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Reaper Private Military Recriuting members (Xbox)

Prince Rakim

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Prince Rakim

Hello, I am Commander Maverick I am leader and Commanding officer of the Reaper Private Military (RPM) in this clan we do military scenarios, VIP escorts, Hostage rescues etc. Everyone in this clan will need a class meaning everyone is entitled to being only ONE of the following classes ;


Infantry - Infantry is a rifleman equipped with a Carbine Rifle as his primary weapon, he will be the leader of the group I there is no other infantry man.


Heavy Gunner - A heavy gunner will be equipped with a Light Machine Gun, he will be providing cover for his allies most of the time or will be sent to clear the way.


Sniper - A sniper will be equipped with a heavy sniper, the sniper will always look for a vantage point unless told other wise by a commanding officer.


Medic - A medic will be equipped with a mp5, a medic will always be next to the bio at all times and will always be with a team if they are going on a rescues mission.


Demolition - A demolitionist will be equppied with a shotgun, he will also have c4 and other explosives and will be used for any bomb work.


Those are all of the classes we offer in Raven Private Military. We also have othe file such as Air Force, Tank Drivers, and Helicopter pilots. Also if you want to be in a scenario you can play as a hostage, terrorist, or VIP


If you are interested in joining then simply message my gamertag : Prince Rakim

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