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Top 10 Things You Hope to Achieve Before Death

The Hippie

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The Hippie

The complete and definitive top 10 things YOU hope to achieve before your time of dying. Lets see these lists from you all!


1) Move to California - For me this is definitely my #1. Grew up in the mid-East coast, and really don't enjoy it too much. The West coast is where I'm destined to be. California in my opinion has everything to offer. I made a thread about it last year and not much has changed since then. (http://gtaforums.com/topic/570839-california-dreamin/?hl=%2Bcalifornia+%2Bdreamin%26%2339%3B&do=findComment&comment=1062933481) I have to move to California, and I think I will accomplish this at some point in time. Not a day goes by where I don't think about it.



2) Visit all 7 continents of planet Earth - North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and yes, even Antarctica. My heart and soul crave adventure and I love travelling. To see the entire beauty of mother nature and all the wildlife this planet has to offer. This is something most world travelers hope to achieve. By no means am I a world traveler but someday I plan to, and this would be a feat to remember for a lifetime. This one seems do-able with enough cash of course.



3) Go on an acid trip - This might be strange to some, but the feeling of almost going back in time to the late sixties would just be out of this world. I love to experiment and and just to imagine trippin' out on lsd for 12 hours, wow. Mind blowing and an experience of a lifetime I'm sure. I don't think many words can describe the feeling correctly. I don't how attainable real LSD is nowadays, so this one might not be that likely.



4) Witness the Oakland Raiders win a Super Bowl - Die hard and lifelong Raider fan here. Never lived to see the good ol' days back in the 70s and 80s when the Raiders where completely dominating the league. I've seen videos and documentaries of Al Davis and the Raider way and all that, man was that real football. The silver and black uniforms, the pirate with swords on the helmet, intimidation, and just a team of misfits, but it worked, and they won championships. I became a fan back in '99. Saw them lose in a Super Bowl and then the past 11 years have been football hell. To know you are loyal and faithful to a team for so long, even through all the bad years, and then to witness them rise up again, that just hits home. This one is completely out of my hands but I do expect a Raiders Super Bowl title in my lifetime. That'd really mean a lot to me.



5) Own and completely customize a VW Westfalia van - I absolutely love the old VW vans. Especially the split window campers. It is hard to find good condition ones these days without spending an arm and a leg. It really requires a certain taste to like these vans, but it sure does fit my style. Then, to top it off, to be able to afford a complete custom job, man, this van, would be super. I really don't know anything about restoring cars, but I'd like to learn in order to achieve this goal. Otherwise it will be extremely expensive especially with my idea of what the final product would be



6) Learn to surf - This has been one of the things I've always wanted to do but never really had the chance. The pure intensity and adrenaline it would be riding the barrel of a wave. Just....chills. I'd imagine time almost slowing down for you at that moment. But I've never done it so who knows if I could even be that good to get to that point. I have done a tad of snowboarding, so it's kind of similar. If I get to Cali, I'll give it a shot. I just hope I can do this soon or I'll be that old guy struggling on the 1.5 foot wave. Looooser.



7) See a tornado up close - I mean get close, but not too close. Know what I'm sayin'? Again, this one is similar to surfing. The chase for pure adrenaline and intensity. Mother nature at it's fiercest, giving no remorse for anything in it's path. The pure strength of wind power is something I must see for myself in person. I can picture myself going all LT. Dan and sh*t.



8) Drive on the autobahn - I'm beginning to see a connection here and it seems to be adrenaline. I don't consider myself an "adrenaline junkie" like dumb sh*t Dom. But there are certain things I want to do. I love driving fast, at times. I just have the need for speed. Therefore the autobahn is the place to go. Rent a lambo or something extravagant and put the pedal through the floorboard. This is if the autobahn is still all it's cracked up to be. If I did this once, I know I'd want to come back real soon.



9) Bike across Cali North to South - This is where I'd take it slow. Start myself off at the Oregon border and bike all the way down to the Mexican border. This goal comes from my love of California. I thought of this idea and what a naturally beautiful journey it would be. An adventure for the ages, one that takes determination and both mental and physical strength. I'd map my path through some of the most scenic parts of this the state has to offer. Camping along the way whether it be under the desert stars, or in the cool mountain air. Just imagine...



