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Fort Senora Army (Xbox Only)


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Fort Senora are a military crew who kill anyone who messes with them. We never back out of a fight until we have crushed the opposition.


We have several divisions and selected members manage their own division. There is Fort Senora Air Force, Fort Senora - Desert and Fort Senora - Woodland




Air Force Uniform:

- Blue Tucked Shirt

- Ice Cargo Pants

- Black Work Boots

- Navy Flat Cap

- Super Light Body Armour



- Must have mic

- 14 - 16 years old

- Very active player

- Level 90 or over

- Better if you owned a buzzard and a tank



- No crew killing even if member has got a bounty

- Own at least one crew car (Canis Mesa, SUV or Dubsta 6x6) must be matte desert tan

- All guns in Army tint. If you haven't got it, use black tint.

- No pink weapons whatsoever

- Gamertag visible on social club



Crew hangouts: Devin Weston's Hangar (so far)

If a player gets close to Devin Weston's Hangar, send them a message saying this area is restricted or something like that.


Park fighter jets in Devins hangar


Always have someone on guard at Devin Weston's Hangar so peoples fighter jets and vehicles will not despawn


Expect these:

- Crew wars

- Playlists

- Military Training Exercises

- Jobs (LTS, TDM, DM, captures, missions)

- How long can you lasts

- Bounty Hunting

- Crew provoking


Message me on Xbox: Vyseon


Social Club: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/fort_senora_army

I am not leader, but I own the Air Force Division

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