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kevin de santa

Trevor Discussion [spoilers]

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Although he is doomed in my eyes for his over the top script and his part in the story being mishandled, I respect this one thing about him. His social awareness.


Trevor detected that F was the alpha male and he treated him with respect. Frank gets in his face after Trevor calls him a bitch he respects the fact he got called out on it. It all goes back to him and Michael. M was the calm, rational one of the group who guided T along the path, but T is a take no sh*t guy because he himself was a sidekick. He disrespect those who are sidekicks because of what happened to T.


T has done 10x the sh*t M has, but M is a known dead leader of a stick up crew. I think T knows that he needs to be second fiddle because of his recklessness. And that probably kills him inside.

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The Deadite

for some reason i ended up hating more Michael than Trevor, maybe i'm holding up too much on the small good things that the character has to offer, but i'm more shunned off by Michael personality wise.

rest in peace OP, you annoying little fanboy.
Edited by Midnight Hitman

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franklin, of the three, seems the least fleshed out as a person; it was hard for me to even see him as capable of the 'crime personality' that you sort of expect from protagonists in gta games. i mean he gets indignant a time or two in a cut scene but he has no good jokes, no visible moods....nothing to explain why he would be motivated. even the girlfriend that got away seems remote to him; he barely cares that she marries to someone else. for a gta protagonist, he is pretty benign, even if he can talk to dogs. michael is pretty typical and more of a caricature of guy in his mid-life-crisis with a millennial family--add thug and stir. less fleshed out than cj was, but still pretty typical of the sort of guy they give you for your toon. trevor is the perfect antithesis to both of these guys. i found myself wishing he could do the epsilon program missions, or his own version with the altruist cult, since his spirituality, or what he uses in place of it, was pretty much the only thing they didn't really explore. this is the first gta game since san andreas that i remember wanting way more story than we got; maybe they are working on releases like tbogt and tlad to add to this map that will add more depth to all three characters. the most delightful thing about iv and the two games associated with it was the interwoven storyline. i know it is uncool to love the plot in a video game and it has to be over-the-top unrealistic to motivate missions and the like, but i hope i'm not off the mark looking forward to MOAR TREVOR. the guy made me laugh nonstop through the whole game, which makes his pathos more empathetic as well.



imagine the 'on the drive' conversation if trevor could use marnie as a bootie call.

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Been a while now since I last palyed through the story, but I do remeber thinking after the first playthrough that I hated Trevor. However second time I played through the story some of Trevors actions did make more sense. Even though his character is completley over the top.

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