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read before contacting me


looking for players who knows how to rp i dont want to be coming out of character all the time because your breaking your own character


consistant roleplays everyday for those who do well in trials


your first rp session will be a trial if you rp like your supposed to you will pass the trial and be able to rp with us daily



this session will be starting at 6 pm GMT need atleast 9 players to be in rp to start if not this session will be resheduled for thursday 6pm


STORYLINE:criminal prisoners were being transfered to Bolingbroke Penitentiary in blaine county while police was escorting the prisoners in vehicles they get blocked off an ambushed by a unknown team they unlock the doors of the prison vans and break out the prisoners now that the prisoners have there freedom they will have to try there best to lay low in the senora desert what they no nothing about


my GT:MnG XxBiRmZxX




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roleplay finished but there will be another tomorrow at 6 pm uk time

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