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Merryweather Heist Won't Trigger


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There are no more missions on my map. I have played each character for about an hour each. I just completed the minisub mission and I chose plan B. I did flight school until Michael's skill was maxed and Franklin's shooting skill is at 80%. Any suggestions?

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If you chose plan B, which is offshore, this also requires you to steal a Cargobob from Fort Zancudo. Even if there is no icon on your map, try going to Fort Zancudo with Trevor and see if anything happens. Don't try actually entering unless you saved right before and can easily reload without losing any progress. If you enter and the game does not actually tell you to steal one, drive around and see if one is there anyways, it usually spawns where the Jets spawn between the runway and hangars. After getting in one, Trevor will call Wade, so if you find one and he does not call him, then something is bugged with your save.

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