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How to create invisible TGA in gimp?


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-- Texturing Problem --


I want to make a mod where a certain actor/ped is invisible, because they are a ghost, I got the american.gxt, the pedstats.dat and the CLEO done but all thats left is the new .tga/skin I want to make for the ped.

If you are a mod maker please help.

How can I make a transparent skin/.tga in Gimp 2 for a GTA San Andreas. I am having trouble the skin comes out completely black!?! argh!!!! :panic:

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create an alpha channel and make it complete black

i don't know how to do with Gimp, i make it always with Adobe


if you can't do that, then extract the texture "layer" as *.tga from GTASA\models\txd\LD_DUAL.txd and use it

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I have Gimp in german languge and don't know the english item names. Especially the alpha channel isn't called alpha channel but "Deckraft" (german languge) -> in english maybe: "opacity"


so create a new file in Gimp (not transparency by default)

click on layer tab and create alpha channel (that's strange, alpha channel must be created in layer mode, not in channel mode)






then export the image, choose "export as" and type in <name>.tga

click export,

a small window appears,

make hook at RLE compression and click export


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Thanks guys, that helps, especially what you said Jaybog.

p.s ZAZ Your tutorials are very good, thanx! :colgate:

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