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Why do people say that Tommy is heartless or emotionless?

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I dont know!The things that make me think he is heartless or emotionless was when lance was very sad in the phone calls and in the cutscenes and the Tommy always tried to make him put a smile!He was sometimes nice to Rosenberg (sometimes)!The things that make me think he isnt too much heartless or emotionless is the relationship that he have with Kent Paul ahahaha Pour Paul,always being threaten like a dog,by Tommy or by the girls!

In the Bussiness Missions (like the Print Works) he appeared to be a nice guy that dont want any trouble!In the "The Cap Collector" mission he was very worry and nice to Earnest (the Print Works Employee)

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Tommy is one of the most interesting GTA protagonists because he is more ruthless & badass than most of the others. Finally a protagonist who just wants to build an empire, who likes being a criminal etc. and is cold & calculated (but still has a few human moments).


Don't get me wrong, I like more human protagonists if its done well (see Niko) but there are many different kinds of criminals so someone like Tommy was definitely needed. Ray Liotta did an outstanding job.


I don't get why people say he is one-dimensional. Overall he is the second best GTA protagonist.

Edited by Journey_95

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Every single post except Son of Zeus comment was right. Also no, people these days only love SA, that what people say that he is heartless and emotionless was a slang to keep VC underrated. Oh and not only that, people lie that its a ripoff of Scarface (totally dumb idiots) and maybe I forgot one more thing but people underrate this game soo much.

calling him a complete ripoff of Tony Montana (Tommy never even used any drugs intentionally, so how the f*ck is he a copy of Scarface's lead character?)

He didn't even die in the final shootout, he DIDN'T EVEN SAY (when holding any gun);


He's not even Cuban, he didn't get in VC by the airport..

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Arsen Vitiuk

Emotionless? I don't think so. We see him showing emotion towards Earnest Kelly, at the very least. However, he is heartless. Given the reason, he would kill anyone without a second thought. That refers to anybody. If Ken or Umberto or Mitch chose someone else over him for whatever reason, even if it would not be a betrayal, he would destroy them and their gangs (in case with Mitch and Umberto).

I guess it is more fitting to say Tommy was ruthless rather than heartless.

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