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Problem with video editing


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Hello members,

i am having problem in making a youtube video about explaining "what should be GTA V system requirement" can anyone help me out in skype?

if they are free?

i want to add an intro using after effect and some wordings in middle of the video and i will be making my raw footage today night?


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Moving to Visual Arts.


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After effects is a difficult program to learn. Especially for me anyway.


Do you have the intro already made? If so:


1) Create NEW composition (choose your own settings)

2) Import .avi file into composition (double click anywhere inside composition tab)

3) Edit timeline to adjust how long it lasts/when it starts



If you wanna make the intro INSIDE AE then the tools needed are all in the Animation/Effects tab.



When I was learning AE I used this website. They have excellent tutorials, you have to pay but its more than worth it.



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