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Folks in the head

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I cannot sleep tonight

The folks in my head were giving me a fright

They're walking up and down my head

Slamming the doors and chanting "Dead, dead, dead"

No amount of Lou Reed, Seals & Crofts, or any other songs,

Nor will warm milk make the folks in my head going, going, gone.


I pace up and down my room tapping at the phone

My friends do not answer - nobody's home

I fear that they're one with the folks in my head now,

Breaking in my door, barrel to the head, pow-pow-pow

Friend's don't do that to one another,

But when you're paranoid, they're just like every other.


I step outside to get some air

Look up at the sky, the morning sun will soon be there

I feel relief as the cool breeze wraps around and caresses me

Except for the friends and folks in my head, who disagree

My heart races and I drop

I beg and plead with them to make it all stop.


"Make it stop!" I say, "Leave me be!"

I yell as I ransack my room, looking for the silence key

I go outside and wave the key at them


"Don't look over here! This doesn't concern you!"

"No, I won't put it down!"

"Call who you want, I'm not putting this down!"


"I'll beat them to it!"


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This is amazing Universe!


I loved it! I completely understand the feeling of the voices, crawling inside tearing you apart. I really love the way you ended it as well. This is a masterpiece!

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Thank you, glad you liked it!

I hope the ending was good enough, I wanted it to be more direct and give the speaker more dialogue with whoever they were talking to, but I felt like it would undercut the original meaning.

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