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cops in VC are the most annoying in whole era

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Evil empire

The security guards are gangsters like the soldiers. I love beheading and burning them with a mod turning me bullet-proof. :devil:

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I think in vc their worse then gta v two bumps from them and your car has black smoke already i remember doing the driver and i was winning and to simply had to cross the bridge back to the malibu club but my car was already smoking from cops bumping me so i tried to be extra careful me trying to be extra careful made it worse. Because two cop cars came and smashed into my car at full force and my car got set on fire and tipped over and i lost. All that bs i had to go through just i can drive to the banks and hilary dies i hope he went straight to hell

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Evil empire

Fortunately there are mods not to be wanted any longer.

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El Penguin Bobo

Oh, you think cops in VC are annoying? They are annoying, i have to agree, but GTA V cops are just UNBEARABLE c*nts. They will either brutally murder you, or arrest you even if you look at them. VC cops are annoying though. But they are a little bit fun to play with.

Edited by xXPinguXx
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"You got ID?"

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I don't understand lol, i thought Gta III & V cops were annoying . Not to mention Tommy run's really fast & can outrun them

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