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'The Masked' Recruitment- PS3


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Are you by yourself on GTA Online? Do you want a crew to help you have fun and wreak havoc in Los Santos? If yes, join 'The Masked'


The Masked is a crew that just wants to make GTA Online even more fun with our activities. We like doing jobs, races, parachuting, PvP in free roam, PvP in Deathmatches and also just messing around. We like to role-play and use co-ordinated tactics in PvP situations. With enough players, we can form squads and task forces to flank, suppress and rush our opponents. If you like using military tactics, join us!

However, we also love to mess around and have fun a lot of the time, by doing crew races and Deathmatches.

We have a vast array of Crew Vehicles including super and hyper cars, SUVs, bikes, luxury cars, helicopters, tanks, planes and boats.


'Simul autem potentes, nos autem solum fucatis'

Together we are strong, alone we are masked.


We do have a few requirements for joining the Crew.

- We are a Playstation only crew.

- Owning a microphone is preferable but not entirely necessary.

- You should be reasonably active ( at least a couple of hours per week)

- When Role-Playing, our crew uniform should be worn and also when around other crew members( A suit of any colour and a mask)

- A vehicle in the crew colours of black and red is required.

- You should be able to speak English, as we are too inept with other languages.

- We would prefer people around our age (14-20) but we will accept most ages

We are active most days, usually from 8-10 pm GMT on weekdays when in school term.

Finally, if you want to join, send me a message on the social club(http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/muir2011) or on my PSN name (MUIR2011) Your message should include:

-Reasons for wanting to Join

-Your Gamer-tag

- Your level


We hope that you will want to join, and you will be accepted should you fit the requirements. For more information, visit our crew page at http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/x-the_masked-x

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