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What could have made gta online way better


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A non repetitive, randomly spawning, fun mode like Cops N Crooks, combined with the removal of assisted aim in all PvP modes.

>combined with the removal of assisted aim in all PvP


Get out, you FPS lunatic, lol.


If you dont want AA, go play cod, smh.

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No radar dots.


Interesting. That makes me wonder what GTAV could've been like without blips. I mean, crew members and friends would obviously still be there since they are usually friendly. But without le wild random player blips... Hmm.. it makes you use your eyes and ears to find others. I love it, I even use it in public freeroam now that I know the map ...you can hear modified adders and raging tanks from a mile away ;).

Never made sense to me to look at a GPS when getting shot at. Not saying we shouldnt get GPS just that it shouldn't show other players at all. Kills the gameplay by just letting us blip hunt.

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I remember when Rockstar was asking for feedback emails for online, I said no radar blips of other players. Let us totally blend in with the city and you never knew when an NPC was going to start coming for you. Would allow you to have gang territories, and you never knew if you just walked into one protected by some players.


Your crew could activate hideout mode, where a crate showed up where you hid it. For every minute you left the crate in play, based on the amount of people in the lobby, you earned money. Players would be notified a crate was in play in the city, but wouldnt know where. Randoms could team up to find the hideout, and blow the gang crate, which would give a suitcase to each player that grabbed one within 3 minutes of blowing the crate. You then had to get your player x amount of miles away from the crate's radius to pocket the cash. The crew had to leave their crate in play for 30 minutes to get a split of the money it earned. Every 15 minutes after the original 30, the crate generated a bigger payout, capping out at 2 hours. Its like territory control, and lobby members have to find your territory with reconsissance and stealth. Air sweeps would be pivotal. Give you a purpose to make money defending or attacking in free roam without just random killing and hyjinks.

That is pure genius!

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