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The Knick (new Cinemax original series)

El Dildo

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ok chaps.

looking for something to hold you over until the next season of Game of Thrones?

tired of waiting for [insert The Show You're Waiting For Here]?


I may have found something for ya.




this sh*t looks gangster as f*ck, wow.

Clive Owen is always the man. and Steven Soderbergh rarely disappoints. but beside that, this might just be the most bad-ass medical show ever made. not that pussy E.R., Grey's Anatomy, or House nonsense. this looks like it is as much an historical drama as anything else, exploring the shady development of medicine and healthcare technology during the industrial revolution.






premieres August 8th @ 10/9 central.



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Mr. Scratch

Well f*ck me sideways, this looks great. Gonna be a great show until From Dusk Till Dawn comes back.

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we're a couple of episodes into the first season now, and I have to say that so far, this show is almost everything I hoped.

it's gritty and no holds barred and honest. it's also extremely compelling.


The Knick is about a group of surgeons at a New York hospital who are working on the cutting edge - quite literally - of 'modern' medicine.

...modern in 1900.


the surgery scenes are BRUTAL.

it's turn-of-the-century technology and knowledge, which means that medicine not exactly a science yet. it can be pretty gut wrenching but awesome, intense stuff with amazing special effects and powerful acting. the characters are great. they're a bunch of agnostic, racist, white dudes (except for the black dudes and women) who are all addicted to opium and cocaine because it was still legal at the time. and because they're doctors, they regularly experiment with drugs on themselves before trying it out on patients.


part of what makes The Knick so hauntingly good is knowing how much of it is historically accurate.

CineMax is also hyping the show up by releasing the first episode free on YouTube.




warning: it's graphic and NSFW.

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