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Mister Pink

The Inline Skating Topic

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Mister Pink

So, I started skating after a 13 year hiatus. Since I stopped skating there has been a bunch of indoor and outdoor public skate-parks that have been set up. So glad the local councils provide such a thing. There was a serious lack of them when I was a kid and we used to have to skate in places that we'd always get kicked out from.


Couldn't believe what I could do. I was never any good but yesterday I managed to a Mizou across this ledge..




What got me back was an old friend sold me a cheap pair of USD's. I ordered and got these babies today. Haven't skated them yet as I'm in work...looking at the box! Dying to try them out!





So any of you skate here?

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Screw it, bump.

Got into Agressive Inline, as of recent. Snagged some NJ5's (4chan /asp/ recommendation), practicing Front/Backsides and Acid grinds. Been into skateboarding for almost a decade, so this isn't that hard of a transition.

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El Dildo

2 posts in 2 years? guess most people are in the same boat as me.


I literally haven't skated since middle and the days of indoor skate field trips.

as we got older, inline skating was considered "gay" and nobody really kept it up. everyone moved to BMX and skateboards.


I must admit, I would feel awkward and childish rolling around on blades as a guy in my late 20s. the whole thing about skating is that it's still just too inconvenient. they're always on your feet and you have to sit down for a good 5 minutes if you need to stop and go inside somewhere, to take them off. I'd rather grab my longboard if I need to get down mainstreet in style. hop on, hop off.

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mr quick

any ideas for inlines that could be used on gravel? There's an awesome route around the lake right by me but it's 50% gravel :/

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El Dildo

if they could invent some electric/motorized rollerblades that could go offroad, I would be all over that sh/t :lol:

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