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[PS3]mission - Time to Get Away


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Time to Get Away (Contact: Madrazo, Rank 20, 1-2 Players)



Is anyone able to invite me to that?thanks :panic::panic::panic::panic::panic:

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Apologies I have posted this possible solution on a number of threads, not trying to spam just want all to see it. I found a way to do this. I can't prove 100% it will work for everybody but I got this mission earlier today and this is what I did. It's a bit of a painful process but it worked, and considering I have been waiting on Martin giving me this Mission since 4th July I was happy.


Way to do it : Create a second character and rank him / her up to rank 20 - or atleast between 20 and 25. I was 22. Then do ANY Martin mission that is available at that rank. Any will do, it just unlocks the ability for him to call you.


Once you unlock Martin's missions at Rank 20 'ish there will be a very limited few he can give you via the phone, which makes it a bit easier.


I tried spamming the phone for 24 in game hours but he kept giving me the same old missions every time, usually "Artificial Scarity" and "On the List" repeatedly,


Then I read a few comments on the forums that said you have to be in Paleto Bay for him to send you "Time to Get Away". I confess i thought this was total bullsh*t as I don't recall any other Contact Missions being triggered by location, but seeing as I had spent so long trying to get this one, I had nothing to lose.


Drove myself to Paleto Bay and hung out for about 5 hours real time - nothing happend. Then - and this may be the trigger - I switched Online sessions - making sure my last spawn location was Paleto Bay. Within 4 minutes Martin had called me and offered me the mission.


This may have been a massive coincidence, but it worked for me, and does seem to back up other peoples posts that Paleto Bay is the trigger.


I hope this helps anyone else looking to finally complete this Mission.



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I've tried this but no joy, could someone host this on PS3 - I have a couple of friends who also want to get this ticked off their lists :santa:

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