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The Pet Peeves Thread

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Popular Posts

People who don't use to and too correctly, and don't know the difference between your and you're.   Hell, throw in the "their,they're, and there".   I tend to read posts word for word so I pick u

Pubes on the bar of soap.

I apologise.

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I've got a huge map of the United States in my room. I've got 8 thumbtacks holding the thing up. If I happen to find one missing, it really bugs the crap out of me. I've got more, but I've gotta think about if they're appropriate to put on the forums.

Edited by tommyboy9413
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I recall my other one now.


When people do something you don't like immediately after you reveal that you don't like it is a big pet peeve. An example is my cousin who, upon finding out that I don't like it when people chew loudly, started chewing very loudly to see if I would react. I didn't because if you're trying to be loud it doesn't bother me, but it did bother me that he would hear about what I didn't like and instead of respecting that, he deliberately tries to use that to manipulate my feelings and make me upset for his personal enjoyment.


It's kind of the same when you say you aren't ticklish (or you don't like being tickled) and someone tries to touch you immediately after that.

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I'll post a few, there's more but that's all i can remember right now.


Kids who excessively play games such as battlefield, COD, etc.. and think they are going to grow up to be soldiers


Overly patriotic people


Overly religious people


Men who abuse women just to feel good about themselves


Spoiled women who want everything handed to them on a silver platter from men, just because they're hot or were used to getting a special treatment by their parents


when they were young or were rich, etc..


The old=wise mentality


Women who are always on their phones.


Insecure women

Edited by Majestic81
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People who constantly check their phone.

People that suddenly know everything about firearms because they played a video game.

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I have so many peeves it isn't funny.


Just today I told a lady to settle down her fat face because she...wait let me try to give the set up.

I was walking my dogs and got to a 4 way intersection with a stop sign. I was walking west to east. There were two cars stacked up at the stop sign needing to go north to south. We waited for the first car to go through the intersection and then preceded to cross the intersection. The second car(now at the stop sign) decides it's her turn to go. She then sees us in the crosswalk and proceeds to wave us along...like it's okay for us to cross the intersection now that she is allowing us. f*ck face bitch in a sh*t ass car.


So to sum up my peeve it would be people that play obvious traffic cop. It is one thing to wave someone along if you need to deviate from the known laws and rules of the road(like give up your turn at an intersection) but when you start pointing out the obvious and feel you always have the right away then you are either retarded or very self centered.

Edited by trip
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Fanboys who feel obligated to defend their game against any negative opinion.


*Raises hand*


Guilty as charged.

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Gnocchi Flip Flops

when people just love to but in on your conversation, like bitch there was a reason u weren't invited to this conversation.

My biggest pet peeve, lol! Like if you're not in the conversation, mind your business.


- How could I forget, I can't stand people with staring issues. Like what the f*ck are you looking at? Mind your f*cking business.

Edited by Sting4S
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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

-When people don't follow small protocols in certain things like where to sit when catching the school bus or going out with a mates ex, they are there for a reason.

-When people just can't do their job properly or can't be f*cked to do it. There was a reason you were hired and i don't wake up at 6 and pay 10 f*cking bucks for sh*t service cmon McDonalds get your sh*t together.

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When people at the grocery store don't return their carts to the designated place. This pisses me off more than anything. PUT YOUR SHOPPING CART WHERE IT'S SUPPOSED TO GO. This is just disrespectful to people who own vehicles and don't want them hit by a cart. I've also had to pass on parking spaces, because some asshole was too lazy to return their cart to the proper place.

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Conversations and Speeches that are puctuatied with, “OK”, “Right”, “Understand”, “Umm”, “Ahh”, “Err”.

You know what I’m saying?

Four Score, right? and seven years ago, you know what I’m saying? our Umm, fathers err brought forth, right, on this umm, continent a new nation, you know? concieived in emm, liberty, Ahh, and dedicated you know? in liberty,umm, and dedicated to, ahh, the proposition that umm all you know? men are uhh created right? equal. understand?




*https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2TB81TqjXE* Edited by lil weasel
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Couples making out and being all lovey dovey and sh*t when I'm trying to walk to class. Like when they purposely stop in the middle of walking traffic and start getting all passionate and sloppy just cause they can. No one cares about how much you love eachother, save it for the bedroom kids...

Edited by IveGotNoValues
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Couples making out and being all lovey dovey and sh*t when I'm trying to walk to class. Like when they purposely stop in the middle of walking traffic and start getting all passionate and sloppy just cause they can. No one cares about how much you love eachother, save it for the bedroom kids...

I feel you bro.
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My pet peeve is when my pet pees.



0mg im so original lolololol

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I hate it when people take two court cases, one involving a convicted white and one involving a convicted black, and unfairly accuse the justice system of racism. They'd talk about how the black person was harshly sentenced to five years in prison for something as minor as leaving her child in the car while having a job interview, while some white lady who murdered her children only got probation. These people obviously don't understand how our justice system works. It's unfair and close-minded to accuse the entire system of racism.


Some teachers are lenient graders. Some teachers are harsh graders. If you're black and you happen to get the harsh grader as a teacher, obviously you're going to get graded harshly. This doesn't have anything to do with race because the white students in that same classroom will get graded harshly as well. Now if you're black and you get the lenient grader, of course you're going to be graded more leniently.

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Doctors with bad bedside manor, a while back when I was 16 or 17 I was really sick I asked the doctor my prognosis he told me I would be okay. But a couple days later I was in my room in the ICU Trying to sleep I over heard the doctor telling my mom I most likely die because the infection I had was not getting any better.... I never told anyone why I heard them talking about.



People that block my employers driveway when cars are lined up down the block to get a damn cup of coffee

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Not being able to afford a sports car, especially when I see people my age drive around in Camaros and what not.


Not having a car at all bothers me a lot more.


Taking a shower, and then going to a public place and realizing how stinky everyone else is.


Long complex puzzles in action video games, I wanna fight bad guys ,not solve puzzles.



When conversations feel forced.

Feeling like I pissed someone off and not knowing exactly what I did to them.

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t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m

When someone doesn't use a pronoun at the beginning of their sentence. For example:


"Went to the store today."


Also, when people use the word "so" to start a sentence.


"So, went to the store today and found this. Mom was very impressed."


When you type your sentences like that, it makes you look like a douche.

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So, another one of my peeves.


people that get a new puppy or some form of pet and it sh*ts on the carpet or makes a small mess and they put it up for sale or to give away. What do you expect babies to do? You used to sh*t your diapers and make a mess..

Edited by GunWrath
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The Harwood Bitcher

People who stare angry at me for no reason

People who are at a relationship and cant be 2 minutes apart

When someone calls me creep ,psicho or puts someone as an example (f*ck off,i dont take examples from nobody)

When people overstimate me


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Fat neckbeards with ridicolous standards for woman. See these f*ckers all the time on /b/. People who would rate Scarlett Johanssen 2/10 just because of a microscopic red spot on her chin. No wonder these people don't have girlfriends.


People who say "The military is fighting for our freedom". Yeah, keep on telling yourself that.


People, often adults, who laugh about things that are not only unfunny, but really don't have any sort of humor in it what so ever. They'll say "I just went to the store and bougth milk", and suddenly laugh like crazy. What the f*ck was so hilarious?


PETA-supporters. I'm all for animal rights, but PETA is extreme. And kill 90 % of all animals in their shelter.


Tumblr feminism. Not real feminism, like equal rights, but bitches who want ban Father's Day, or outlaw pornography.

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