10) Go to a Superbowl - One of the greatest sporting events in the world. The showdown of the two best teams going head to head for the best sporting title there is, the Super Bowl. Just to be there among the other 70, 80 or 90 thousand people. Hearing the cheers, the boos, the roars of the crowd. Sports drama at it's finest and to witness it all unfold before your eyes, live. So much fun, but I know these damn tickets are way overpriced. This would be higher on my list if this was a Super Bowl with the Raiders in it.



I think that about covers my top 10. I'd like to see what you guys want in this lifetime. Might get some new ideas.


P.S. I wanted to add skydiving but I really don't think I have the courage for that. A little too extreme maybe, but I have thought about it for a couple years now.

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TwerKing Armageddon

Just prayer god and sleep forever because i can't afford all what you've written there.

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The Hippie

My mind drifts, especially alone on a Saturday night haha. Still, you must have some goals in your life though?

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1 - To become a diplomat.

2 - To marry a great women, and be in love all my life.

3 - To visit every country on Earth.

4 - Learn Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

5 - Do skydive.

6 - Travel to space (if possible).


That's all I think.

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1. Raise a family

2. Drive a Formula 1 car or at least a Ferrari around a track

3. Get my skydiving license so I can do it solo

4. Have a dream house

5. Learn how to fly a plane and helicopter

6. See England win the world cup

7. Move back to England

8. Own an apartment in either NYC or London (or both)

9. Change someones life

10. Be remembered for something great

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I'll try for ten, but I don't know if I'll make it.


1. Visit the arctic, and antactica. I've always loved how smooth, undisturbed snow looks. Imagine looking at snow that's hundreds of years old!

2. Visit most major cities in Canada, Mexico, and the US. I'd like to travel a lot whenever I get the opportunity, and since I'm already on the continent why not shoot for seeing all of it?

3. Travel on a submarine. I'd like to go undersea and see what's there to see.

4. Be homeless, to feel what it's like to live outside of the life most of us are used to.

5. Read the bible, because I really don't understand biblical allusions, and I've always wanted to. I've just never been able to crack it open and read the whole thing.

6. Have a shelf full of content that I've written. I remember a few years ago I saw this guy who had an entire room of bookcases full of stuff he wrote, and I remember thinking "Geez, how cool would that be to have that much written and saved," and I told myself that one day I'd get to that point.

7. Live on the ocean. Coastal towns are nice, and one day I'd like to live in one.

8. Become self-sufficient. Feel what it's like to not have to rely on anyone else for survival. This'd probably be achieved if I'm ever homeless.

9. Be with someone I really enjoy again. I haven't had any real friends outside of the internet since middle school.

10. Die of old age. Is that a cheesy way to end the list?


I made it! :happy:

Edited by Joe Chip
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@The Hippie. I like your hopes. Def go surfing, it's a blast. It's not that hard, just takes time and patience, lot's of patience because the ocean can be unpredictable. I only go like 3-4 times a year, and it's reallly hard to get good if you don't go frequently, but if you move to Cali then you'll be golden.

I have more than 10 things I'd like to achieve, but here's some.

-Surf in Japan, Nicaragua, or any other non-typical place. Most people think of Hawaii, California, and Australia for surf (which I'd like to try one day too) but I'd prefer somewhere less expected? If that makes sense.
-Open up my own Bakery and Bubble Tea store
-Become fluent in more than one language, not just know basic conversation.
-Learn Sign Language
-Become good at guitar
-Climb Mt.Fuji and watch the sunrise
-Have a big family! Up to 4 kids? :D and lots of dogs
-Taste Pierre Herme, Laduree, Philippe Conticini, and many other French pastries <3
-Travelling to other countries goes without saying! But I'd also like to one day go on a road trip to visit all the ghost towns in my province.

-Go on a LOTR tour in New Zealand


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Der Süden

Witness Germany win the football world cup.







10 times.

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Biohazard Abyss


-Learn another language

-Travel to Europe

-Travel to Japan and make love with a Japanese person

-See a movie in an IMAX dome theater

-RV across the country

-Meet one of my idols

-Go on the Resident Evil attraction in Universal Studios Japan

-Purchase a Hot Toys Resident Evil figurine

-Own a Time Crisis 3 arcade machine

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Mr. Scratch

I hate these kinds of lists, I mean what if you suddenly decide you want to add something new to it?


