re-imagining of Vice City in it's 80s heydey.


Featuring performances by Highway Superstar, Tommy '86 and Perturbator, Babylon 86, Ezavskih, Lazerhawk, Lueur Verte, Dynatron, Noir Deco, VHS Dreams, Alter Sun, Kodak Cameo, Timecop 1983, Sasac, Sayak Striker, 80s Stallone, Robert Parker and iamMANOLIS, The Music of Grand Theft Auto VI also features original Miami Vice score composer Jan Hammer.


Until next time.


Edited by Tyla
Removing broken links.
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Ughh that theme song is amazing.


Really nice job, Tyla. I love this to bits.

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I'm f*cking loving the update! Can't wait to see what else you've got in store as far as updates go.




Willard Marbelle 1988 Buick Century




Those feels when your dad had an identical car, almost right down to the color. And that Lynyrd Skynyrd reference for the Saturday Night Special DAMMIT STOP ADDING AWESOME STUFF UNDER OUT NOSES.

Edited by universetwisters
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The devil is in the details. ;)


Vanto - if I could like that 1,000 times I would! Ian - glad you're enjoying this!



That makes sense. As far as I understand, these protagonists would have effect on little yet considerable sides of the story if they're gonna be... or I noticed that recently... you're talking about probably upcoming DLCs, and the DLCs will follow these men's stories? I'm especially in favour of United Liberty Paper guy and McCrae. It'd be nice to go in more depth of hot-shot IAA agent like Doberman, and I always wanted to see "How a high-class yet corrupt law enforcer would work as a protagonist?", if I am to see something solid, I'd understand this. McCrae seems like a perfect anti-hero, or a former anti-hero, he introduces demons to his club, causing many brothers die over a heroin beef... and now he's aware of the deadly mistakes he has done, now he wants to make it right. I'm pretty sure a man like many people both of his club and on the city would think it's weirdly how a demon like McCrae doing something like this. And that's exactly what could make his story interesting.


Also I forgot to say that, but good choice picking Mr. Pink as a character for the concept. I'm pretty sure, with that Hawaiian shirt and foxy face, Mr.Pink would make a perfect cheap pornographer. :lol:


I wanted to reply to this a few days ago but the damn forum keeps eating my posts,


I am actually going to place a lot of emphasis on bringing all of the stories together: both the main storyline and Episodes From Vice City. There won't be many direct crossovers, not like the Impossible Trinity. However, lots of events will interlink and those that aren't wrapped up in the main storyline will get resolved through the Episodes.


I like to think I've created and fleshed out enough characters to have the volume of content needed to deliver a concept + DLC. I've been taking lessons in plot structure and foreshadowing from The Wire and obviously, State On The Edge Of Forever, itself ;)


My main goal is showing that dark stories can work in Vice City. I don't want to champion some rehashed happy-ending, sun baked paradise. That'd be sh*t.


Doberman is a little bit of an enigma because is he actually a law enforcer? Or is he party to enabling a drug economy to continue? This conflict of character is what makes him interesting, IMO. He's not the cop protagonist in the sense of me serving up Grand Theft Auto: The True Crime add-on. I kind of imagine it would be like playing as someone with the corrupted mindset of Tenpenny: he's got hard choices to make in order to preserve a stable environment while also having a duty as an Agent of law.


I don't want to spoil too much but Doberman is involved in the ending of the main game and Doberman's episode should extend beyond that ending... ominous? :dontgetit:


I'm currently developing a synopsis of the main story. That should come soon. May post a draft of the introduction over the weekend.


Thanks for being on board. And Mr. Pink? Well, how could I resist making him Mr. Pussy? :p

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