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"Friendly Lobby" Friend Finder


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A good portion of members on this forum have expressed wanting "friendly lobbies." While we currently DO NOT have that option in GTAO, we DO have the option to play "invite only" sessions.


However, at the same time, many members have expressed their frustrations with not having enough friends to even play invite only, and experience a terrible time when playing with randoms.


There are also members who expressed that having odd or inconvenient schedules has lessened their online experience.


This condensed, all-purpose "friend finder" will hopefully be successful in pairing up people with similar interests, whether it be racing, focused mission grinding, or just general free roam fun, as well as pair those with similar schedules.


The idea is that members will have an organized pool of other players that they can contact from one place, without having to hunt down players from various other avenues on their own.


I have heard so many, uh, "complaints" coming from these unhappy players, so many INFACT that I thought, "theres enough people with the same problem that they could fill up their own lobbies!" They just need to find each other :D

So here's the format for posting your stuff: (COPY AND PASTE THIS FORMAT)


Gaming Console:


PSN name/ Gamer Tag:


Character Rank: *optional


R* Social Club: *optional


Activities of Interest:


Gaming Hours:


Special Comments:



KEEP YOUR ANSWERS SHORT AND SWEET. If you having anything extra to say, or something you need to add, put it in the special comments.


Also, to keep this thread from being cluttered with discussion, just DM anyone you are interested in playing with to let them know you are interested, and then move on from there.


If you don't need friends, YOU DONT NEED TO BOTHER WITH POSTING.

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