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What kind of storyline would you like to see in GTA6 (


Will it include Male or Female Protagionist?  

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  1. 1. A male

    • A female
    • A custom protagionist like a robot or alien!

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I know I KNOW. GTA 5 barely came out but. What story line would you like to see. Maybe rockstar will consider it. I wanna see what you guys would like as a storyline. If you'd like to show ur storyline heres what you should include.



Location: (Los Santos, Vice City, Liberty City, etc.)

Protagionist Name

Antagionist Name:



Heres mines:


(Female Protagionist named Rocky Hevens, Location Vice City)

BACKSTORY: Rocky is a white girl. She's only 22 and she isnt ready to grow up. She was raped once by her father and she doesnt recall liking the outside world. She isn't ready. She is strong, and she works for a man named Rico Turitz (Antagionist) and she learned how to be an ace shooter, and she has already committed 369 murders. She is growing a name for herself but still has her mothers house for home. She dont like the idea of growing up, and she doesn't like the idea of surviving alone.



Rocky is aruging with her mom about moving to an apartment. She closes the arugment by saying she dont feel its right and leaves to meet Rico. Rico sends her to kill a man. She does and comes back with the mans blooded ring to show his wishes has been granted. Rico then Grabs rocky and kisses her. He then proposes unexpectedly. Now rocky knows its time to grow up.

BLAH BLAH BLAH later in the story Rocky is married to rico and she tells him her backstory about her dad raping her and how she lives with him. Rico gets overly mad and tells her to kill him if he loves him. Rocky will never kill family. Rico slaps her and sends goons to her house rocky rushes to defend her family. she then kills the goons and rico is angry. rico attemps to kill her repedtly. story ends with her finally growing up and killing rico and getting $500,000,000 from his insurance and lives peacefully in a newly bought manison next to her family's home.






Build your own story line NO CHEATING.


If you want to build a story please include this:


Location: (Los Santos, Vice City, Liberty City, etc.)

Protagionist Name

Antagionist Name:


-No hate on other peoples stories as this is an open topic to all and everyones story matters and counts

-If anyone anyone tries to either break any rules your post will be automaticlly unwelcomed and you will be fowarded to a diffrent post. PLEASE MAKE THE STORY COUNT AND HAVE FUN GUYS! :D



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Here's a few:

Rogue cop plot, preferably one that parodies 80's action films

Mexican cartel plot that is set along the US/Mexican border

1920's-30's Mafia bootlegger plot



Hold off on GTA for a while and make a new IP or make a sequel to an existing one like Red Dead, or take time to develop Agent. Really really looking forward to Agent. Maybe a prequel to Max Payne 3 to show what went on after the events of The Fall of Max Payne, but before 3? I'm tired now, not really the best time for ideas just yet either since V only came out a year ago and a new version is on it's way. If all else fails, I want a strictly rural GTA, with only small-ish towns and cities.

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