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Revamped Car classes and upgrade system


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One thing I'd like to see is rather than classing cars by what vehicle they are ie supers, sports, muscle etc and introduce a rating system of some sort like test drive unlimited did.

For better rated stock cars ie high end sports and supers, the upgrades do pretty much the same as now, but lower rated cars in the muscle, coupe etc have a higher bump in performance.

I'd like to have a muscle or coupe be able to keep up with sports, while some sports can be matched up to super performance, Elegy vs XF anyone? lol

So if say there were a rating system of A-D with sub rating of 1-4 with A1 being the absolute best and D4 being the worst.

Then hypothetically if a banshee was rated B3 stock and then upgraded to B1, being a sports car it'll get less performance increase when modded, and then a Sabre Turbo classed as C3 could be upgraded to B3 which meaning a muscle car gets a better performance increase when modded and could just about keep up with the Banshee.

You could then decide whether to fully max a car out, but run the risk of being put into a rating where you are the underdog, or you could hold back a bit on the mods and stay top of the rating it is currently in.

This could make racing a bit more interesting, for example some people think the Voltic should be in sports while others think it's fine in supers, with this system, a stock voltic could be B1 and upgraded into the A rated to race with the faster cars, or left stock or minimal upgrades and race with B rated cars.

And also then make changes to the payouts on what rating your car has, so if it were an A class race for example, winning with an A1 car would pay less than winning in an A4 car.

And also fix how the acceleration bar looks so it isn't full on every damn car.

The only problem I see with this other than implementing it, is that everybody probably want to have all their cars fully modded, and thus complain when a lot of their preferred cars to use are now underdogs in races ie Elegy would end up in A along with a few other sports.

What are your thoughts on this?

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