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How to fix this MEd problem in GTA3?

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Hello, I'm new to modding.


Recently I've downloaded MEd and I'm using it with SA. It works perfectly!


But I'd like to edit Liberty City in GTA 3 because it's smaller and simpler than San Andreas.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong, so here's my procedure:


1. I create a new .IPL and a folder with the same name as the .IPL file, and then save the file inside that folder.

2. I close MEd, go to data folder and edit gta3.dat so that the new .IPL is on the bottom of the file.

3. I open MEd, and go to Scene tab where I select the new .IPL and LANDne.IPL.

4. On the IPL tab, I add road (ID: 1117) in the new .IPL.

(I'm trying to make a brigde to Ghost Town. I simply want to place road in the air, and I place the first road object in front of the closed tunnel, with X rotation set to 152)

5. I start GTA3 and the game will freeze at 80% loading screen. When I press anything, the program crashes without error messages.


I've noticed that the game will work if I only place one object... Adding the second object will lead to crash.


So am I doing something wrong? Please help!





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All I can say is that you might have a different version that won't support modding well. Try downloading a modding version of GTA3 and it might work (v1.0, I guess that's the one who supports modding). If you have a version that supports modding, sorry, I don't know. Ask anyone. This is all I can help you with, sorry.

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I've tried 1.0 today and it's not working.

I can download and install any map mod and it works, but mine keeps crashing :cry:

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