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Pegasus Vehicle Modification and other purchasable vehicles


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Probably one of the best things I could've came up with, is the ability to modify your vehicles that you purchase from the Travel & Transport Websites. Like being able to upgrade the Acceleration and Speed, giving it armour upgrades, and even changing the ammo types for certain vehicles, like the Buzzard. This would actually give players a reason to purchase the vehicles on these websites, as I only ever call Pegasus to have a vehicle delivered is when I cannot be asked to keep coming back to the spawn location to actually get the vehicle I want. Also, the addition of being able to buy miscellaneous vehicles from the Travel & Transport Websites would be a great addition too, like the Brute Stockade, Vapid Benson, Firetruck, Lawnmower, Forklift, Police Cruisers, Towtrucks, Utility Trucks, Tractors, the Phantom, also, letting us use the Skylift would be nice, seeing as it is in the game code, just completely abundant in actually appearing in any sort of form apart from an old glitch in the creator, The Blimp for people who pre-ordered, as I feel a little ripped off with this, the larger Planes like the Cargo Plane and Airliner, the P-996 Lazer, the Submersible, and heck, maybe even the Space Docker!

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