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The Gambino Famiglia

Chino Casano

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Chino Casano

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Robert looked out into the Liberty City skyline; soon this city would be far behind him. From his suite on the top floor of the Majestic Hotel he could see all the life in Upper Algonquin. Rob could see his old neighborhood and it brought back childhood memories. When he started his criminal career Rob had plans of one day sitting on a throne here in LC, but it would seem fate had different plans for him and the Gambino family.

Robert’s mentor and friend, Donnie Spilotro, had just left to retire in Las Venturas and run a casino without getting his hands dirty anymore. Donnie was the Don of the Gambino’s for the past twenty years and he had brought Rob into the crew. Robert learned most all his knowledge from people like Donnie and other wiseguys'. As he continued to watch the streets he remembered Donnie’s last words, “There are a lot of holes in the desert, make sure you don’t become one.” Rob laughed at the thought. He hadn’t been able to tell if that was a threat but he honestly didn’t care. Rob was the new Don of the Gambino family and that’s all he thought about.

John Spilotro, Donnie’s little brother, and Rob’s underboss, came in and gave Rob the thumbs up letting him know that everyone was ready to go. The Gambino’s were leaving Liberty behind as the city was a lost cause due to all the street gangs rising up and taking over mafia-held rackets. The worst gang of all being Gigante’s.



“Alright, everybody, let’s go catch our flight,” Rob said as they left the Majestic Hotel. Gambino’s had gotten small after a lot of people got whacked in the war that was waging in Liberty’s streets. Rob knew they would get bad word for leaving the city but business and cash came before all else so to Hell with the opposition. He had high hopes for Los Santos. It was said that it had many untapped rackets and money was to be made there. With that thought Rob, John, Teflon, and Tragic headed out west.

While in Los Santos Rob met back up with his childhood friend, Corvino Depiro, and asked him to be his Consigliere. Things were starting to pick up after a few months of Gambinos’ new West Coast operation but as does all sh*t it too hit the fan. One made-man in Gambino’s ranks, Gino, was planning a rebellion to take Gambinos for himself. Teflon, Rob’s capo, wasn’t dumb he could see how Gino was beginning to act flakey for the past few days. Teflon had to get a man inside his own capo squad to see who all was with Gino. That inside guy came in the form of a man named Lucio Sinagra, a new associate who was soon rumored to get made and had extreme loyalty to Rob and the family. Lucio got cool with Gino and over a few weeks time. Every day he reported to Teflon on who would talk to Gino and who was actually loyal to the Don.

Soon bad turned to worst as Gino asked for a meeting to be held for the entire family to attend. This meant that all made-men would be in attendance but more important so would Rob and his hierarchy. Gino and his top guys; Bandit, Dutch, and Lucio, were who Gino would have the family after Rob was dead. Little did Gino know that one of these same guys would be the ones to take his life.



Gino and his men went to the meeting which was supposed to be at the Family safe-house in Rockford Hills. It was a nice house that cost something shy of ten million. It was white brick and had a gate that led to the driveway. This was the first Lucio saw of this house and he was in awe of the wonders organized crime could bring someone. They were told to meet in the basement and to his surprise no one asked Gino to remove his weapon that he and his guys had concealed.

“This is too easy.” Whispered Dutch, ignorantly.

The room was dark and Gino couldn’t see anyone so he flipped the on the lights and instead of Rob sitting in the Don’s chair there was a large and dead rat next to a huge plastic fish staring back at them. Gino and company looked confused but Lucio just backed behind them to whip out his .45 and left the rats to sleep with the fishes.



Got to protect my investments, no meth heads..

A few months after Gino’s rebellion Rob and his family appeared to be going good. Until one day Corvino brought some news to Rob’s attention.

“John’s got to go, he won’t leave his house. I think he’s on that stuff.” "So, you have to get rid of him. Corvino said to Rob on a cool Sunday eve.

Robert was smart and he knew that if John was on drugs and didn’t pull his weight he would have to ice his mentor’s little brother. Since this was such a delicate situation Robert went to John’s house to see what was going with guy. John was a successful guy at very young age and he was the envy to many out there. When Rob got to John’s house the inside of the house was hazy and the smell of drugs filled the air. Robert had smoked before but this wasn’t just weed. It smelled like a meth factory in John’s house. Upon further investigation he found John and his bodyguard sitting in John’s bedroom each with a needle sticking out of their arm.

John looked up to see his boss and gave Robert a black-toothed smiled. Then he went back to lying almost lifeless on his bed. Rob couldn’t stand to see anyone like this. Slowly he grabbed the pillow on John’s bed and put over the nozzle of his 1911. Without looking he put both thes sorry guys out of their misery.

Robert then went to make Teflon his underboss and had Lucio take over Teflon’s capo crew. Things finally started to look like they were going in the right direction and money and loyal guys started to roll into the Gambino Crime Family.


"1. Be loyal to members of the organization. Do not interfere with each other’s interest. Do not be an informer….

2. Be rational. Be a member of the team. Don’t engage in battle if you can’t win….The directive extends to personal life.

3. Be a man of honor. Respect elders. Don’t rock the boat….

4. Be a stand-up guy. Keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut. Don’t sell out….The ‘stand-up guy’ shows courage and ‘heart.’ He does not whine or complain in the face of adversity, including punishment, because ‘If you can’t pay, don’t play.’

