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Disable Core Parking On Your Multi-Core CPU For Increased Frame Rates



Hey guys, this might have been posted here before, but I did a search and could find nothing.

In Windows 7, it lowers the speed at which your cores run to save power. I was unaware of this until I came across a neat utility that enables you to set the MINIMUM speed at which your cores run on your multi-core CPU.

It can produce an increase in framerates for CPU intensive games (not GPU).

It is a small utility....I downloaded and installed it and my god...what a difference. It really does work.

Disclaimer: I am just the messenger.....if it does not do much or anything to YOUR machine, hey, I am just providing the info. All I know is that it works for me. I have Win7 Ultimate, an AMD Phenom X4 9600 and 4 gigs of 1066 DDR2 ram, so I am hardly even close to cutting edge....

Anyway, after several years of tweaking GTA IV to get decent framerates, I finally am able to run the game with everything at full.....1080p 60hz, everything on high, etc.

Many of you may know of this process....this is for those who have never heard of this. You can Google "core parking" and there is a lot of info, and several different utilities created by different peeps to achieve the same thing.

Anyway, here is the webpage I found.....followed by a direct link to the file download.




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2 answers to this question

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Can this sh*t cause overheating? When I allow my processor to run at 100%, my laptop always overheats so I had to tune it down instead.

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thanks for the discussion. i won't install it on any of my machines, but its good info i had forgotten about

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