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The Peloton: General Cycling Topic


Recommended Posts

I told you guys, this day will not be forgotten any time soon... Atm only Contador and Nibali are still in the "peloton".

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I told you guys, this day will not be forgotten any time soon... Atm only Contador and Nibali are still in the "peloton".


Unless Contador has the same problems as Froome he has this tour won in my opinion. Cant see anyone giving him that great of a challenge. Perhaps Sky should of taken Wiggins with them now.

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@Hodgey - Yeah, Wiggo is being mentioned everywhere now.

I guess now Nibali must also be taken into account for the final victory alongside Contador (that's loosing atm about 2 mins!). Let's wait and see how the Overall Class will be in the end of the day...


Almost perfect stage by Astana riders. If anything goes wrong with Nibali they'll still have Fulgsang as plan B for the final overall.


Edit - it will be damn hard for Contador to recover the difference from Nibali. Valverde is also with no chances now imo.

A shame though that Froome is off, I was really expecting some epic "mountain fight" with Contador :(


Edit2 @W2B - Now you know why I mentioned this stage on page 1 ;)

Contador 2mins30 secs (and counting) from Nibali!...


Congrats to Boom!


Contador is now 19th at 2mins 37secs!


Now Kwiatkowski should also be considered for podium, though Omega were built for Cavendish, so he'll have almost no backup from his teammates at the mountains.


I'm going for R. Costa (I'm Portuguese), though Lampre also doesn't have much quality support for him at the mountains (maybe Horner or Serpa but that's it)

Edited by EramVerdes
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I'm sure Contador can easily crawl back once they get into the mountains (I hope), plus he's a very good time trialist. A lot of those ahead of him in the GC atm after this incredible stage are not. He's gonna take all sorts of risks to get there though.


Nibali had a brilliant day today thanks to all the mayhem that happened behind him, but Valverde had a lot of bad luck yet again which is a damn shame.



Well done to Boom, his first stage win in TDF.


Tomorrow is another stage for the sprinters, but I think a breakaway might take it as well maybe.

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I'm betting on a big breakaway tomorrow with possible success. The chase will be very hard for Giant (and for Canondale) since I'm sure they will all feel their muscles aching from today's massacre (and Kittel also went down today).


Edit - amazing pics from today's stage at the official TDF site, here's one:


Edited by EramVerdes
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Today was a great stage (except Froome going out). I hate to see people get injured but the cobbles definetly did add something to the stage today and hopefully they will have atleast one stage in the TDF a year that includes cobbles from now on. I know the riders wont want that, but from a spectators point of view it definetly made it more exciting in my opinion.


I can see Nibali holding the yellow jersey till we get into the mountains but that is when Contador will slowly chip away at his lead.

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So they say that 41 guys crashed in yesterday's stage, but amazingly Froome was the only that had to abandoned the race.


Well Froome was carrying injuries from the previous day, plus it also depends on the type of fall.

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I meant abandon :)


Greipel wins!


It was another fairly nervous stage, with a particularly nasty stretch of slippery road which saw a few crashes resulting in the end of the race for 4 riders.


Stage 7 should be another one for the sprinters, despite the two little climbs near the finish, but then it's time for the mountains from stage 8. Can't wait!

Edited by W2B
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Nice flat stage today, not so dramatic as last year's when Valverde was "left" behind, but still.

I guess Kittel and Giant felt the pain from yesterday.


Tomorrow, maybe finally a breakaway will finish.

If not, Degenkolb, Gerrans, Sagan or even Valverde can have a smile at the finish line.


Not that it matters but besides Froome, Richese also did not start today.

Edited by EramVerdes
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Yeah pretty standard stage today.


Tommorow is the longest stage of the tour so it might be a bit more stringed out towards the end.

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Tommorow is the longest stage of the tour


Second longest ;) Longest stage is 16.


Good point.


Tommorow is the 2nd longest stage of the tour so it might be a bit more stringed out towards the end.

