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Bartaria’s first Conservative-led government is on a drive to reduce taxes, all else be damned. What’s a bit of crime and charmlessness in pursuit of private interest and profit?

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Just changed my national flag, made a military parade in my honor, bulldozed a forest to mine stuff and the only rights my citizens have is to die. i'd say everything is going well.


I also just noticed the irony: a mostly atheist militaristic dictatorship country is named after a catholic author.

Edited by DOUGL4S1
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A flat tax has been introduced and foreign aid has been completely defunded. No more free-riders in or outside Bartaria, says the Prime Minister!

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5 minutes ago, trip said:

I'm starting to feel a bit cocky as a leader.

It happens. Two coup d'état attempts later and I'm still the worst best leader this fictional world has ever seen!

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Bartaria's tax rate is now at a record low, less than 37%, the lowest among established nations of the region, and we're ranked as the most pro-market.


All tax-evading avoiding multinationals are welcome. Remember, it's a tax break, not a kickback.

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We now have -14% Weather. Either our environment is so bad it broke the game or Gaillardetz has somehow invented anti-matter.


I believe it's the latter.

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On 1/25/2020 at 12:08 AM, trip said:

Gave me a chuckle.



Lol, took me a second, Its currency.

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Raided again. Between Raavi and myself we've sorted it out. There's a new region password so give us a shout if you need it to get back in.

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