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Tell me how to translate a gta game, how to change the Language

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es lo que quiero aprender a cambiar los textos para traducir, por favor, que alguien me diga qué hacer, o medidas para guiarme. :dontgetit::dontgetit:


is what I want to learn how to change the texts to translate, please, someone tell me what to do, or measures to guide me.

Edited by lil weasel
google translate

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This game has subtitles that you can turn on in the options menu, you can change it to Spanish, if that's the launguage you need. But other than that you would require modifications to the game.


Sorry, I'm not sure what you are fully asking.

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I want to know, how to translate, as is done, they told me that translates to gxt.editor me know as used and everything to translate. Helping gta vcs pc translate into Spanish. :):) sorry for my bad english

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lil weasel

Does not the Game menu have a choice for language?

You might find this as a guide.




Quick way to change:



girshb says:

A work around is to rename the gxt file. For example, if you want the language to be Spanish, just rename the spansih.gxt to American. Gxt. The gxt files are found in C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games] GTA San Andreas\text.

Edited by lil weasel

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