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Principe Nemesis Thread-(Rarest Vehicle In GTA Online)


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inb4 it's not rare i see it all the time


But yeah, I've only seen it spawn twice. My second character got the first one and a friend got the second

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Dude, I've seen the Principe Nemesis spawn a million and now one more times. Nothing Special, Nothing New.

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I've got 1, really cool bike found it in alta street.

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I made a a thread about this a week or so ago. Took 4 people to help me before I finally found one. I ride it all the time

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I sometimes see it used by NPCs around Downtown and Little Seoul(mostly when I ride another bike),so I don´t think it´s that rare.It´s probably going to be on those websites to buy vehicles by the next update DLC,you can already buy like 90% of vehicles there.

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