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GUIDE: SOLO MONEY GLITCH After the 1.15 Patch. ENGLISH Tutorial

Chemical 8

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This tutorial is in english and it should help you all earn millions of dollars in GTA V Online by YOURSELF! :D
I hope you enjoy!
Fill your garage with 9 Elegys and 1 Fully tuned Adder. Then after you have picked up the hooker and killed her, drive into your garage and go over to the blue circle and swap your Adder for an elegy, drive out with the hooker and then drive back in and do the same process until all your cars are adders. The go and sell every car besides the one with the hooker inside. This should earn you the most money!
Text Tutorial:
  • Park Journey against garage door (Eclipse Towers Garage works best)
  • Beep to Pick up a hooker somewhere to the left of the Eclipse Towers along that road (I show you in the video)
  • Kill her in between the brick wall and dumpster as you see in the video, make sure both doors are blocked
  • get back in the car and drive into garage
  • go over to the blue circle and swap the Adder with an Elegy
  • if you only have one Elegy then just go sell the car at LSC
  • if you have multiple, drive out and back in with the car with the dead hooker and swap the vehicles and repeat this until garage is full with Adders
  • Now go sell every Adder besides the one with the dead hooker, they may change back into Elegys if you do not.

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Dude this tutoorial is sh*t,


1. u dont need a journey

2. your late this topic already exist.

3. go promote ur YT diaarrheaa elsewere


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