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Method in the madness solo strategy

Arrows to Athens

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Arrows to Athens

Get a buzzard and destroy all the vehicles and gas tanks and then destroy one of the meths. Then fly across the river and then wait for the other meth and kill the two enemies with your gun. You don't have to worry about the enemies on the other side where the boats are. Pickup the meth and then fly over to trevors which should take about 30 seconds.

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Red Lynx 23

If we could play that mission solo. It requires two players. But I help with the first part of the mission, then setup a place to hide and shoot from at the back of stab city. And let the either player(s) go after the meth in the two speedboats, or go to the yellow beacon, then high tail it back to where I am and I or we kill all the Lost MC reinforcements. Then go get the meth.

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