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GTA V vehicles converted to San Andreas v1.2 + VehFuncs v1.1

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Oh my god I finally figured it out! Instead of linking it to chassis, I was supposed to link it to chassis_dummy, which is weird since all the other (original) cars have them linked to chassis...



Is it me or does the Seminole look amazing with Car Tuning Parts mod?



Edited by _F_
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Link to updated Sandking XL (Fixed wheel size, improved data lines)



Link to updated Primo (Fixed wheel size, added more tuning parts)



Link to updated Gang Burrito is being approved at GTA Inside right now (Added missing dirt, added tuning parts, improved data lines, lowered chassis)


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By the way, does anyone know a way to make it so that the Yosemite has the ability to tow trailers (utiltr1?

Currently I can only tow them if I install Bison over Utility Truck... :/



Also how do I fix this light bug?



Edited by _F_
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I'm not an idiot. There is no light dummy. It appears at X:0 Y:0 Z:0

Edited by _F_
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Since the Surfer must have paintjob possibilities(for mothership) etc, I'm going to use different dirt texture (DK2Pac's IVF dirt)



As I'm not very good with PhotoShop, I would be really happy if someone helped me with "The Mothership" paintjob :)

Here is the template:




Edited by _F_
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Oh ok, now I noticed it too, thanks Erwin.


Anyways, here is the first in-game test with the Surfer.




Also I noticed that it's like super small... But I guess it's fine since it's like that in GTA V too



Edited by _F_
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Rebel... Don't think so...

But here is the Dominator


Also uploaded fixed Dashound to GTA Inside

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But here is the Dominator





Wow, nice! The Dominator is my all-time favourite GTA V car. ;)

Me likey.

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If you can't keep in mind 7 letters in my nickname, why not to use only that with 2 chars?

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