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Xbox 360 crew recruiting


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My friend and I have created a new crew named Fistful Of Rebellion.

The crew is lenient and members can partake in any activity they feel they perform best in. We welcome all ranges of ability or skill. In free mode we aim to hunt down bounties as a crew and split the money evenly. We will not target players unless they either have a bounty or if they are causing trouble for any crew member. There is no required vehicle needed to join the crew, although members are asked to wear a suit and any type of mask. Mature players are preferred, and anyone who constantly griefs others or their own crew members will be booted.

We are based in the UK for time zone and are fairly active, mostly coming online at least once a day for a generous length of time.

Link to our Social Club page: socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/fistful_of_rebellion

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