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Only managed to see the last 20km but that was more than enough as it had pretty much everything. So far Kittel has got most of the attention however with Sagan even though he hasn't won a stage yet has been massivley impressive.


EDIT: f*ck it didn't realise that was going to be a double post.

Edited by Hodgey.
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Yeah, it was a pretty uneventful stage, but great last few kilometers of racing in Nancy! Extremely close between Sagan and Trentin for the stage win (closest I've ever seen tbh), but Trentin got it.


Pretty hard tumble for Talansky (who is 7th overall atm) at the end, but he seems to be ok.


Also, Voeckler tried his luck again, but like so many times last year, he failed miserably haha.


I can't wait for tomorrow's stage as they head into the mountains for the first time. I expect Contador and his team to take every opportunity to try and get him back into the top 10 (where he belongs), but it's definitely going to be an uphill battle. They still have a very strong team, and I'm confident they can do it in the next few days.

Edited by W2B
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I wasn't able to watch it live today, but I've already watched the highlights and the last 80kms.


I expected a bit more today, since no decent breakaway made it to the 2 final climbs.

I guess that V. Garderen's crash also made it a bit harder for some of the riders that could have tried something today.


Talansky crashed a bit hard, so he should not be on top form tomorrow.

For the 1st mountains I also expect for Contador and Valverde to start trying to pull some time back, but Astana is looking strong.

I'm sure we'll have a nice show and really hope R Costa keeps up with lhe best :p

Edited by EramVerdes
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Today definitely looks like a day for the breakaway, currently just under 10 minutes ahead of the peloton


Anyway, didn't have anything else to do while watching, so I updated the first post with some awesome photos of all the stages so far. Check em out :p

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Great ride by Kadri to take the stage! Broke away from the breakaway. Contador is second, but Nibali never let him out of his sight. At least Contador is now back in the top ten (6th), but still 2'34" behind Nibali. Looking forward to the next few stages through the mountains.


Tomorrow's gonna be a very tough day. Quite a few climbs, but it's a stage perfectly suited to Contador I think.


Also, the Asian-looking chick at the white jersey presentation every other day or so is the hottest podium girl this year lol!

Edited by W2B
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@W2B - Nice OP update with those pics (maybe a pic of the day? Though were're just 3 around here ;)...), I'm a bit sad that you didn't include my Nibali mud pic :) Just kidding!


I haven't been able to watch the last 2 stages live, hence why I haven't been commenting that much.


Today's (yesterday's) stage was a bit disappointing, though Contador (&Tinkoff) showed a bit of their strength while other teams didn't (Astana, Omega, BMC, Lampre, etc.).

Mainly Astana's Fulgsang just didn't perform the way it was (I did) expected from. Though Nibali managed to go along with Contador, those last 80 mts were pretty hard on the Italian and he was "lefted" alone long before he should've been.


Anyway, since you're both (W2B & Hodgey) nice chaps, I'll tell you a true story about the Florence's UCI Road World Championships 2013, as stated by the Portuguese Cycling Federation Chairman:

-Portugal only had 3 raiders (no car worthy);

-Portugal joined Brazil's car (also only with 3 riders but with a female team, so they were car worthy), along with Greece staff;

-Brazil's mechanic was a 140 kgs chap so not much room on that car for the Portuguese and Greeks...;

-Portuguese manager said (publicly), not a problem, the Brazilians and Greeks will have no riders on the last 4 laps, so we'll get the car (Brazilian tagged :)) when it matters;

-7 laps to go and the Brazilians (definitely with no Greeks, long gone...) had no riders left, so the car was presented to Portugal:

-Amazing stuff inside that car while they "pushed" Rui Costa forward (also youtube recorded, though only truly understandably if you're Portuguese fluent, even so just barely...);

-Amazing TVE last K disappointing report (Spanish National TV - a must see on youtube!), since both Spanish J Rodriguez & A Valverde were fighting with each other and forgot the "unknown" Portuguese guy... ;

-Rui Costa won the damn thing and the welcoming committee was a Ford Transit and a 5 seater hatchback (Spain had Movistar's bus, Russia had Katusha's bus, UK (why not just England? Lol just messin...) had Sky's bus, Belgium had Omega's bus, the US, Italy, etc...).