5. Have class, be independent, know your way around this fine enterprise.”

6. Always be truthful with the Don, I don't want to catch your a.ss in an lie.

7. Never snitch, you know what they get.

8. Respect chain of command.

9. Don't shoot, unless shot at.

10. Remember Silence Is Golden! So don't be attracting alot of heat. That's how you end up dead.



Faustino Syndidacte

Madici Crime Family

Bonanno Crime Family

Argudo Crime Family

Sonetti Crime Family


Viani Crime Family

Rosato Crime Family

Vegas Crew

Pachini Crime Family



Sindacco Crime Family


Money Making Boys

*Note-Everyone else is neutral, besides the snakes


Russo Mob (Defunct)

Gigante Crime Family

Valachi Crime Family

Varanzano Crime Family

Scaletta Mob

Borelli Crime Family

Porrello Crime Family

Cervado Crime Family

Grazo Crime Family

Mezzati Family

Godly Mercenary Crew

Amuzo Crime Family





















Capo Di Tutti Capi- Don Rob Gambino

Don- Corvino Gambino

UnderBoss- N/A

StreetBoss- N/A

Minister- N/A

Warlord- Lugo Gambino

Head Capo- Lucio Gambino

Capo- Kap Gambino

Enforcer- Rubino Gambino

Soldier- Azzurro Gambino

Soldier- Spettro Gambino

Earner- FireBlazinIDeth

Wiseguy- SkinnyJojo8

Associate- Dip Man Era

Associate- Jdogs Gaming


Chino Casano

Mr M Capone

Teflon Gambino



Colonel Day

Silent Gambino




Mighty Mouse OP


*Note- N/A haven't made their accounts yet

Also, I'm not going keep updating the roster every week. Due to- Not actual roster..

Ranks Description-

Capo Di Tutti Capi- The Boss of All Bosses. The only time you should be able to obtain this rank, if your the commission head. Usually The Godfather. Ultimate say so.

Don- In charge of the whole crew, usually has the final say so.

Consigliere- Advises the family, but is the only one that can legitimately argue with the Don.

UnderBoss- Self explanatory, takes in charge when Don is not around.

StreetBoss- The person who take care of the mean streets such as, assassinations, jobs, maintaining capos and all sorts.

Minister- Solves all the petty internal problems, very well respected and keeps the family organized

Warlord- Responsible for all activity inside the family, handles some internal work. Promotions, "Who needs to be out." Lastly, a beast in streets. This is the guy you talk to.

Capo- Runs A little 5-8 man crew, extremely important to have in the family.

Enforcer- Enforces the rules, making sure everybody stays in line, just a preparation step before StreetBoss. Only, a select few will be able to acquire this rank.

Soldier- Backbone of the family, guys who deal with all the dirty work. That's when you are officaly apart of this crew

Earner- Ready to be fully made into this thing of ours. Make sure the streets are clean from any hostility.

Wiseguy- Button-men, who now knows a thing or two about this mafia. Get sh*t done right then and there.

Associate- The rookie who wants to make a name for himself, first you got to learn the ropes.

Baby Gangsta- An exceptional rank, more like a candidate, the hierarchy will debate if whether you should actually join the crew. For example, guy's who are usually under the age requirement but know how to get shxt done.

(Any rank can obtain a special job or favor within the crew, from the hierarchy . Ex- Bodyguards, Hit-Man, .)


Note- To earn your hit on the list, you have to do it with other weapons. Besides, the typical AP or average Advanced Rifle.

Use weapons such as, snipers, shotguns, uzi's. "Think outside the box, ; ). Guy's from the crew, will not be on the (whack list). Unless you were an informant, well, that's that.



Gambinos vs. Fake Patriarca's Score- 50 - 32 [Won]

Gambinos vs. Porrello Score- 38 - 50 [Loss]

Gambinos vs Renegade Crew Score- 25 - 17 [Won]

Gambinos vs. Los Santos Legends (Offset Morrello) Score- 75 - 43 [Won]

Gambinos vs. SOTL Score- 65 - 54 [Won]

Gambinos vs. Score-


Glendale- Primary Color- Classic Black,

Don's favorite car.

Everyone in the crew should drive this bad boy.


Benefactor Shafter

Traditional Crew Car


Oralce Ubermatch

Used by many soldiers in the crew



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Mr Donnie Vegas

Takecare of the family DeLino. Its your time to come! Goodluck

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Stolen Secret

So, they don't have anymore tables for the forums or what?

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Good to see a actual crew coming to these forums good luck guys


So, they don't have anymore tables for the forums or what?

They still have them if you need help just Private message me and i can help.
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Chino Casano

To All Gambino's- Dont shoot at Gigante until further notice. We will discuss enemies and allies later

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Stolen Secret

I'm pretty sure I saw that old Mercedes(I think) that we have as a crew car, a few days ago. I had to make sure I wasn't playing and try not to make an illegal U-turn in the middle of the street.


@Chino: We plan to get that table up and going? Might look a little better. ^_^

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Mr M Capone

Also no one shoot at Faustino/Sonetti under any circumstances. Other fams are watch and observe

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I am honored to be your enforcer. Thank you Don.

Edited by Avvoltoio
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Chino Casano

Alright ya'll, I've officialy updated the page, so yeah..


Damn, it been a minute.. lol

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  • 4 weeks later...

i have a crew on xbox 360 and wondered if i could join yours of if we could do a drug deal role play or alliance role play message my profile please.

The Feud/Families

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What happened to Gambinos? condolences man what ever went down btw I was never going behind you're back you were just power hungry or paranoid I was out for 5 days with family and friends at a yearly event called Omak Stampede google it or youtube it its in the 2nd weekend every august and that was a dog move because I was active for a month straight recruiting even stayed after the OG Don left the reason I joined to began with I respect old Dons even after Bandit n Dutch whacked you behind Gambinos Mansion and thats how you repay some one got to you're head I bet. yea I said what I said to you out of rage and heat of the moment I got back from vacation to find out I'm kicked from Gambino's what would you do? But its all good now my old friend Saint Genovese gave me another chance but if you need any help msg me o XBL Teflon Genovese.

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