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[SnP] AmmuNation Shooting Range [Android]

Go to solution Solved by khsh97,

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Hey Folks...I really need some help. I have tried the rifle range over 100 times and I cannot get to 45, the highest I have ever been able to get is 44, the controls on the android are so imprecise that I cannot get-r-done. So...I've posted the save file, would be VERY appreciative if someone could assist!


If @khsh97 could help again, that'd be awesome!!




Many many many thanks in advance!!

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Dude have you completed shootlist mission because there is no rifle range sphere marker available in ammunation at downtown.


Update: sorry, I copied wrong save. Its my mistake. Now I copied your latest "shootlist" mission save and now the rifle range is available. So wait I will do it.

Edited by khsh97
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Lol. Someone told me that i should ask you about those missions

i was busy with testing custom roms so I didn't get time to try the missions more than once. But Now i am finished with custom roms so I will try those missions again and will do my best to complete it for you. BTW, being noob doesn't mean I can't complete those missions.

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I was busy with testing phone roms. I also played with ps1 and psp roms on Android long time ago.

Edited by khsh97
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I use FPse psx android emulator. It works for me better than ePSXe. I have played "WWE Smackdown Know your role" with FPse. For psp games, I use PPSSPP emulator. I played with these emulators one year ago. Now I play GTA San Andreas on my phone.

Edited by khsh97
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