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Jioyt 123

Question about special property vehicles, IOS

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Jioyt 123

So ive searched pretty much the main places to find a topic or video on vehicles with special properties (like fire proof, damage proof etc.) and i cant find and that say there availible on IOS. Will the games be the same and still have these vehicle obtainable, or are they not obtainable on IOS,(the reason why i cant find topics on it)


If any one could help that would be real great.ty

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I'm sure I've seen reports on special vehicle collections from SA Mobile players but I'm not having any luck finding them. Keep looking, and if you find credible reference then please post your results in the official/unofficial topic. Krawk is working on an updated guide and it'd be nice to get notes on SA Mobile included.


The vehicles should all have the same properties. There are some required differences in the scripts but it looks like they didn't change anything they didn't have to. IIRC, the reports indicate that most collections are basically the same with slight modification in effective strategies. I suggest that everything is worth a shot since there's probably not much consensus on the matter. Maybe that one player didn't figure it out but maybe you could learn the new trick. And since there's a new FAQ brewing there's a great outlet for your research.


It's my understanding that anything requiring cheats is currently unavailable for iOS, but might be possible using Cleo for Android.


I'd be amazed if anyone playing SA Mobile could control the camera well enough to collect Tenpenny's Indestructible Ladder Truck.

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Jioyt 123

Ive done the story once on Mobile, now im going through again, collecting special vehicles this time.

Il be honest, ive never don this before, so il be trying alot to get these special vehicles (I doubt IOS is the best platform to start, but it makes a good challenge. )


Maybe people see no point in collecting special vehicles on mobile, if there just the same why would any one want to do the exact same again, aswell withe the "amazing" touch screen controls.

Also, im guessing that the majority of strategies will be the same. What if the parachute glitch doesnt work? Will we then have to dunk the vehicles(i think that was the old strategy for CP vehicles)

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Obtaining tenpenny ladder firetruck will be a real hard challenge.

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Jioyt 123

I know it will. By the looks of videos on youtube, obtaining it on a normal console,PC seems hard. As said before, getting proofed vehicle is new to me. So far they seem easy enough, though i wont get them done in a hurry, im taking it slow at the moment (for two reasons), im going to get the game on XBox 360 download(LEGAL) to try them out on there, and as i forgot i should use the betting shop to get more garages.(and having no luck with the betting shop) oh also, the parachute glitch works and i guess all vehicles will be obtainable the same as on console.


Also, off topic i know(well, kinda). Ive been looking at III and VC forums cheats&tricks section and there loads of topics about the mobile game. If i look in the SA section, i never see many topics about it. Was SA mobile a great succes with no problems, or did no one like it and tried to ignore it?

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