But anyway, first and foremost I want to move to Malta. And maybe, just maybe make movies.

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2 - To marry the great women, and be in love all my life.


So you wanna have many wives?

6. Live 2 centuries and finally

see England win the world cup


Fixed it for ya. Edited by _FRANKENSTEIN_
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1) Visit North Korea.

2) Visit a total of 100 countries.

3) Marry an amazing woman (or not so amazing, just date me plz)

4) Become a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and a competent fighter in MMA.

5) Get fit and chiseled.


That's about it, for now at least.

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The Hippie

@ Palikari - Space travel, man that never even entered my mind. Soon enough it won't even be uncommon. Far out man, literally.


@ Joe Chip - That's a really good list you got right there, most of it I agree with. #'s 4 and 8 seem a little different than most people would want. But I see where you're going and that's pretty cool.


@ EphermalStar - You say you surf 3-4 times a year, that's awesome. Whereabouts do you go? Also, to be good at guitar is something I wish I could do. Took it back in school but never got the knack of it. It's tricky.



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1. Meet the love of my life.

2. Hold a job at Google.

3. Find a passion and pursue it.

4. See the Northern Lights.

5. Go backpacking throughout Europe.

6. Change someone's life.

7. Figure myself out.

8. Start a business.

9. Have kids.

10. Die happy.


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1. Freelance invest

2. Buy a 350z and mod it to my hearts desire

3. Graduate college

4. Pilot a Blackhawk or other cool aircraft in the USAF

5. Drink ayahuasca

6. Travel

7. Start a private car collection or at least buy one super car ( gta spano or Aventador)

8. Get married

9. Become financially independent ( or filthy rich :p)

10. Help kids chase their dreams.


( I'll edit this post with pretty pictures and more details later :p)

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The Hippie

5. Drink ayahuasca

Something new to me, sounds interesting. Sweet.

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1. Have sex again

2. Be in a comitted relationship

3. Get my driver's license

4. Make money off my education (highly unlikely)

5. Have a master's degree in both jazz music and composition

6. Have kids

7. Own a house with no money owed

8. Buy a brand new car

9. Be physically fit
10. Be ridicolously old

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Adam Jensen

I just want to go to space. Everything else is pretty mundane in comparison and not really worth mentioning.

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Get a girlfriend. lol ikr

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-Own my own house

-Get close friends

-Marry a woman and have kids

-Go out with a clear conscience

-Go to Poland, USA, Israel, Italy France

-Swim in a tropical ocean

-Learn the lindy-hop

-Tell a woman I love her

-Take acting lessons

Edited by johnny_zoo
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- Hang out and get drunk with Mel Gibson

- Attend an E3

- Direct a pornographic film (lesbian)

- Star in a movie

- Get a tattoo using ancient methods of stick knocking (or whatever it's called)

- Become wealthy

- Shred on the guitar with BB King

- Visit Ireland

- Make Taken 3 with Liam but instead, this time, we take on some North Korean people.

- Watch my son graduate College


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- Visit Ireland


You already told a story about how you visited Ireland with your armed forces buddies like a couple months ago.



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1. Get published - somewhere along the line, this turned into my lifelong ambition. Essentially, I just want to get my work 'out there', so the publishing thing, it's not about the money or even the notoriety, I'm not after movie franchises and legions of fans. But, I would like to give being published traditionally a shot, if nothing else then to say I've tried it. Besides, I think everyone needs that one dream they can keep striving for, and for me, this is it, since it's not something that would happen overnight.


2. Settle down - this is an odd one, since I don't intend to settle down in the traditional sense. I'm fairly sure that I don't want kids, and I doubt I'll ever get married. I'm not even sure that I could thrive in a long term relationship, and I'm in two minds about ever settling down with someone. I'm not sure I could deal with just the one person for extended amounts of time. I do well on my own. But, do I want to get my own place? Sure. Problem is, I'm not sure I could stay in one place for too long.


3. Move ... somewhere - this started out as anywhere in the US, then California, now to 'anywhere that isn't the village I've lived almost my whole life in'. I'd settle for the nearest city to here, which would work from a career standpoint, but I know that, in a way, I'd always be wanting more. I find the idea of living in one place for the rest of my life difficult to deal with. But, I have to stay in one place to make my career work.


