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[WIP]Upstate Liberty

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First off all, i wanna tell you that i planned to do this months ago, but i lost interest in EFLC because of some problems, but now im back to finally work on it.

In the past i have been working on a map mod intended to be for GTA SA, however later i realised it has got no point to resume my work on it, so i will change my direction.


Im working in 3ds Max ONLY, no Cityscape or anything like that, purely modelling everything myself from scratch. For textures i will use original game textures to give it feel its part of LC (hence why its Upstate Liberty), some edited default textures and purely new ones.


To introduce you how i plan it to look like, its based mostly off of landscape directly above NJ, but still the part of NY and situated around a city Newburgh (Orange County Choppers FTW :D). After some decisions i think it would be alright if the size of parody of Newburgh + parts of New Windsor and some industrial parts on west would be about 1/2 size of Bohan. The rest of map will be a big countryside, but yet i dont have many ideas what to add, so feel free to tell me what would fit in this environment :D (im not from USA).


I will focus on making small detail such as road destruction, construction etc..

I dont really have much progress yet, but ive started working on bridge which connects the town to north of Alderney and after that i will jump into designing layout of town parts.






Fullsize images:




Edited by Bone34

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Isnt orange county in Cali?


and alight, keep us posted

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Nice project.


Have you chosen that name just for the hell of it or do you really want to make the Upstate Liberty that is mentioned in the plot? If you want to do the latter you should read up on the plot:


In The Ballad Of Gay Tony mission "Corner Kids", Luis Fernando Lopez mentions that himself, along with Armando Torres and Henrique Bardas, were held in a prison located "upstate". This hints that there is a federal or state prison in upstate Liberty in GTA IV.



You could implement that and all the towns on the map from GTA III like Aaronsville, Adamton, Garystown, etc...

Hints of Lazlow and Fernando as residents there are given in some games.


Otherwise you do what you have mentioned, basing it on a real location.

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Got kinda inactive, but i will continue







TIP: do a road instance in HiPoly, Bake the road with, and put it in a flat surface

you'll save polys

HIpoly quality on LOWpoly surfaces


check this out and be impressed: http://cgi.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-bake-a-flawless-normal-map-in-3ds-max--cg-925



The reason why i model bumps like that is because of fully working colision. Baking is not required because the amount of bumps on the whole bridge only added like 200 triangles, which is ok.

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