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Creating Challenges?


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How to create a challenge is something that i cannot get to work, and tech support has been less than helpful

here is a list of questions i have, hoping you guys can help me out.......I am on a Ps3 if that matters


here are the steps i take when creating a challenge


A. I create a playlist of 3 or 4 races always using Rockstar created races

B...after saving the playlist, i select it in the menu area, and choose the option to make it a challenge

C..I set the amount of money for beating it, i aways have more than enough money for the challenge in cash and in my bank account

D..I do the playlist setting the time that is needed to beat it

E.. after completing the playlist i see the time in needed to beat the challenge and the money deducted from my account

F after what looks like all is done, I check under the challenges section, nothing ever loads up, my friends and crew mates check also and nothing ever loads for them either

G... I look at my Bank log, the money i set for the challenge shows as being deducted


here are my questions

  1. Can we set challenges does this feature work?
  2. Does the person who sets the challenge have to be online for others to play it??
  3. If a challenge is beaten by someone, does that challenge then go away or is it still there for others to play?
  4. If the challenge remains does the amount of money set for beating the challenge get deducted each time someone beats it
  5. Who has access to the challenges friends, crew, or everyone??
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