So, after everyone left, there was just a Ford Transit standing in the middle of Florence's main square, since the Portuguese Team (3 riders & 4 staff) were still having some spaghetti and red wine with some other 8 Portuguese Immigrants that waited long enough "out there".

How weird/good is that?


Go Rui Costa! :)

Edited by EramVerdes
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I'm a bit sad that you didn't include my Nibali mud pic :)

Of course I did! You missed it :p


Also, 3 guys talking about the tdf is better than last year when we were basically just 2 for the most part. Next year there will be 4 of us!


Anyway, brilliant ride by Tony Martin to win the stage, almost as if he was riding an individual time trial. He wins the stage for Germany, and later tonight Germany wins the WC? Hope not because my money's on Argentina.


Also an unexpected yellow jersey takeover by Gallopin to be honest, so well done to him, but I expected Nibali to keep it for at least another day and Gallopin didn't even cross my mind as a race leader.


Tomorrow is a tough one with 4 category 1 climbs and two cat 2s. Will Contador do something special? He's currently just over 4 minutes behind Gallopin, who won't keep the yellow jersey for long I think (don't know much about him tbh).

Edited by W2B
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Amazing from Tony Martin. When your on your own for about 100 miles you deserve the stage win.

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I believe Astana "passed" the yellow jersey, so they could rest a bit today maybe until the last 2 climbs.

As a bonus, they also spared Nibali to that 1h-1h30mins press show after each stage, that's mandatory to the yellow jersey owner...


Hard stage today, should be well attacked right from the start. I expect Voeckler, Pinot, Chavanel, Rolland, pretty much any French rider to try to win the July 14th stage (France's national day).


Gallopin shouldn't be able to hold it for long, but it's Bastille Day so pretty nice to him to hold the jersey even if just for 1 day and he's all around today's French press (most of the French didn't even knew who he was before yesterday's stage).

Lotto's leader is surely Van den Broeck, who imo shouldn't be that happy that his team (just 7 riders atm) will have to do some extra work today supporting both him and Gallopin (that in the end will also have to stand by his leader).


Edit - 95 kms to go - OMG, Contador crashed!!! Keeps going, but probably loosing a lot of time today, already 4 mins from the peloton (and 9 from Kwiatkowski)

Edited by EramVerdes
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Oh f*ck!!! Not good!


According to race radio his frame snapped in half. Damn! Pretty ripped up and bruised, but I hope there's no serious injuries. Looks fine atm...

Edited by W2B
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Yep, I edited my previous post so I wouldn't double post.


He doesn't look good and Astana is now on full speed...


Rain will probably make more victims on the next descents.


The race watch is "jumping" a lot today.


Tinkoff car is making it hard to capture Contador's images...

Edited by EramVerdes
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These wet, slippery conditions are pissing me off haha. Hope the weather improves as they get closer to the Mediterranean.



Edited by W2B
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I'm afraid this is it for Contador's Tour 2014 - Abandoned :(


So the Tour will be low leveled now (what if Nibali also crashes?), though very open to a lot of riders (Valverde on the top contenders again).


F*ing fog!


Tony Martin, what a rider!

Edited by EramVerdes
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Yep, there goes my favourite! Sad, sad day.


First Froome (who was everyone's favourite), and now Contador. Who's next? This year's Tour is so unpredictable




C'mon Valverde, keep it cool!

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I said Contador would win this tour if he kept out of trouble but unluckily for him a crash has taken him out just like how a few crashes took out Froome.


I'd say it's now Nibali's to lose.

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Brilliant performance by Tony Martin, dragging Kwiatkowsky and the entire breakaway behind him. He's done his job now and hit a brick wall on the penultimate climb.


Still no info on how exactly Contador crashed, except that his bike basically broke in half, either before or on impact.

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