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Let's all agree that the purpose of a forum is for discussions.



With that in mind, I'm curious how this forum works because it seems I cannot post anything without being harassed by some idiot wannabe mod directing me to some giant bloated thread. There are not pointless "Is R* going to ban glitcher", "Are heists out yet" questions. Neither are they stupid rants about the Liberator or the Fireworks or whatever.



Case in point, instead of starting a new thread just now, I used the search box (wow!) to find a thread from 4 days ago where the issue was previously discussed but not resolved. So, I bumped it, because of, you know, the whole "I have the same damn question" thing.



And some douchebag comes in with a useless, cocky remark about Q&A thread.



If we're going to have Generic Mega Threads that are going to be actually useful or helpful, it helps if a clear line is drawn regarding what goes where. Is my technical question going to be buried by 10 other Ferris Wheel posts and never answered? I get the whole "keep all the stupid questions in one thread" concept, but some people are taking it too far lashing out at even legit non-stupid posts. Want to get anal with this? Disallow thread creation. Every single crap goes into a Mega Thread. Let's see how fantastic that will go.




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I agree!

Yeah I hate those smart asses.

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can you imagine a mega thread? GOD

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How about you just ignore these wannabe mods and leave the moderating to actual mods? If a moderator feels that your question merits a topic, then we won't lock it. Just know that this is completely at the moderator's discretion though and we are in no way influenced by what these so-called wannabe mods have to say.


Simply use common sense when starting new topics and we'll leave you alone. And oh, topics like these do not help.

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