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The Barr Crime Family




Family Color-Dark Red


Family size-9

Motto-Crime pays in money or death..sometimes both..

Social club- http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/thebarrcrimefamily

MrBarrBass was a notorious gangster in Liberty City while in a gang called TheGuardianAngels

which they didn't act like angels. in 2013 MrBarr moved to Los Santos to start a more legit life

but money was hard to earn so he did jobs for TGA again then left to start A Family of his own.

He soon met his girlfriend and she became MrsBarr but he wanted something more..Power.

He met with a personal good friend punkmofo who used to be in TGA and they both founded The



1.Don't be a d***

2.Don't be a AS*****

3.Respect the Boss and higher ranks

4.Be loyal and active

5.Never question an order

Family Tree


Dress code-

Muscle-Black,or red vest,red tie

Made man-Black button suit,red tie(if girl wear red suit,white shirt)

Capo-Brown suit,red bowtie(if girl wear red suit)

Underboss-Grey suit, red bowtie/red tie(if girl wear black suit ,red shirt)

Advisor/Consigliere-Black suit,black shirt,red bow tie(if girl wear black clothing)

Making Money/Putting in work


There's many ways to make money in the Family. Most are which our business such as

Armored truck Robbing, Exporting cars to Simeon. and you can get paid by the Family to by Doing

Hits for the Family, defending the Boss and any member of the Family, driving the Boss around and offering to drive him and he will give money(by robbing a store etc..) to you.

Ranking up

if you'r liked in the family and prove your loyalty you'll move up and get to control your own set

of guys once we get enough members.You can prove your loyalty by being a Enforcer-

someone who will kill with or without pay and defends the Boss. Earner-if you rob a store etc. and you share money

even if that person didn't help.


TheGuardianAngels(close allies)

Grime reapers MC(Boss good friends with GRMC president opie)

Having the name

To have the Barr name you will need another account and you also get paid extra

you can choose to be a brother/sister/cousin(if you're in to role-play) or you can just have the name

but you are asked if your loyal and a if the high ranks think you'r good enough, and if you say no to this opportunity you will NOT be asked again but if you change your mine you will have to explain why.

The boss is 16 and everyone is 14+ and if thats a problem then so be it. the Boss doesn't act like an

as***** and tries to find newer mature members to play with. A mic is not required but is better if you have one

A girl can join, when given an order don't question it makes us think twice about you, and NEVER question or disrespect the Boss anyway because he can get you killed as many times as he needs you to die

So join us today by adding MrBarrBass with you name,age,mic/or not,guy or chick

and Welcome to The Family




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