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UAMCx Reap3rGod




Our Social Club - http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/undeadarmyoriginals

We are a free-aim based MC that are active on GTA V online.

We claim to be one of the best (Gun Skill Wise) and strive to get better daily. Besides getting better we do other things that you could compare to the real-life MC community. For instance we do: Rides for special occasions or just to make the GTA community feel better (All players in GTA), we do role-play as in drug deals, gun runs, business talks in private games with other MCs, protection runs for mafias, militarys, or any other crew in need, we also do alliance runs with other MCs or peace treaty runs, retaliation runs and more. Me personally (UAMCx Reap3rGod) I will play any game that my members feel like playing (COD, Dead Island, Minecraft, GTA IV, etc.)

Crew Requirements

-Must be 14- older

-Must be able to get a gamertag change within a month

-Must comprehend and understand the meaning of brotherhood, loyalty, and respect.

- In game if you're online & we need your help you must be ready to help.

-Level 30+ required

Allies & Enemies


-Blue Angels Nomads MC

-Blood Raptors San Andreas MC

-Bruisers MC

-Sons of Anarchy Los Santos MC



-Mongols San Andreas MC (MFFM)

-Crossbow MC

-Gods Rejects Paleto Bay MC

-Head Shot Kings MC

-Hells Angels MC (AFFA, HA81, HAMC, 81MC)

What We Limit You To In Game

-In war between any crew, you may not use the following things (We do this so it is fair in game and we show we have skill) RPGs, Mini guns, Grenade launchers, Firework guns, Tanks, Jets, sticky bombs, grenades.

-In war with other MCs you may only drive a motorcycle unless they are all destroyed and you have no money to buy them back.

Our Reputation

We are currently 8-0 in crew vs crew Teamdeath matches

We have never been forced out of a freemode

We have a YouTube channel for proof - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ8NyN_MZ8COH-B_3PopkCA/videos

We are civil with everyone until trashtalk or warfare is involved.

We greatly dislike squeakers.

Undead Army MC started in May 28th, 2014.

We were recently entered in the Rockstar Gaming League Kings of Five Tournament

We have around 15 members in all.

We do have a prospecting stage that lasts 1 week depending on your individual character.

Why You Should Join

You are guaranteed the most respect from your brothers here.

We are a fun loving crew.

We will help you through anything, personal or in game.

We will train you on gun skills if your require it.

We're here for you, you're not here for us.

As long as one brother is online, you have backup if needed.

We will never deny you in your time of need.

We have meetings every Sunday where you can voice your opinions.

Last, we have cookies.


Undead Bastards From Hell



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Please edit your post to include a link to your crew on the Social Club.

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Opie Grim Reapers MC

What platform are you guys on? If your on PS3 add me, maybe we can go ride or something

PSN: Opie1220

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UAMCx Reap3rGod

BTW guys my GT is UAMCx Reap3rGod if you did not notice! Thx

Also we're at 15 patched members & have officer ranks open!!!

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Opie Grim Reapers MC

Alright, Maybe you can ride with our XBL Chapter. If you would like PM our XBL President, his GT is Partytothemax10.

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