4. Speaking of which, get a promotion - I love my job, but my position is unpredictable as of right now. I plan on riding it out all the way to a managerial position, should the opportunity ever arise.


5. Travel - I pretty much just want to see the world, and have been filled with a kind of wanderlust for a long, long time now. The issue is, of course money, and time as well, and just the plain old fact that I have nobody to travel with, and yet I'm not sure I could find someone I can stand to be around for long periods of time (see point #2), let alone someone who could stand to be around me. But, I want to see most everything the world has to offer, sooner rather than later.


6. Have sex - this might seem a little immature. It certainly looks immature, written there like that. It's an experience, though, one that I haven't had for a variety of reasons that I won't go into since I don't need to bore anyone with that. Linked in with it, though, is finding someone I can tolerate enough to have sex with (see point #2, again), and trust not to completely and totally screw me over (no pun intended) when all is said and done. So it's really about more than just sex, it's about being able to find someone I can trust again.


7. Get driving - shamefully, I still haven't passed my test. I didn't have a great experience when I started driving, and was always really nervous, which I think scared me away from going back to it for the longest time. I don't like to do something when I feel as though I don't know what I'm doing, and for me, driving is that thing. I don't feel as though I'm in control, and I don't feel as though I'm good at it. But, I need to be able to drive.


8. Get another tattoo - relatively simple, but I have one last tattoo I want to get, have done for ages, and I feel as though I'm putting it off. Not because I don't want to get it done, but more because of where I want it done, how much it's going to cost, and the healing time of it. My job is more physical than the job title would lead you to believe (when you think 'library assistant', I doubt you think physical work), so I need a good space of time to make sure it heals right. Aiming to have it done by the end of the year.


9. Get my dad's approval - and now for the moment where I start sounding like your typical 'daddy never loved me enough' chick. But this has hung over me my entire life. I've never felt good enough. All I want is for my dad to tell me he's proud of me - himself, in his own words, not via my mom for once.


I feel like #10 should be something really amazing and special, but I don't have an amazing and special #10 right now. It'll no doubt come to me by the time I've hit middle age.

Edited by RiaJay21
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Sean O'God

1. Own a sick car

2. Visit Japan


That's it.

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Frank Brown



- Visit Ireland


You already told a story about how you visited Ireland with your armed forces buddies like a couple months ago.



You sure about that? The only post of his that I saw had the word 'Ireland' in it is below.


95% of there viewers are women. I just can't get into it. I saw season 1, but after that all the girls are preaching "JaX, JaX, JaX" The he*l with that sh*t. Chick show


Yeah, I watched the first season, I was like FINALLY A f*ckING SHOW ABOUT AN MC.. then about half way through the 1st season, I lost interest. Season 2 came around and I tried my luck one more time thinking they finally got into some sh*t but nope.. not only is this show nowhere near a real motorcycle club, it, like many others try and draw in their female members too, which for me ultimately ruins a show.


All the female fans (well, majority) that scream OMGERD JAX, would truthfully in real-life never ride on the back of a bike or conform to a real biker's lifestyle, especially that of an outlaw club. Takes a certain breed of women to do so.


But yeah, the show just seemed too fast paced for me. One minute they're running guns, next thing you know, they're in Ireland running drugs or wacking some dude for another organization. Just too much is thrown into it.. I rather have the show be an actual drama, where it's creates that aspect that it's an actual club, an actual biker and the ups and downs of club life. Yet, we're along for the ride of some Calvin Klein model on 2 wheels and his bitchy mother and girlfriend.


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1. Lose some weight

2. Drive an BMW M5 and a '11 Dodge Charger SRT8 (maybe even one one)

3.Build my own house (I'm an architect ffs)

4.Visit the USA (maybe even move there)

5. Marry a sweet lady.

6. Jump with a chute

7. Watch The Godfather

8. Be the best at my job

9. Visit pa's grave


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You sure about that? The only post of his that I saw had the word 'Ireland' in it is below.




You would search that, wouldnt you?



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Vlynor, this is an occasional thing with admiral.. he follows me around like a stray dog. I'm close to giving him a little nickname, like 'gigglesh*ts' or something.

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